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  1. Mine does, because we convinced the history teacher to teach us GP as well. My fav subject
  2. Does anyone have the book for World history topic 9: "Evolution and development of democratic states (1848–2000)" or topic 5: "Early Modern states (1450–1789)" in pdf and could share it with me?
  3. That's ok, me neither haha. I think I will choose some other topic from this route if there are no books to this one.
  4. Thanks for searching it! That's actually the book we're using haha. But unfortunately it didn't cover topic 17: Post-war western and northern Europe (1945–2000). Do you know any book which covers this topic?
  5. Since our book did not cover these topic much I will need some good books to study these 3 topics from the HL option History of Europe: 16: The Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia (1924–2000) 17: Post-war western and northern Europe (1945–2000) 18: Post-war central and eastern Europe (1945–2000) Can you recommend sth? Thank you! Edit: If you know any website which covers this material that's also great!
  6. Are we getting all options on paper 3 (i.e history of the americas, asia, africa, etc) or just the option we chose as a class (i.e. history of europe)?
  7. No, because the IB doesn't accept individual IAs, only a whole group's IAs, which my coordinator said is impossible to do
  8. Yes, I'm going to retake the exams as well. Are you sure the coordinator received comments to specific IAs? She told me that IB doesn't send comments to IAs and it only sends comments to the exams and other external works for a certain fee. Isn't it so? Thank you for your reply!
  9. Is there a way to find out why my global politics IA was remarked from 16 to 6? I've decided to retake it, but how can I do it if I don't know what mistakes I'm making? My supervisor doesn't know either, hence she cannot help me in writing a new IA. Anyone else had such a situation? What can I do now? Please help me.
  10. I can't advice you much, but I can tell you that I was able to write my EE in a couple of weeks and still got an A (and I also changed my topics and subjects many times during the 2 years), so don't worry about the time. Everything is possible!
  11. Is it possible and worth remarking a history IA, which I know was not selected for check?
  12. In case you're still choosing from group 3 subjects, global politics is really interesting and quite easy! The exam questions were broad and you could basically write about anything you want, so
  13. Ohh lucky you, guys! I need to wait 5 more hours haha
  14. How do you guys already know your results? Aren't they supposed to come out tmr?
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