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  1. ibsurvivors

    Help needed for Math SL IA

    Hey what's up!!! Here's a really useful resource that's free: http://ibmathsresources.com/ib-guidance-on-maths-explorations/ They provide you with plenty of ideas, give a good breakdown of the criterias, and it's just overall really useful! Further, you can also check this guide that we wrote on the Math IA: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/mathia/ Best wishes, Shikhar
  2. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's over a year ago. And your article should be perfectly fine to use; it's date of the when it was published that counts. As long as it's less than a year, to the best of my knowledge, you're good to go.
  3. Check this article out: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/2016/1/14/how-to-write-a-solid-level-7-english-essay-for-paper-2
  4. Hey guys, We recently uploaded IB Economics Notes onto our website. They're really detailed, cover a lot of stuff, easy to read, and good to base your studying around. You can find them under our Resources Section: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/resources/ Hope you find them useful! Shikhar
  5. ibsurvivors

    Free IB Physics Notes

    Hey guys, We just uploaded Free IB Physics Notes onto our website; they're really well written, concise, and good to base your studying around. You can find them in our Resources Section: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/resources/ Hope you find them helpful! Shikhar
  6. ibsurvivors

    Looking for some advice about IB

    Where in Switzerland are you? I recently graduated from the International School of Geneva. Check out this website we recently started: www.ibsurvivors.com It's filled with useful resources (including free physics notes) and tons of articles. I think you'll find it helpful!
  7. ibsurvivors

    Need helpful resources to study IB

    Check out this website: www.ibsurvivors.com Lots of resources and articles.
  8. ibsurvivors

    IB Options for Economics at US

    Hey Aditya, I'm currently studying at UC Berkeley and I was also an International Student; here's what you need to know: - You can study Economics in the US and not have to do it in the IB; in fact, unless it's engineering, you can take pretty much any subjects in the IB and get admitted to a top class university in the US. If you want to go into finance and accounting, however, I recommend taking HL Math as it will build the quantitative framework that you might need later on in life. - Focus on your standardized testing; so, SAT or ACT. My GPA wasn't the best but I killed my SATs, which helped a lot. So make sure you prepare intensively for them, and that you ace them. They matter a lot. - College essays, of course, are ultimately extremely important as well. As an International Student from Hong Kong, you're going to have to find a way to stand out, and no better way of doing that than through your essays and your extracurricular activities. Message me if you need any help. Also, I run a website called www.ibsurvivors.com which offers tons of resources for the IB, so check that out. All the best, Shikhar
  9. http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/2016/1/24/secrets-steps-to-7s-in-hl-chemistry-and-hl-biology
  10. You might find reading this article helpful: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/2016/1/24/secrets-steps-to-7s-in-hl-chemistry-and-hl-biology
  11. Read both these articles, they each talk about doing well in Paper 1 and Paper 2 respectively: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/englishessay http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/2016/1/14/how-to-write-a-solid-level-7-english-essay-for-paper-2 All the best!
  12. I run a website, www.ibsurvivors.com, and the data we collect will help us write future blog posts and understand where exactly students struggle with the IB. Thanks for filling it out!
  13. Hi Guys! It would mean the world to me if you could just take this, literally 1 question survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B533RLM If you wish, you can also enter your email within the survey to receive a 5 Page IB Exam Study Guide. Completely optional, but I'd recommend it as it's pretty useful. Thank you so much
  14. Hey Guys, I took the IB Exams in May 2015 and wanted to help you guys maximize your grade for English Lang+Lit SL Paper 2. Here's a link to the article I wrote; I hope you find it useful and please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to hear about: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/2016/1/14/how-to-write-a-solid-level-7-english-essay-for-paper-2 All the best, Shikhar
  15. ibsurvivors

    Really Struggling in math SL!

    There are some good resources that you can aim to consolidate your fundamentals with online. Khan Academy, for one, explains almost everything you're covering in the Math SL Syllabus succinctly. Further, search up 'Mitch Campbell' on Youtube; he covers a few topics as well and is easy to follow. As I mentioned in another post, the only way to get good at Math is to attempt Exam Style Questions. The textbook is fine to do your homework, and to read up on stuff you're learning, but to study and practice, past paper questions should be your best friends. Further, if you can afford to invest in a tutor, I'd do that. Before I had a tutor, I was consistently getting 5s in all my Math Classes in the MYP. But after spending quite some time working with one (realize that my tutor was very good), I raised my score to a 7. There's something very good about sitting down with someone and actively doing math; it instill confidence within you, and from what I can tell, you seem hesitant in your ability to continue.

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