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  1. Hey! I'm doing my EE on music, and this is my current topic: "To what extent can George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue be seen as a hybrid of musical styles?" I've just begun (my attempts at) writing an introduction for my EE, but I just want to see what others think of my topic first before I begin. Do you think it is suitable for an EE? Is it narrow enough? If not, do you have any suggestions as to how I would improve my title? Also is the TWE opening too cheesy? I've had mixed opinions from several of my teachers about that, some tell the entire class to only use TWE whilst others say to avoid it entirely if possible... Previous revisions of my title include: In what ways has the European Classical genre influenced George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue? // To what extent can George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue be considered a European Classical piece? I'm also having trouble with writing my introduction. I'm not exactly clear on what would be good to include - should I include background information on Gershwin, the Rhapsody, the era etc.? Do I define the terms in my question (e.g. hybrid, Rhapsody)? Or do I just mention my aim/purpose of the essay and give a brief summary of what the essay involves? Any helpful advice or suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. chenji

    MLI Advice

    Hey everyone! I'm starting to think of topics to do for my MLI, but I don't know how to go about choosing my topic. I'm interested in the romantic and jazz genres, but I'm not familiar enough with either to know two good pieces with strong links to compare. I really like the piece Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninoff, but am not sure what the jazz piece would be. Besides comparing two pieces from the romantic and jazz genres, I was also considering doing a comparison between a minimalist piece and African music, where one of the focus could be on cross-rhythms. Again, I'm not as familiar with either genre so I'm not so sure about what pieces I'd do either. (I am aware that if I do choose this topic, I'll need to be careful about not choosing a minimalist piece that has been influenced very strongly by African music). Can anyone make any suggestions for pieces of music or offer any pieces of advice? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm an IB1 student, and we've just begun to form our initial proposals for our EE, but I still require some guidance with deciding on the subject to write my EE in. Here are the subjects I take: HL Chem, Maths, Econ, Chinese B // SL English A Literature and Music At first, I was considering writing my EE in Economics or Chemistry, as I think these are the two most likely fields I would go into for HE (uni). But nearly everyone I've asked has recommended me not to do an EE in Group 4 as it's known to be a lot more trickier, especially with the experiments. I've heard econ is slightly easier to write an EE in from several students, but my econ teacher has also recommended our class to not write our EE in economics either due to an apparent change in the syllabus/marking criteria as well as the fact that students doing an econ EE in recent years have not done as well. Therefore, I think I'll be looking more into writing an EE in either of my SL subjects, but I am still unsure if it is a good idea. Would it be a (significant) disadvantage at all to do an EE in an SL subject, or a subject in which you wouldn't consider studying in the future? I've heard that the EE is useful for personal statements or even uni interviews, so I'm worried that if I don't do my EE in Chem/Econ, I'll be at a disadvantage. In terms of interest, I have an equal interest in writing my EE for my SL subjects as well as Chem, but not as much for econ xP I already have teachers in mind that I think would be good supervisors for my EE should I opt for either Chem, Music, or English. Context: I am deeply involved in many musical activities both inside and outside of school, and know how to play quite a few instruments. I've been musically involved since I was young, so I'm fairly confident with most aspects of music. However, I am not so good at describing and analysing music (I'm better at the performance aspect), therefore I'm a bit doubtful on writing my EE in this subject, but I'll always have many sources and people I can go to for advice or comments on my EE. For English, I've written several essays (around 2000 words) before, so I don't think I'd have as much of a problem writing as I have with actually forming a topic and RQ, but I'm not sure if I can write well enough to score a good grade. I'm also unsure if I can find a suitable topic to investigate. So, what do you guys think? Any help or pieces of advice would be greatly appreciated, especially from anyone who has done/is doing an EE in chem/econ/music/english A lit Thanks!
  4. Hi! I've just begun my IB course, and I'd like to print the syllabus content for economics so I can use it when revising or checking which topics I've gone over, but I don't know where I can get the official syllabus. I'm also not sure which edition to use (is it the 2013 version? or was there a syllabus change like the sciences?) I'll be sitting my final exams in 2018 since I've just begun the course. If anyone can help redirect me to a link or show me how, it would be very helpful! Thanks
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the offer!
  6. Ooh, sounds great! Good luck for the rest of your exams (and thanks for the tip!)
  7. Ooh, how is Maths HL? (If you don't mind me asking haha..) Do you have any tips for doing well in HL Maths? Also I heard that the Physics paper was rather brutal this year...
  8. I mentioned in my original post that I am considering something along pharmacy/chem engineering/food science I don't really have much interest in other subjects that would benefit me greatly. At this point, I just think either Biology or Music are my best bets. I am already taking several subjects that I enjoy, and my greatest interest at the moment is not a subject that is offered at my school (so I'm pursuing it in my own time already ).
  9. But what if neither of the two subjects interest me very much? For me it's just that gradewise, I can guarantee my score for music, while with Biology, it's more of a gamble. I mean, I am more confident for the performing part of the SL Music course (worth 50% of the grade, I believe), but for the other 50% I have practically no faith in. For biology, I took a look at some past papers (forgot which year), but to me, they seemed a lot easier to do compared to the music past papers. I have looked at undergrad requirements for many universities, and from what I've seen, most only require HL Chem (which I have), and another science (including HL Maths, which I also have, and sometimes even Economics -- which I also chose). But I just feel like taking biology as well would make me a better candidate since what I'd like to study in uni involves quite a few (if not lots) of elements from biology (in my opinion). The only things that I'm worried about are: not having enough time to focus on Chem and Maths not being able to do as well as I anticipated (memorisation, etc.) May I ask what you took for IB?
