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  1. Nanzymag

    Sources for works in translation essay

    Even i faced a similar problem while doing my essay on kitchen and moonlight shadow..... i had a lot to write and they were my own ideas i din't surf the net or do anything special, but it showed some plagiarism, and i was really pissed 'oh come on,those were my ideas, and why is this happening to me?' my teacher asked me to search for resources and there was none. 1) she asked me to type it this way: for example: Yuchi did this....and i think..........(and end it with) this is my own perception about the incident etc...or as discussed in the group discussion i came up with etc.... 2)She asked me to choose a different question/title for the essay I ended up changing the book itself and did it on Chronicle of a death foretold. Hope it was helpful, sorry but i don't want to misguide you.
  2. Well... If you want to do something related to business then you have to do economics HL/SL And there are a few universities in India which recognizes IB you can check the website. The website may be helpful, because it might have the required criteria your looking for for example, if your gonna do BBA then the uni might consider ur BM and Economics grade points GOOD LUCK, with what ever you choose
  3. Nanzymag

    This or That!

    Books (I love them) Comics or Novels
  4. Nanzymag

    Corrupt A Wish

    (your welcome) GRANTED, but I'll make sure your the villain like in some shonen manga (that's only if i become an author, and shonen manga villains are coooool but terrible....lol ) My wish is to watch a lot of anime...yeah
  5. Nanzymag

    Corrupt A Wish

    HAHAHA I'm already a laughingstock (that's the truth though) GRANTED you forget your past and the pain, (man this is really getting hard...) but still....it will take a while for good things to happen (but I actually hope it happens) My wish is to become an author (sorry for posting again and again, as i said before... I've got a lot of wishes teehee)
  6. Nanzymag

    Corrupt A Wish

    GRANTED you make great music, but ones people hear it they go crazy INSANE (hope you still make good music) My wish is that .....I wanna become a Philosopher cuz i live on my own philosophy. hehehehe
  7. Nanzymag

    Add a sentence, make a story :)

    oooooohhhhhhhh not just the Chinese novels but also the Japanese manga, and she actually prefers 2D guys!!!!
  8. Nanzymag

    Corrupt A Wish

    GRANTED, but you'll only get a 7 in History HL and flunk the rest (sorry for being mean .... i still hope you pass though) I have tons of wishes but... i already know they won't come true anyway........ so let me just, at least make my wish known....and let it get corrupted My wish is to have a friend Friend FRIEND (cuz i'am the lonely type and i never really mingle with anyone TT)
  9. Nanzymag


    Hey guys lately i've been addicted to K-POP I would like,,,if you could share a few things in this forum, for example your favorite K-POP group which member/s do you like the most and why the song/s you like the most and also the music video and so on, feel free to add to the list personally i like KARD and i like rumor and don't recall the most when it comes to this K-POP group (this group really stands out cuz this group consists of 2 guys and 2 girls) and i like BM and J-seph for their voice BTS- i like their MVs cuz there dance is great and i like Jimin the most cuz he is cute. Blacpink- fire is my most favorite song and their MVs are great EXO- i'm really crazy abt this boy band anyways thanks guys
  10. Nanzymag

    Favorite IB Video?

    LOL i liked the "burn them all" (English books) part, it was really funny lol
  11. Nanzymag

    how many of you guys watch anime

    I used to watch anime a lot I have seen tokyo ghoul, another, etc... But right now i am interested in manga and manhwa.
  12. Nanzymag

    Manhwa fans!!!

    Hello guys I'm a fan of Korean manhwa my favorite manhwas are Spirit fingers, look-ism, i'm not spy etc... so if you are a person who likes manhwa please tell me what do you feel about Spirit fingers, look-ism, and i'm not spy (because these 3 are my favorite ones) you can also recommend other manhwas to. THANK YOU ALL:-)
  13. Nanzymag

    Recommend a Singer/Band

    My favorite singers (currently) are ........ Shawn Mendes- Stitches and strings 1D -drag me down Sia- cheap trills Three days grace- animal i've become and pain fall out boy- Immortals Zedd-clarity Starset- my demons
  14. Hey there! I know this is a lame idea of mine, but still giving it a try I always love reading story books and novels. My all time favorite is The Hardy Boys (undercover series) and my favorite among the brothers is Joe Hardy. I like Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice [the film was actually awesome] Even I find Sara Denssen's The Truth About Forever awesome. Well I'll just be glad if you can suggest or recommend books Or even describe the books and spoil the story for those who've not read it before. Just share your thoughts about your favorite book.
  15. I'm currently facing the same problem for an HL subject (Chemistry) I don't think you'll be needing to drop out. Well you can make use of the internet, I'm sure there is a lot of videos and notes available and self-study is the only thing which never forsakes you. And it takes time to replace a teacher. So don't worry Anyways hope for the best, cheer up we've even more obstacles other then this one, which we'll be needing to surpass sooner or later. All the best though.

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