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  1. smartbear33

    Biology Paper 2

    Hello! So I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to do well in Paper 2? This is by far, the hardest section for me in Biology Thank you
  2. smartbear33

    IB grade boundaries

    Hello, Does anyone know what the grade boundaries are for IA's for: - Literature HL -The experimental sciences HL Thank you!
  3. smartbear33

    Stationary for exams

    Hello A question about stationary - are we allowed highlighters into the final exam? Also, are there any stationary that should not be taken in? Thank you
  4. smartbear33

    Integration help!

    I'm currently using the oxford book for Maths SL and trying to get the most out of it. Thank you so much for your advice - I'll definitely do more exercises 'til I get better
  5. smartbear33

    Integration help!

    Hello! So I am struggling a lot with integration and am wanting some advice on how to get better at it. Are there any resources, materials, or tips? Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  6. smartbear33

    Japanese B Materials

    Hello there I'm currently taking IB Japanese too! I can't remember on the top of my head the title of the Kanji book, but it has a white cover and the book teaches Kanji based on drawings and little illustrations that really help with memorizing. Sorry for not being able to be accurate, but maybe google? Also, Genki textbooks are pretty good. However, I advise not to rely on them too much. I strongly recommend going onto this website http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/index.html DAILY and learning some new Kanji and vocabulary. There's also this app called 'Rikaikun' free to download for chrome (it's basically an app that allows you to read literally every Kanji on a web page.) which will really help in combination with the website. While all this may help, I recommend interacting with your teachers as much as possible, for they are really the ones who can give you the most help and feedback. Most importantly, use Japanese every day by talking with your friend or teacher. 頑張って!シ
  7. smartbear33


    Hello people I am just wondering, how hard is it to get at least an 8 in the essay, and does the essay need to be perfect in order to get it? Are examiners very harsh on marking the essays? Thank you.
  8. smartbear33

    HL Written Assignment - help!

    Hi Rosalina, sorry for the late reply, but thank you heaps for your advice!
  9. smartbear33

    HL Written Assignment - help!

    Hello! I am a student taking HL Literature and I am working on the Written Assignment. I am struggling to do well with writing this - so I am wondering if I could receive some tips on how to write a good Written Assignment essay. I am also curious to know what differentiates a a mediocre essay from a very well-written one. I would greatly appreciate your help Thanks!
  10. smartbear33

    I Never Feel Prepared For Tests?

    Try making some practice tests for yourself, then go through them without looking at your notes. The most important thing is that you need to start pinpointing where your weaknesses are. Also, keep questioning yourself: Do I know this? Do I really know this? Go deeper and deeper until you truly understand the concept. Simply going through your notes is not good enough; you need to force yourself to understand and recall what you've studied. Hope this help.
  11. smartbear33

    Achieving high scores in the IB (35+)

    If you are aiming for an IB score of +35, you'll need to be prepared mentally; you'll need to push yourself and not be distracted by things that will hinder you from achieving your goal. I think the biggest problem is time. People who I know are getting above 35's manage their time really, really well. If you make the most of your time, getting a score above 35 is not that hard. Sure, some may say that it's very difficult, but if you study effectively, it's easily achievable. Study smart!
  12. smartbear33

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    It's really important to make coherent, effective notes. I recommend using the Cornell method

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