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  1. Art HL is not hard! It's just the amount of work that you have to put into it; is where most people start to find it hard. What type of general requirements are you specifically asking about? Skills? Grades?
  2. I think your subjects are quite doable. But I think you should choose Theatre SL because you already have 3 HL's subjects, plus you are more work onto yourself. History HL is not challenging at all, it just requires a lot of effort in the way that there is a lot of note taking and essay assignments. I'm not too sure how Theatre HL is but I'm pretty positive that it is not challenging either (Usually the sciences and math in HL are much more challenging). I hope this somewhat helps -Chantel
  3. Yikes! If you need any help with any of your Ontario subjects, just PM me (I'm pretty sure that Ontario's curriculum isn't that different from Alberta's curriculum) I wish you the best of luck!!! I agree with Elite X-Naut! You'll have enough time to participate in EC's and clubs and maintain a high average! Don't worry about it
  4. I taught myself the entire Chemistry SL syllabus within one month before my exam. Please keep in mind this was my first time learning it.
  5. //pats My only suggestion left is to drop IB :/ I can completely relate to your situation the only difference is that I no longer care about my IB marks.. Well I do but to an extent. I have learned that I have that I have to do well in either IB or Alberta. Thus, I chose Alberta over IB. But don't get me wrong that doesn't mean that I am not putting a lot of effort into IB, I'm just not heartbroken anymore because of my IB grades.... I know it hurts ..
  6. That's weird. I did Medicine and Drugs as my option, and it was wasn't too bad .
  7. Yes I'm staying the program just because of the amount of work and effort I have invested into this program. Though, I am not planning to apply with any of my IB marks, well maybe with my IB chemistry mark.. depends on how well I do... Yes I have a lot of self-teaching to do. But it's manageable (I think)
  8. Yeah, I know right. That's mainly why my school is facing a bit of a "crisis". My classmates and I were furious after doing our chemistry exam because many of us left pages blank and drew pictures over most of the questions (I didn't because I crammed the entire syllabus within one month and learned my option in just one day). Thus, we told many of the grade 10 students, and 95% of them dropped out. I believe only ten students are staying, and only of one, them are actually a full IB student. I literally have no regrets telling the grade 10's about the truth, it's best for them to worry about their Alberta marks than worry about their IB marks. IB has great potential but many schools don't know how to properly teach and maintain the program..
  9. Thanks And wow, I can't believe that Waterloo would do that, that's quite unfair (well in my opinion). Then again, I'm quite positive that most Western Canadian Universities won't do that..
  10. Well all students that are learning the Alberta curriculum (like me) are learning a mix of Chemistry HL and Math HL (not in every aspect but there are some similarities between them). My classmates and I questioned the same thing. Many of my classmates are dropping out of IB. As for me, I would have dropped completely but I didn't because of the amount of effort and work I have put into this program. No worries! I have to remind myself about that too Honestly, I don't know. I don't want to throw my school under the bus... but my school tends to push away the IB topics and leave at the every end.. So, I cant even say if French is mostly comprehension and writing... (and yes I'm screwed for the ib exam next year)
  11. IB has screwed me over as well. Though I'm not from Ontario, I will say that you should drop IB. It's not worth it, because if you are doing quite well in the Ontario curriculum then why continue on IB if you aren't satisfied with many of your IB grades? Plus, by dropping all of your IB subjects, you'll have more time to focus on the subjects that actually matters to you. Several students in my school dropped out of IB because of their grade 11 marks...and trust me many are glad they dropped because most of their grades in the non-ib subjects went up significantly.
  12. Sorry to bud in Universities won't care if you took physics online or at school, as long as you meet the requirement you will be fine But I don't recommend doing physics online..but then again it really depends on how you learn, but I know... well within my area, that many teachers recommended not to do it online. Like for me I like having a teacher to directly explain and teach it to me, than self-teaching myself. I'm doing physics 30 (physics 12), during the summer too!! But I'm taking it in class As for your first question even though it's directed for Veronica. I finished physics 20 (physics 11) with a 95
  13. Hello! Here's some links that I found useful while I was doing my CS : Tips: I'm not too sure if you are taking HL or SL. But for HL; you must reflect how your artists relate back to your own artwork- for each artist I talked about two separate pieces I created and from there just elaborated on it. My art teacher (former IB examiner for Art), also suggested me to make some of my own sketches and talk about the various methods and techniques I have learnt from each artist (not too sure if that is just for HL ) I hope this helps -Chantel
  14. There's a skype group just for May 2017/November 2017 students -