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  1. Quick question So my econ book says “If there is unanticipated inflation or inflation greater than that anticipated by banks and incorporated into the rate charged to borrowers, then the real interest rate will be reduced and households induced to spend on durable goods” But it doesn’t explain why JUST durable goods Can someone help me with this? xx thanks!
  2. simtiaz


    how about whatsapp/skype?
  3. simtiaz

    Is the Confederate Flag inherently racist?

    Extremely so I mean think about it. the confederate states left the united states because they wanted to KEEP SLAVERY. That's fairly racist in my opinion. It represents decades upon decades of injustice to the minorities in america that were oppressed and marginalised .
  4. So my teacher knows his material, but as a teacher seems to lack the ability to explain. Does anyone have any resources to be help with the microeconomics chapters? Thanks!
  5. simtiaz

    Prepscholar for ACT?

    if you self study have a specific regimen: Week 1: best subject and an essay Week 2: worst subject and an essay Week 3: 1/2 remaining subjects and an essay Week 4: Same as week 3 but w/ other subject I took the Kaplan course and the Sycamore learning. Kaplan was a bit better but if you need help w/ essay go to TestMasters.
  6. make sure your combinations have to do with which college you're applying to (say NYU college of engineering: they'll want HL maths and sciences, but Stanford college of business will want HL maths and social sciences)
  7. simtiaz

    Computer Science with Math Studies?

    I have a similar problem except im in SL from HL and my counsellors told me it should be fine - just take the SAT subject tests for maths (preferable maths 2 because that's the level expected of an engineer/computer science major) and do remarkably well on your exams.
  8. simtiaz

    Very afraid of failing Math sl, what can I do?

    don't panic - that makes everything seem harder than it already is go to tutorials/office hours - your teacher is there to help you. If there's something in class that you don't understand, go to your teacher outside of class. Normally if you do that they will find a different way to explain it to you and they may give you some extra practice which can never hurt. go and look at problems that are worked out for you (no question w answer key stuff, the actual explanations need to be there) and work the problem out alongside the explanation Working them out this way gets your brain used to thinking in the way needed for maths just keep practicing! Maths is all about practice and getting the hang of the formulas - most of the important formulas are in the data booklet for exams, so figure out which useful ones aren't and memorise them This is where flashcards come in handy
  9. Buy the Schaum's Outlines for the topics you struggle in the most - I used them for a while in my pre-IB courses and they helped a lot! Go on Amazon or another similar site and find books that help study for maths SL, but not ones where you work all the problems yourself with an answer key - get the ones that have worked out problems so that you can follow along. Honestly a tutor may or may not help, I had 3 or 4 and none of them brought my grade up. What helped me through maths when I was struggling was the worked problems as well as just going in the SL book and working out the problems in there over and over again. I was orginially in HL so sometimes I will go and find the current topic for my SL class in the HL book and see how the explanation differs. tl;dr: find some books with worked out problems and just practice
  10. You could talk about the types of marital discord/the causes of it. Then you could look at the effects of the marital discord (so something along the lines of: bc of A, this shows marital discord which does B, therefore I am examining A+B) Sorry I think my explanation sounds just as confusing as you thought your question sounded.
  11. simtiaz

    research question help

    So it's off to a good start but I would think that you need to be slightly more specific. Characteristics of what? "Types of death" is a bit awkward sounding. it's a good question really just need to straighten it out a bit.
  12. hey guys for an IOP does anyone have any ideas on how to work with the topic of macbeth and Lady M being complements to each other character wise? (as macbeth becomes more power hungry Lady M becomes more cautious) Also, any ideas how to introduce the IOP? I'm stuck on that

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