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  1. blackblob


  2. blackblob


    So, I have somewhat an idea of what id like to do involving my chemistry IA but I'm in need of an opinion and or suggestions. My idea is an experiment testing the affects of Carbonic acid (due to ocean acidification) on shelled organisms and others that use calcium carbonate. Perhaps testing at which concentration it is harmful? or even the effects of acidity on shells? I dont have a specific or elaborate idea and am struggling to think of one all i know is that this topic is important to me and the world itself. All suggestions welcome please!
  3. I remember doing a project on Japan, and I definitely think your question depends on the location as well. The sexism is quite apparent. Japan ranks atrociously low in both the Gender Gap and the Gender Inequality Indexes. In every visible aspect of society, women face so much more disadvantages compared to men. Women earn about 40% less than men on average and they are barely non-existent in higher ranking managerial positions in both the private and public sectors. Japan is one of the only countries, or even the only country, in the developed world where women aren't allowed to legally keep their surname upon marriage. It's also only very recently that the public started talking about domestic abuse and sexual assault as real social issues. So yea i'd say that men have it better in Japan than their counterparts.
  4. blackblob

    question for IAs

    I think you shouldnt do anything they have listed as an example. Those are ones that are commonly done, and eventhough you may not intend on copying them, you may end up going down that path whether it be by accident or whatnot. Our teacher showed us examples but explained that with that they would be off limits. Im sure you can think of a good topic
  5. blackblob


    SOOOO I think I saw this idea somewhere else but anyone interested in a facebook group chat or something along the lines of that? It's kind of like international pen pal in which we share advice/tips and talk about whats good around the globe! edit: if interested feel free to msg me your social media
  6. blackblob


  7. blackblob

    What is your hardest and easiest subject?

    I find English and Biology HL to be my easiest while math and chem sl to be my hardest. LIKE REALLY HARD
  8. blackblob

    You know you are an IB student when...

    You know you are in ib when every conversation inside/outside ib turns into tok at some point
  9. IB diploma is definitly the more rewarding and higher regarded program. Especially if you want to get into such a competitive field as medicine, you will need to take IB diploma. In my school IB certificate was created for the people who couldn't take IB diploma, so if you are up for the heavier workload, then I suggest you take IB diploma.
  10. So a lot of people say that English is a hard subject to study for- somewhat true. BUT work never goes to waste. What I usually do is practice essays and read some of my past stuff to see how my teacher thought about it (depends on if they write comments). I also like to memorize fancy words and expand my vocabulary so what better way then to use the midterm as an excuse. Lastly READ, READ, READ, and did I mention READ, like people have said before. GOOD LUCK!
  11. blackblob

    IOP guide

    Wait so are you talking about the individual oral presentation? Well for ours we had to do it infront of the whole class. I will be honest and say I was very nervous before mines but once you get going dont event worry. I got an A on mine and what I noticed was that the people who got the nervousness get to them, they did somewhat worse. So I think I stuttered a few times, but there were people who stuttered but then stood there and acted as if they had messed it up and made it 10x worse for themselves. So if you mess up during it, its normal. Just keep going. GOOD LUCK BTW!
  12. blackblob

    Topic 5 Evolution and Biodiversity

    Notes on Topic 5
  13. blackblob

    Topic 5 Evolution and Biodiversity

    Topic 5 Evolution and Biodiversity View File Notes on Topic 5 Submitter blackblob Submitted 03/20/2016 Category Notes
  14. blackblob

    Chapter 6 Tok Notes

    Chapter 6 Tok Notes View File Chapter 6 notes I did off of the textbook- Oxford ib diploma 2013 Submitter blackblob Submitted 03/20/2016 Category Guidelines and Notes

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