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  1. I do History SL and whilst it's definitely harder than English Lit SL, I wouldn't say it's substantially so! we do do basically the same stuff as History HL minus one or two topics, but I haven't found it too hard, honestly. just make sure you take good notes for revision because you go over a lot of topics, and it's easy to find at the end of the term that you've forgotten everything. and it certainly helps if you love the subject - I only took it bc I needed a group 3 and I'm doing ok :>
  2. I'm not sure how detailed the explanations are that you're looking for, but the answers that I'm thinking of can be found by clicking on the book (Physics for the IB Diploma Sixth edition) --> 7. Detailed solutions to Topic questions --> Resources, where there are the "Topic test yourself answers". If those aren't the ones that you're looking for, i'm not sure where else you can get solutions
  3. If you make an account here (http://ibdiploma.cambridge.org/) and select the Tsokos book as one of "your books", you can access all the extra online resources ie: the test yourself solutions! It's free and easy to do, but if you're having trouble making an account, I'd be happy to send you the pdf for the specific test yourself chapter.
  4. haha, we actually use the ti-nspire cx at our school - I didn't realise that wasn't the norm. But, yeah, definitely check out what your school uses - I have a friend who uses a ti-84 in class, but since we use a different calculator, it tends to slow them down a bit.
  5. it's really up to your school, so I don't think you can do much about it. I have a friend who's done ~3/4 years of mandarin, and she's doing Chinese AB initio! There's even people who are almost fluent in french in my french B class - it's entirely up to the school's discretion. sorry (quick question - do you speak canto or mandarin at home? our school does chinese B in mandarin and not cantonese!)
  6. so I'm currently doing 2 CAS projects, both of which i'm pretty passionate about and feel like relate pretty well to my interests. my school is fine with us doing more than one, but I also have the opportunity to link in a third CAS project, which was going to be my backup in case I couldn't find any. I do the school magazine, so I was going to do our final summer issue, which is usually the biggest and takes the most effort. it would be pretty easy to record and reflect on, and i was probably gonna contribute my own article to it as well! my question is: is there any point in me doing a third CAS project? is it a good idea to put in the time and effort into reflections, and will it really help me if I do decide to go into something like graphic design? it'd be a good motivator for reflecting on everything i do (which interviewers would like? apparently?), but i'm also not sure if I'll have enough time for it next term, along with exams/etc.
  7. easiest: probably english lit SL; i'm pretty used to writing English essays by now, and it's also something I really enjoy! lessons are pretty chill, and everyone in my class is nice. hardest: french B. I guess it's a subject which requires consistent and regular practice, which I'm not that good at. speaking skills continue to evade me, and it's one of the subjects i'm genuinely worried about :/
  8. this is a really nicely designed app!! I really like your font choice and colour scheme, and it works super smoothly, wow. just one thing - on the 'how to get a 7 in IB physics' page, the line breaks are a bit messed up on my phone, like it was meant for a larger screen or something? at the word 'difficult', there's a random line break, and the same after 'attain a' and '31% of' (and so on). other than that, thank you for putting so much time and effort into this!! i can tell it's gonna be really helpful for me.
  9. Apparently, a good idea is to start and get a good chunk of your EE and IAs done. There's no such thing as a holiday in IB! yup, that's what I've heard all the IB2s and teachers say as well!! I mean, it sounds like a great idea, but I also don't think I'll be able to do it. i tend to get into a terrible schedule of going to bed at ridiculous times in the holidays and completely messing up my sleep schedule. at least I'll have 8 weeks to mull over everything (also, I totally agree. no holidays in IB whatsoever. my easter holidays are going to be filled with revision and summer school and work experience scouring and cas project catchup... the perfect holiday, basically!)
  10. I'm lucky enough to be able to get up at 8am, but I usually only get to sleep by 1am ish, which actually seems pretty good compared to the rest of you!! i think my latest bedtime this year has been 5am for some reason. Weekends are heaven because I get to sleep sometimes, depending on if I have any weekend activities.
  11. IB1's great, even if i've thrown myself into the deep end with all the cas activities and projects i've gotten involved with... i think i'd be fine if it wasn't for my chronic procrastination and distraction regimes. it's amazing to think we're already over halfway through the first year of IB (for some of us, anyway!!), i can't imagine how bad things are gonna get by the end of this year... already looking forward to the summer holidays :')
  12. i recently found out about Industrial Design after looking around on SCAD's website!! i think it's very, very similar to product design - industrial design focuses on combining engineering and art; finding something that both works and looks nice, whilst product design is the same but also with the addition of graphical interfaces. at least, that's what i've gathered from reading a few webpages, aha. I'll try and see if i can grab a few photos of the course page from some huge university course books we have in our school library when I have a chance.
  13. yup, i'm from the UK! Although I'm considering going to the US for uni, but only if I can get substantial financial support. some good websites for UK unis are whatuni and which? university, which are what I used to look at some courses for interior/product design! You can sign up for accounts on both websites and their newsletters are pretty helpful. I totally understand! i'm kind of on the edge between going into an artsy degree (probably graphic design/illustration/industrial design) or engineering/physics (since my HLs tend toward that). I suppose architecture would probably be a very good half-way point between those two, but I just couldn't see myself doing it for so long. If i'm gonna have to spend 4 years of my life doing one thing, I would rather do something that I enjoy. Having said that, most people who do art in the UK do a foundation year first - one year of vaguely art-sy related stuff before you decide on one area, which is helpful! and yeah, looking at the average incomes straight out of uni for those who do graphic design courses and engineering courses is depressing. on nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk (another good website), they list the starting salaries for graphic designers as "between £14,000 and £17,000 a year", whilst for mechanical engineers, it's "between £22,000 and £26,000 a year"
  14. yeah, I totally understand your thoughts towards architecture due to your parents!! My parents have been pushing me towards that as well, since it's considered more 'proper', although I don't think I'll be going into that field since i really can't see myself doing 4 years of it. looking through some the UK uni interior design courses, i can't see any that specify visual arts or DT, so I think you'd be fine with taking DT. their entry requirements for interior design are ~26-28 points, which you should be fine with! honestly, I have no idea about the difference of career opportunities between interior/product design! I guess the best person to ask would be any sort of careers advisor at your school, although I've usually found most career advisors' knowledge of the art/design industry to be lacking. sorry I can't help you out more!!
  15. My current pre-ib english teacher teaches english HL and she's always stressing us out about how hard english HL is and how much studying you need to do. Do you know anything about needing an english/writing course in university for degrees is science? I have a new post up about it, if you'd like to reply there. Plus, how many hours do you dedicate to math every week? from what I know, i don't think you should need writing courses for any science courses in UK universities. maths/whatever science you're interested in HL tends to be the most important - anything outside of that is just extra to UK universities. however, you're canadian so I honestly have no idea how course/core requirements work over there, sorry! regardless, i'd think that writing courses would be far easier than English HL, and you really shouldn't take it just because you don't want to have to do the writing course, especially if you don't enjoy it that much. hmm, every week? we get quite a bit of hwork from our teacher (usually one piece/exercise every lesson, with 4 lessons a week), so maybe 3 hours for homework? if i actually went over my notes (which you really, really should), that would probably go up to 5 hours, but I'm lazy and only go over my notes for tests.
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