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  1. What is the percentage of a math grade increasing if you are one mark off?? and if it doesn't not increase will the overall percentage change due to a different examiner? So are you saying that the IA will not be taken for a remark but only just paper 1 and 2? Thank you
  2. Hey Guys, So i was 1 mark off a 6 in math, and my teacher recommends me to send it for a remark incase my grade goes up. Its a category 1 remark which means only the IA will be marked again. Do you think I should send it? Im kinda scared of the grade dropping completely... Thank you
  3. Do you guys still believe that the grade boundaries for a 7 will be low this year, as compared to previous years where it was like 66 and up for a 7...
  4. Yeah I did authoritarian leaders, Used Castro and Mugabe and the factors which allowed them to emerge, The causes and effects of the war, I was panicking and failed to finish writing the conclusion.. I don't know how badly that will affect my grade.. Paper 3 was not as bad.. Paper 1 I also had Move to Global War, found it okay, not too bad..
  5. Hey guys, Just like to know your thoughts on ESS paper 1.. Ess is that type of subject where you don't know what you wrote is correct or not, its kind of hard explaining.. Anyway how do you guys think you did?
  6. What do you guys think a level 6 would be?
  7. Im doing Asian history, its kinda harder I see your doing European.. Im guessing your HL is about Russia?
  8. Hey guys, I would just like to know your thoughts on the Math SL exam.. TZ2.. I found paper 1 pretty alright.. kinda did some dumb mistakes but paper 2 I found it to be harder in my opinion... especially the last probability question was kinda tricky.. What do you guys think? Will they lower the grade boundaries?
  9. Kinda scared for History... So many topic to know and under time pressure its even worse...
  10. Yeh, like I think it was, the current account deficit was like -29 million dollars, thats what I got
  11. I chose the inspirational one.. thought it was kinda alright as you can twist the question to fit what you already know etc.. However I had to use A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen, StreetCar Named Desire and Carol Ann Duffy " A Worlds Wife" for my three texts.. Talked about the flaws present within society and oppression faced by women and how it is still evident within todays society.. Referred to Donald Trump too
  12. Hopefully the grade boundaries are lower for paper 3 this year.. Did you also happen to talk about the marshal lerner condition and j curve effect on one of the questions?
  13. Basically for the poverty trap one I described the poverty trap with low incomes leads to low savings low investment low productivity and reoccurs and can be passed down from generation as they can be stuck.. etc..
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