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  1. Ok so we had a math ia rough draft due at the end of school, but I had Junior Nationals to go to and train for (5-7:45 a.m, then come back to the pool, (3:15-5:15), for swimming, because college swimming recruiting starts really soon. So I seriously Bs'ed the Math IA rough draft, like crap (I turned it in a while ago). But I have redone the entire thing because it is summer break, am I still allowed to turn it in, or no because it is a important draft? I am so worried, you can message me or anything but if you could anwer that would be great!
  2. ok, so I am a swimmer going to be recruited very soon and I have to get my CAS Project over with. So right now, I am a coach for a swim team for underpriveleged swim team, and I have about 40 hours so far, I need to get to 100. Apparently, the coach said she did not want me to be planning anything, did not feel comfortable with it, so I was wandering if I was allowed to plan a fundraiser for my church and still count that as a part of my CAS project, and donate it to the Salvation Army, etc? If you dont want to answer publicly, please DM me?
  3. Hi, so for my CAS Project, I am coaching (along with the head coach) a group of kids that are either physically, mentally, or financially disabled (The program is free for them and the club was already set up, I am just coaching). However, my coordinator said that what is the difference for this project of volunteering vs. a real CAS project. I haven't told her that I am going to be setting up fundraisers for the kids to take part in. So my question is what is the difference between CAS project and volunteering?
  4. To what extent did the tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States cause the Korean War and how did this show the United States' willingness to contain communism?
  5. My teacher says we must list all our sources. Should i count primary sources as part of the sources. So if I had 10 books, and 5 primary sources would that mean I have 15 sources?
  6. Hi, I am working with an organization/year round swim team that provides free practices for kids that are either physically or financially disabled. I have a question about planning. Because I am working with an organization, I am basically following what the organization is saying. How would I plan stuff? And is planning/organizing necessary?
  7. So, on a previous thread, I asked if coaching the disabled kids counted as a CAS project, and it was. But the IB wants you to be thoughtful in reflections (At least once a week). How would I be thoughtful, when I am basically putting in the same reflections every week? What am I supposed to do in this situation?
  8. Could I continue this as an ongoing CAS project?
  9. Hey everyone, I have a question about my CAS Project. I am a nationally ranked senior swimmer, so I decided to do a project where I help with a local club team (not mine), where the team is free for the kids who are disabled, either financially, or physically. I am going every Friday to help them out, and basically coach the kids. Would this count as a Project, or no? Because I do not really plan anything, but would this still count as an ONGOING CAS project? Thanks!
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