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  1. The only subject i have done from here is Math SL. If you are even a moderately strong student in Math it should be easy to get a seven. It basically touches on Calculus, probability, stats and vectors. The questions on the exam are quite fun to do (they are much different from how most high school questions are structured). Moreover compared to AP calculus, Math SL is a breeze so don't worry. Just make sure you have a good topic for your IA, have proper understanding of all concepts in math and you should be good to go. Good Luck!!
  2. When you say accepted, do you mean accepted as a transfer credit?
  3. Adding the antacid is the same as increasing the acid's pH by diluting the acid. If you want to differentiate it, don't label pH as the independent variable, label the amount of antacid (in g or mg or ml) used as the IV. You could then compare the different prescribed amounts antacids and its effect on protein digestion or, different types of antacids and its effect on protein digestion or even different brands of antacids on protein digestion. I also like the antibiotics on seed germination experiment. I think it is very relevant to today's problems. Then again, I may be a little biased because my Bio IA had a similar topic (and the IA scored pretty well). I am confident if you have a good experimental design and a good write-up the second idea has the potential to score really well.
  4. I would say you would need to be waaaayyy more specific. For example which household chemical(s) are you looking at? What kind of heat would you be using in the experiment (steam? dry heat?). Instead of looking at multiple chemicals focus on only 1 as your scope would be too large to cover in your IA otherwise. Another alternative is to look at 2-3 different household chemicals only and not focus on the heat at all. Even then you need to make sure you specify which chemicals are being used. Good Luck!!
  5. Heya! I am from Canada (from an east-indian background), and we see a diverse range of expectations here too, mostly because our class is extremely diverse (with about 10 countries represented). However everyone mostly is striving for 35+. Good students aim for 39+. The highest our school has ever seen is 41.
  6. We never did it in class either... we had to self study it. Our grade 10 teacher didn't teach us a lot of chemistry, so we had to spend quite a bit of time trying to learn the basics and hence, we didn't have time to do the optional chapter (or even 11.2-11.3) in class. So we all just used the textbooks to study it all
  7. In our English A Lit HL we did: kite runner Antigone death of a sales man one day in the life of ivan denisovich persepolis (Favorite!!) stranger (Most hated!) running in the family Hamlet 1984 Handmaids Tale Things fall apart Things they carried We also did quite a lot of poetry by Sylvia Plath.
  8. I would suggest going through as many of the old papers for paper one. If you happen to come across french books for kids, read it. Reading tons, helps you improve both you comprehension skills (essential for paper 1) and your writing skills (essential for paper 2). Once you have enough practice reading you can move on to revising verb structures (passe compose (with avoir and etre), imparfait, futur, future proche, etc). Make sure you practice lots of vocab. Again, if you are reading quite a bit, then this part is taken care of. Your teacher should tell you with topics they focused upon (for instance travel, healthcare, etc) and you can start reviewing vocabulary specific to those.
  9. But they did have a question on the IR and the HNMR spectroscopy on the Nov 2016 exam.... I would have that prepared just in case... You may be asked to deduce the structure of a molecule using the data from those tests....
  10. Thats what my teacher thinks.... One can only hope.... I did the causes practices and effects of war and cold war on paper two. The impact of war on women was a decent question as I didn't focus on the civil wars at all. I also really liked the economy vs. Ideology question for the cold war. For PP1 I did move to global war and I thought that paper was fine too..
  11. As far as I know, you wont be penalized because you used a tiny amount of it. Do keep in mind that the IB doesn't allow whiteout, just to be sure that people other than you are not making changes to the paper, so refrain from using it just to keep any possible suspicions away...
  12. Yes, My teacher talked about it too. He said that the first batch of a new curriculum always has the highest number of sevens... Idk how far that s true, but apparently thats a thing.. How did you guys find the PP2?
  13. I don't Know about SL, but I was pretty sure that you are only allowed to choose 1 question per topic in HL.... There were definitely some chances I took (For instance, I didn't prepare much for the civil wars, but prepared ww1, ww2 and the guerrilla wars well), and the cold war question I felt was pretty decent... I knew there were only going to be two this time due to the specimen papers, I was really worried, but am glad my gamble paid off.
  14. My teachers predicted an 13-15 on all your essays will get a 7, so that is also ~87%
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