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  1. Vicky Palami

    Which statistical test for germination

    I just did a chi square test but my columns were only "# of seeds that germinated" and "# of seeds that didn´t germinate", and I did get the result I was expecting so that was good but I feel that I should make another chi square but taking into account the # of seeds that germinated each day.
  2. Vicky Palami


    I finished my Business and Management first draft, my director´s notebook first draft (for theatre), my EE, my bio IA is 80% done and my math ia is 15% done, sigh, I also need to start my tok essay and I still haven´t done my presentation yikes, but I´ve already finished all my Language A and Language B oral assigments and I have finished 3 written tasks for Language A. I need to finish my math ia this week because I go back to school next monday and I don´t want to be stressing over that
  3. hey everyone. I´m almost done with my bio IA. It´s about the effect of coffee on the germination rate of bean seeds. I feel that it was a pretty simple experiment. I had 5 different containers. 10 seeds in each one, with different concentrations of coffee (I watered them with it), with one control group. The dependant variable was the days it took the seeds to germinate. The problem tthat I have is that I don´t know which statistical test I should use for the analysis. I did the ANOVA test but the result seemed...off. I don´t know if that was because ANOVA is not the right tool to use for this experiment. But I don´t really know of any other test that I can use for a germination experiment so any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Vicky Palami

    Correlation between video length and watch time

    okay, I´ll get to work now haha, thanks a lot for your help
  5. Vicky Palami

    Correlation between video length and watch time

    I just read about Damped sine waves and I think mine might look a bit like this one.
  6. Vicky Palami

    Correlation between video length and watch time

    hiii, sorry for the late reply, I have been working on some of my other IA´s and ím dyinggg haha. Anyways, I ended up doing something a little bit different. I want to model the growth of my channel, so I decided to use as data the number of subscribers that I obtained during 30 weeks. I made the graph (weeks vs subscribers) but I don´t know what function would be the best to model it. Is it exponential? There´s clearly a decline but there are some peaks and I don´t know if it is possible to create an exponential function that describes the graph perfectly. I´m sorry for all of these questions, math is one of my favorite subjects but definitely the hardest for me.
  7. Vicky Palami

    Correlation between video length and watch time

    That sounds like a great idea, thanks. I can use one video that has 500 views and then other that has 2,000. I made a graph for one of the videos. On the y-axis I put the number of views and on the x-axis I put the date. I used 25 days. Do you think that´s enough data? I could use more than 50 days. (I attached an image so you could get an idea of how the graph looks). I could then do the same for another video and then start to model both curves. But what would I do with the equations? Predict future views? Or just compare the differences between them and then just try to explain what other factors affect the amount of views per video? There are a lot of variables that are not related with maths so I don´t know how much I should focus on that haha. as always, thanks for the help.
  8. Vicky Palami

    Correlation between video length and watch time

    Thanks for your reply. my main problem is that I only have 8 videos, so doing something like views vs video lenght would feel really incomplete in my opinion. I already made a graph for that, and also for views vs time, and video length vs average watch time. For the one using time, I calculated how old the videos were (in weeks), so I used those results, but Youtube lets you see how many views a video has per day and given that I´ve uploaded videos since January, I could gather lots of data that way. I could see if videos get more views or less views as time goes by, or if there´s one day of the week when my videos get more views. And then I could add the probability part. I´m still not sure of what´s the best idea. I don´t really want my work to be full of tables and graphs, because I want to add a lot of reflection and analysis. Thanks again for your help.
  9. hey everyone. I came up with an idea for my Math SL exploration but I would like to hear someone´s opinion on how to do it more complex. I have a youtube channel, so I thought that I could find if there is a correlation between video length and watch time by using data from my own videos. I believe that I can get a high mark on personal engagement because the results could really help me improve my channel. BUT, given that I take Math SL, I know that I have to do something MORE, so I have a few ideas, but I don´t know if they are good. So, youtube lets you see how many people watch your videos, and at what days and at what time. It tells you where the viewers are from, and their gender. It even tells you what are the main sources of traffic (clicking on a link in twitter or facebook, searching for the video in youtube, etc). So given all of this data, I feel that I could do something with it. I was thinking about probability. Maybe doing something like "what´s the probability of a woman watching my video in its full lenght at a sunday?", because my videos are targeted mostly at women and I upload on sundays. So I feel that these results could also help me and they would serve a purpose. What do you guys think about my idea??? Or do you have a different idea that could help me??
  10. Vicky Palami

