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  1. hamoudifayad

    Math SL or Studies? Psychology at Unimelb

    I just spoke to UniMelb chat and they said that if it says "requires 4 at SL or HL" then Studies will make the application unsuccessful.
  2. My RQ is: To what extent did the downfall of oil prices' effect on entitlements from the UAE government affect the farming industry in the UAE? The UAE is a relatively small country and the farming industry relies on the main government. Should I focus on one city or is it fine if I do the whole country? So my question now is whether my question is not narrow enough, and/or if it is viable to be the main talking point of the extended essay?
  3. hamoudifayad

    Math SL - Past Paper 1 Practice, should I be worried?

    I forgot to say, I am in Math SL. Yeah it is our first year. I have been practicing in exam conditions only recently but before doing it without a time limit which I was pretty successful at. My only issue is that in exam conditions with a time limit I get an average of 65%. Thanks for the tips.
  4. So after trying past papers (paper 1) and mixed ones (of different years but for paper 1, too) created by my teacher, I noticed that I am always getting around 65%. Sometimes I'd get a 60% or a 70%, and maybe on one occasion a 49% or an 82%. Should I be worried if my mean score is 64%? I mean, for myself at least, Paper 1 is where I have really struggled over the year. I once got 35% in my Paper 1 and 80% in my Paper 2. So if I am aiming for a Level 6, would getting a 64% in my practice be worrying or am I following the right track? Also worth mentioning that out of the 35% that I get wrong in my practices (forgot to mention, they are done under exam conditions), at least 15-20% go down to silly mistakes such as missing a sign, forgetting +-, misplacing a bracket or using the wrong formula rather than actually not knowing how to answer the question. So, with that, even if I shouldn't be worried that I'm on 65%... what is the best way to avoid silly mistakes?
  5. hamoudifayad

    IB Schedule for Next Year HELP

    From personal experience with Psychology (HL), it is quite tedious if you have to cram all of that knowledge of learning objectives and essays if you're not committed. Although from what I hear History is the same.
  6. hamoudifayad

    maths SL or maths studies SL

    I spoke to Melbourne yesterday, for entry you need a 4 in Maths and English SL for my major
  7. hamoudifayad

    How to study for Psychology?

    Because we have studied Psychology from Pamoja online we have never had an actual exam to write. So we don't really know what to expect for the final exam (year 1). What would be an ideal way to study? What should we look at mainly? Knowledge of studies? How to structure sentences?
  8. hamoudifayad

    Reading Ahead

    Has anyone ever tried reading ahead of a topic just to get a feel of what's coming next, or watch youtube videos so you are prepared - or is it just a waste of time? So, after finishing Topic 1 and Topic 2 in Math would it be advised to go and watch Topic 3 videos, or read ahead on Macroeconomics in the Economics textbook?

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