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  1. ummm... mine is kind of terrible. So once we had an exam in our history class, and the teacher was absent, so he had a substitute present. The substitute was waaay too nice, and didn't bother to even tell anyone to be quiet. So, the kids in my class started cheating off of each other. Not even covertly. Like legit, students were walking around in the class, going to different tables and ask for answers. Pretty soon it seemed like the whole exam was turned into a massive discussion session. Some of my classmates went so far as to snatching papers from other kids and copy down the answers (needless to say, these people didn't last too long in IB). Anyways, what they didn't know was the substitute was secretly noting people's names down. And so, when our teacher returned he was soooo furious, and there was a whole deal of drama in our class after that. We were punished by having to create our own lessons and teach our peers ourselves for about a month. We were shamed by all the IB teachers (this was just kept between the IB teachers and classes) and the parents were summoned. After that we were offered a retest. But our teacher was really mad at us.... it took a few months for him to forgive us... The whole experience terrified everyone so much that they decided to never cheat again. At least overtly. Now we look back on that incident and laugh at how foolish we were...It became our inside joke.
  2. I would personally recommend taking HL Maths as opposed to English as it may prepare you better for the Math heavy courses in Engineering.
  3. Hi! so according to my school: 1. you have to use atleast 3 french sources, the rest can be in English 2. You still have to reference. In text citations should be there and the works cited page should be at the end of the assignment. 3. Our internal deadline was about a month ago, so I am not entirely sure, but I think you are on the right track with March 15th. Good Luck!!
  4. Unless I am mistaken, I don't see how you would be able to measure how effective the Proton pump inhibitor is without having cells to test it on (I assume you were talking about the pumps in the cell membrane). During titration, all you are doing is comparing the alkalinity of the PPI to the Antacid. I would, hence suggest that since all you are doing is comparing the alkalinity, it is much better to heed to your teacher's advice and compare two different types of antacids (not brands like Gelusil v Digene, but types like calcium carbonate based ones v/s aluminum hydroxide and magnesium carbonate based, etc.). If you are still bent on doing PPI v/s antacid, make sure you clarify that you are only looking at their alkalinity and not their holistic effectiveness. Both in your RQ and theory. Good Luck!
  5. I guess I forgot to add ToK presentations in the poll... I am working on mine right now and I think it comes as close to ToK paper as it can in my IB hate-o-meter
  6. Ha! I guess the ToK paper is the most hated! I absolutely hated it myself!
  7. I agree with Blackcurrant, you should focus more on how Satrapi used the characters to portray the disloyalty amongst the people to religion in times of crisis.
  8. Hey guys, I was just curious about what you guys think about these assignments above. Which one do you have the most and why?
  9. I have been very confused as to what we need to put in the implications section for our ToK essay. Even my teacher and the evaluator who came in to speak to us seemed very confused. They said we are not allowed to bring up anything new in the conclusion as part of our implication section and at the same time want us to extend beyond the RLS in the claim/counterclaim. Does this seem right? Are there some Alumni that can chime in with what they did?
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering if any alumni on this site would be willing to proofread my ToK essay and offer any comments to better it. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  11. I started coaching Kinder soccer (i.e. soccer for kids aged 2-6) to count as all three (CAS), or you can start a club for you interests at school (meditation club, Model UN, etc.) (CS) or you can help plan events for your school (CS), Fundraise for a cause (CS) or simply be part of your yearbook club (CS)! If you organize an activity (Group workout, etc) to do with your friends that can also be used for a project (CA).
  12. Would it be sufficient enough if I just describe the algorithm or will I have to go in depth as to how/ why it works?
  13. I coached soccer in the community, tutored and volunteered at reading camps. If you can't find anything create one for yourself! I started an initiative to help provide educational supplies to underprivileged kids in India.
  14. Hello, For My math SL IA topic I decided to find the optimal snow route in the downtown area of my small city using the chinese postman theorem. Do you guys think it is a good idea? Will it be high level enough for an IB math exploration paper? Thanks!
  15. Ah huh... In my school we have this clique of IB students who hardly mingle with the outside world. I have heard that kids think we are super nerds and have little to no social life (it is true (-_-") ).