    Math IA - modelling trajectory of a projectile (Assassin's Creed)

    thanks for your replies. I've been thinking a little more and I decided I would like to create the first equation (for the videogame) and then a second one (in the real world with my own data) taking air resistance into account to see how my own "leap of faith" would look like. I feel like that would help me in criteria A, for example.
  11. Hey everyone. So, for my math IA I'm planning to create a mathematical model to represent a leap of faith from Assassin's Creed (a jump from a really tall building), but I have a couple of questions I hope one of you could answer. Given that AC is a videogame, then I won't be able to use air resistance as a factor, so I'm scared that without it my work would be considered too simple. Because of that, I was thinking that I could create the equation and then find the probability of surviving the jump if I were to try it. Or maybe I could simply create the equation for the videogame first and then just use data from the real world and see how long it would take me to fall or the velocity I would be falling at.
  12. Vicky Palami

    Biology IA topic question

    Hey guys, so a few weeks ago I came up with the topic for my Biology SL IA: "the effect of salinity on the amount of oxygen produced by photosynthesis of elodea", but I don't know if it is an acceptable topic, given that one of the prescribed labs was about photosynthesis. In it, we didn't use salinity as a factor, only light and CO2, but I'm not sure if I should do something that is not related to photosynthesis at all, or if my topic is alright given that we didn't try that factor in the prescribed lab. Also, spanish is my first language so I'm writing my IA in spanish, but while looking for information in english I found two prezis from 5 or 6 years ago by IB students that made a very similar experiment, so I'm scared that the IB moderators will think that I plagiarized those people (the prezis only had the data and not the complete lab report so maybe I'm good to go but I would like to hear someone else's opinion). Thank you.
  13. Vicky Palami

    two independent variables?

    Thanks for replying. My experiment would consist on measuring the sweating rate of people after performing two different exercises. My idea was to use the different sports as the independent variable, but the problem is that I would only use 2 sports because given that I need to use the same people for each exercise, then it would be hard to find people that could do 5 different sports. My other independent variable was supposed to be the gender of each person, because I read that men tend to have a bigger sweating rate than women so I'd evaluate if that hypothesis is true. What do you recommend? or do you think that my experiment is too easy given that I'd have to focus on one independent variable and both of them only include 2 options...
  14. Vicky Palami

    two independent variables?

    hey again guys, I have one quick question that I hope someone can answer. Do you think it´d be fine if I used two independent variables for my Bio IA? I´m scared that my experiment would be considered too easy so I thought that maybe using two independent variables would make it better. The problem is, there won´t be a relation between the two independent variables so I´m not sure if I´m gonna be having troubles when writing my report.
  15. Vicky Palami

    Bio IA topic good enough?

    Hello! I´ve been thinking about my Bio IA and I had an idea but now I have to change it. I´ve come up with something but to be honest I´m not sure if my topic is good enough for Bio SL, so I´d appreciate if any of you could give me your opinion. My topic: I would measure the sweat rate per hour of 3 men and 3 women practicing 3 different sports. Some studies have showed that men tend to have a bigger sweat rate than women so my experiment would try to support that hypothesis. I feel like the experiment is too easy, and apart from doing some calculations to get the sweat rate and plotting my results I don´t think I´m doing a really deep analysis. Maybe I can change it up a little bit, but I would like to know if any of you have any ideas on how to make my topic a better choice for my Bio SL IA.

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