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  1. Hello, I hope things are going well! I'm resitting since I had serious medical problems in May. However, the results will come out on January 5th and most of the universities I'm applying to through the Common App have January 1st as their deadline. Therefore, I found out that the transcripts will be just sent to one university in the US for free once these are released and that I need to pay for the others. Is this actually how it works? How are you going to do? Is there another way? Because it would be so much money afterwards! Thank you!
  2. Hello! I am having my two last exams on the 16th and 17th (Spanish A Literature: Self-taught). It is my second Language A since I also took English A Language and Literature. Therefore, I was wondering if I can apply in Spanish A LIt the same techniques that I used for Paper 1 and Paper 2 in English A L&L. Do they have big differences? Which ones? Do I have be careful about something? Thank you in advance and best wishes on your remaining exams.
  3. d123

    Biology HL Exam

    I asked to know what other people think, their personal opinion. What option they consider easier, some people study two. Anyways, good night.
  4. d123

    Biology HL Exam

    Wow, so helpful! Thank you.
  5. d123

    Biology HL Exam

    What option may be the easiest?
  6. Hello, I have been following every single point of the syllabus for Macroeconomics and Development. However, I feel that I won't have enough time to cover Macroeconomics and International looking at the syllabus and in very efficient way. Therefore, I would like to ask if you guys know any source to study for these following the syllabus, any tips or study guide that may help me. Also, is there a way that I can learn the 1.5 Theory firm in faster way? Thank you so much, Danilo.
  7. Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. For the last two years we have not had a good teacher, and unfortunately this may affect my finals because I am behind in some topics. Therefore, I would like to ask if you guys know any study guide that cover the 7 chapters of Maths Studies, or any advice that you can give me to do well in the upcoming exams. I am really worried. Thank you so much, D.
  8. Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. I would like to ask if you guys have any advice regarding Paper 1 for English A SL. My teacher recommend us to use the Big 5 and to have a thesis statement that we should always come back to it after every point. What do you think about it? Do you have any other approach? Thank you, D.
  9. Hello, I hope you guys are doing well. Does anybody have the official Mathematical studies guide (syllabus) by the IB? I have not found it yet. I will appreciate any response. Kind regards, D.
  10. I'm really interestd in Neurology and Behaviour and would like to learn more about it, but many people have told me that Ecology and Conservation is easier in the finals. I would like to hear from you. Thanks, D.
  11. Hey! Is there anyone taking Global Politics? I have started studying for the finals and I was wondering if you guys would like to share case studies with details related to the four units that we can use to support our Paper 2 and part of Paper 1. Or we can make a study group or google doc with information. Thanks!
  12. d123

    I survived!

    I wrote three EEs. The first one got damaged, the second one did not match with my subject (my supervisor made a mistake) and I couldn't match it with another subject. Therefore, they did not give me an extension (very unfair) so I had to write my EE in two days an half because the deadline was coming. I spent most of the time in the library of an university reading and writing it, and I slept like 3 hours in those two nights. But I did it!
  13. d123

    Appying after a gap year

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I will take a gap year after I graduate from the IB, which means that I will apply to colleges in the US at the end of this year 2017. When time comes, will I have to send my mid-year report card? or will I have to send just my final grades from the IB? Is there a possibility that I can just send my final grades? I would apprecate any response. Thank you, D.
  14. d123

    Souces for Biology IA

    Hello, I chose my Biology IA topic from a book, where they explain the procedure to be followed. I have paraphrased this, however, I would like to ask you if I have to still cite it. If I cite it, isn't it considered as plagiarized? Because the Biology IA should be an original idea? I would really appreciate if someone explains me about it. Thank you so much, Danilo.
  15. Hello! I will have my TOK presentation soon and my outline has this: RLS KQ. AOK: Knowledge WOK: Reason First Perspective Second Perspective Third Perspective Conclusion (Personal opinion) Application Regarding the application, can someone explain me the application of the outcomes in other situations? Is it has to be a specific real situation or is it has to a situation in general? What does the IB actually want?And what advices do you have on this criteria or in the general outline? Thank you!

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