  10. Hi! So I'm starting IB next year, and I just need some help/advice on choosing my subjects. (Technically, I've already confirmed them, but I still have under a week to make adjustments.) My current choices are: HL Chem, Econ, Maths // SL English A Lit, Chinese A, and Music (though I am probably going to drop to HL Chinese B and take 4 HLs) However, I am now doubting whether I should swap SL Music with Biology. I am not sure what I'll be taking in university, however, I do know that I do not want to major in music. I'm leaning towards maybe the more "sciency" side, say, maybe Pharmacy or Chemical Engineering or Food Sciences. I only chose music as I have a good background in it, and know I can pretty much guarantee myself a 6 (I'm completely fine with performing and theory, but my analysis skills are pretty bad). But I've looked at the listening paper for Music, and it looks so so incredibly hard compared to the 3 papers for biology. I am not super interested in biology (chemistry is more my thing), but I know that it will be beneficial for me if I am deciding to go into the aforementioned fields for university. I think at the moment (I'm doing IGCSE), I am doing okay for Biology (usually getting A's and A*'s) but I'm already finding it rather difficult to remember all my notes and information for my exam, and I know in IB, the amount of things to memorise and remember is definitely going to increase by a lot, which is one thing that is keeping me from swapping. If I want to swap, I also need to make sure that I can get at least a 6 in Biology, so I just want to ask if getting a 6 or 7 is easy to achieve for SL? I'm also keeping in mind that I am taking HL Maths and Chem, because I'd like to spend more time on those subjects to make sure I can achieve the highest score as I possibly can. Taking music would mean that I could give myself much more time to focus on those two HLs, but if I take biology, I'd have to take out some of the time used to revise Chem and Maths to revise Biology, which makes me worried. My parents also keep stressing that I can take SL music for now, and catch up on my Biology in university. What do you guys think? If anyone can give any advice on what you think I should do or anything like that, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  11. Ahh I get it now. I don't think I'll be able to do that hahah, but thanks for the advice anyways!
  12. Oops, I should have deduced. Anyways, thank you so much for your helpful advice! I really appreciate it One last thing: I don't understand what you mean when you say lots of people in your class took 3 sciences and 2 in IB - they took 3 sciences for what?? (I understand taking 2 sciences in IB)
  13. Thanks for your reply! I'm jealous that you had a very good SL Physics teacher The thing is, you are correct that Chemistry is the only required subject for pharmacy, but most people take two sciences anyways to make them stronger candidates for universities. This is partly why I want to take two sciences (plus the fact that I like science too ) If you were in my position, would you pick SL Physics or Biology? (Keeping in mind that the SL Physics teachers are not good, whilst the Bio teachers are very good). I also see that you took HL Eng Lit and Maths and Chem. Can I ask you how difficult each of the subjects were for you, and what advice you'd offer to people who will be taking those subjects next year? I am scared for IB English Lit (although I am only taking SL) because I'm already struggling with IGCSE English Literature haha >w< Also, in your opinion, which do you think is more difficult: HL Maths or HL Physics? Can I also ask what you took for university? (Sorry, I have a lot of questions, I just really don't want to be stuck doing subjects I dislike for 2 years again like I did for my IGCSEs xD)
  14. So recently, I've been having some doubts about my IB options (I'm beginning IB later this year in August), and I'd just like some advice from anyone who has experience with IB or any of the subjects mentioned below. Sorry for the long post, but any help would be greatly appreciated!! (Current choices are: HL - Chemistry, Maths, Economics // SL - English Literature A, Chinese A, and Music) I really messed my IGCSE options up, so when it comes to choosing the right subjects for IB, I become pretty paranoid. Here's my situation: I don't really know what I want to do in uni/the future, but am currently considering Pharmacy or Chem Engineering in uni, but I'm not sure. (Econ is a backup, in case I don't make it to Pharmacy, etc., I can still apply for something in the finance/econ/business field, esp. with HL Maths). Here are the subjects that I am very unsure about taking: HL Maths and (mainly) SL Music. Basically, I really want to take a second natural science (probably at SL to replace Music). I took SL Music as sort of a 'safety net' as I'm experienced in music and have been actively involved with it from a young age, but I know that I don't want to go into the music field in the future, so taking music would be rather useless in terms of career/uni prospects. I do rather well for both Biology and Physics (at IGCSE, currently), though I think I'm a bit better at biology - I will partially blame that on my current physics teacher, who isn't very good. At this point, you'd probably think that taking SL Biology would be the obvious way to go, but the problem is that I find Biology incredibly tedious, and the fact that I'm not terribly great at memorising large chunks of information doesn't help either. One persuasive factor for taking SL Bio is that the bio teachers at my school are all good at teaching. It also seems to be relatively easy to understand the comcepts/topics. I know that if I want to do Pharmacy, taking Biology would be the more logical choice, but then again, Biology isn't required for Pharmacy in many unis. For physics, I am fascinated with astrophysics, but that is only a small unit of the course, unfortunately. The other parts of the physics course, I'd say isn't incredibly interesting to me, but I'd probably prefer it over Biology. However, I've heard that Physics is exhaustingly difficult even at SL, not to mention that the SL physics teachers at my school aren't very good (all the great teachers are teaching HL haha.. - one of the great HL teachers taught me for IGCSE, he explains and teaches very well, and he makes me feel like learning all about physics, I'd take SL in a heartbeat if he was teaching it *sobs*). Though I might consider taking HL Physics and drop to SL Maths or drop to SL Econ and keep HL Maths. I know that Physics is useful for Engineering, which is also something I'm considering (although Chem engineering isn't exactly the same, taking physics would probably be more helpful than bio right?). Sorry for the long boring post, but I'm just looking for some helpful advice from the IB survival community, so if you know anything that can help, don't hesitate to reply! Thanks!

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