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  1. Dissolving in water doesn't necessarily mean that all of the molecules dissolved do dissociate from what I know.
  2. Guziec

    How are you managing?

    If you get distracted easily try watching khan academy videos on the topic you are currently studying. I can watch them way longer and stay concentrated while doing it. When it comes to books I try to make checkpoints like e.g. two subtopics after which I take a short break.
  3. Well it's better to do this workbook than follow the study guide. I think the study guides are good when you realize a day before the finals that you don't know anything about the subject
  4. I think this would be OK as long as you manage to do it
  5. From experience of my friends and myself I wouldn't take history if I were you as it is far more challenging than e.g. geography or other group 3 subjects. However, if you really like it then it will be fine.
  6. With UKCAT, they asked me to update my profile on Pearson with the information about my choices so check if there is such an option.
  7. But he wants to change his EE topic from what I understood not use the same for both IA and EE
  8. I tried to show everything as clearly as possible, if you still have some doubts send me a message
  9. Well this is a suggestion, no one will penalize you, especially if the work is good enough. Sorry I didn't quote you AryaSantoso but I'm responding from my phone and Idk how to do this.
  10. If I were you I would definitely consult it with the teacher. The other question is, are you able to narrow it down to 6-12 pages. They also told us in our school that Maths IA should be ~2000 words, although there is no word limit given directly by the IB.
  11. You could also try joining Biology HL, as it is your first year, I don't think the Biology HL class did much more than SL. Even if they did, the curriculum of HL biology is not something very difficult - you just have to learn a bit, memorize a few things and understand some biological concepts. It will also be easier if you are good at chemistry and from what you've written I assume you are.
  12. I regret not taking maths HL as my fourth HL - I could always go down to SL (at which I don't have any problems) and this course accompanied by chemistry HL and biology HL provides many opportunities.
  13. You could also make a list of arguments you would like to use, before writing the essay, to see whether they are logical.

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