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  1. Hi! I have to come up with a topic for my extended essay. I have decided to write it in English (B). DOES ANYONE WANT TO SHARE IDEAS OF TITLES? I'm thinking that I might want to write about something health related, but I'm open to everything haha. Would be so thankful<3
  2. I don't agree with that statement at all, since we can't measure the difficulty that different people have when "discovering" knowledge. Some people may have an easy time to gain knowledge in sciences while others find it easier to gain knowledge in (learning) languages. However knowledge within both areas is valuable.
  3. Hi! I take math studies, indicating that I absolutely don't want to study anything that has to do with math after graduating from the IB. However, I'm considering to apply to the US so I want to do the "standard" SAT tests (math & English). Some people say that the math is way too hard for math studies students to manage, while others say that the math is simple enough for basically anyone to get a good grade in. Does anyone have any experience with SATs? Can you get a good score even if you're in math studies? Help pleaseee!
  4. Is it better to take Studies and get a high grade or take Math SL and get a lower grade? Is the course more important than the actual grade? (If you don't want to study anything that has to do with science / math / etc at Uni). (And you want to study in the US). Thankful for answers
  5. Are there still people wanting to (group)skype?? Send me your usernames
  6. Hi! Just wondering what ex-Math Studies people are doing now? Did Math Studies affect you and your opportunities after IB? If you were to choose subjects one more time, would you still have taken Math Studies? Thankful for response
  7. Hi! I'm choosing my subjects in 3 days and I just want to know what other IB students (with more experience) think about my plan. I want to take * Swedish LangLit A HL * English B HL * Business & Management HL * Math Studies / SL * Economics SL * Environmental Systems & Societies SL * German SL I don't know what I want to study after finishing IB but I'm sure it won't have anything to do with math/science. So I though that it might be a good idea to take Math Studies, and then add an extra language (German) to "compensate". The chancellor at my school told me it might be more useful to take an extra language if I don't want to study something requiring a higher math qualification at Uni. Also, German is not a language that many non-German people know these days, so it is probably something that will make my education "stand out". I want to study in the US. What do you think? Would you choose this, or rather take Math SL and skip German? Thanks!!
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