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  1. Hey guys! In terms of revising for the English Comparative Essay, how crucial is it for us to also consider the use of props, sound + lighting, space, etc when we're analysing the play? So far in my notes, I've considered mostly themes, characterisation, motifs and the context and I'm not sure if it is necessary to also include the elements of a staged production as well. Thanks!
  2. WHOOPS SORRY YES I MEANT PART 4 (bad with numbers here) I guess that's the thing with having to analyse works :') I loved the Great Gatsby before having to deconstruct it in class - ruined it for me
  3. Ok thank you! Got it now I asked around my fellow IB classmates and Gatsby's our part 3 text so I can't use it for the comparative :/ oh well. Also you're so lucky you got to study Atonement!! I love it (hate Briony) Thanks heaps!!
  4. Hey thanks for the reply! We've only studied one HL text for the comparative essay (The Crucible) but we've also studied four SL texts (Freedom of the City, Gatsby, Streetcar and Master Harold). I'm not quite sure what you mean by Part 3 Texts and Contexts though? Thanks for the tips though! Really helpful
  5. Hey guys! For the paper 2 comparative (HL student here), is it better to study two or three texts in preparation for the exam? I'm thinking of Great Gatsby vs A Streetcar Named Desire but I don't know if I should also study Master Harold and the Boys IN CASE it would be better suited to the paper 2 questions on the exam. Also, I really struggle with the Paper 2 as I've been consistently getting low 5s with the practice papers. I think it's because I struggle to come up with ideas relevant to the given questions while timed conditions so if you have any tips it would really helpful! Also as an HL student, are be in any way expected to use our HL text (the Crucible) in the exam? Thank you
  6. J O Y


    THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! And @Magician I'm honestly about to cry because of how awesome the site is - sharing this with the 6 other IB physics kids in my class because we're all stressed :')
  7. J O Y

    History IA Help!

    Okay thank you!
  8. J O Y

    History IA Help!

    Hey guys So when my history teacher went through the draft of my history IA, in section C, he said to remove the paragraphs on the limitations of the sources. But according to the IB history guide, section C is marked on origin, value, purpose and limitation so I'm not too confident with my teacher's recommendation. Any thoughts? Also, is it safe to say that considering our own teachers mark our IAs (with only a few moderated), it would be better to just do what our teachers say regardless? Thank you!
  9. J O Y


    Hey guys!! So as it is July, my November exams are only a few months away. Currently, my worst subject is physics HL. I find it really difficult to grasp (and memorise) all the different concepts and I'm slightly stressed out at the moment as the only topics I'm kinda confident in are topics 2, 3 and 4. So my current plan is to go through the Oxford textbook and take summary notes of each topic. Then after taking the summary notes I plan on doing questions for that topic. I'm not sure how effective this method would be, and it would also be very time consuming. Also I heard that the May 2016 Physics paper was a horrific :') *crying* I'm just wondering if any other physics HL students have good tips on pretty much just learning everything and being able to fully understand every topic with depth. Thanks! Also if you guys have any tips for my other subjects feel free to chuck em in this thread
  10. Hi guys! I was wondering if for the TOK Presentation, we need to present the main knowledge question first followed by the two secondary knowledge questions, or if we're able to discuss the main knowledge question after the two secondary ones? The questions that my partner and I have formulated work out in a way that it would be better for the the main knowledge question to go last Thanks!!
  11. J O Y

    Batch of 2016 - Where are you?

    Well I'm in the November 2016 sesh and all I've done pretty much nothing that counts So far, just the body of my EE (so minus abstract bibliography etc), first draft of music IA and that's it :') crying
  12. J O Y


    Hey guys!! So I'm currently trying to formulate an appropriate IA (SL) question BUT I feel like my topic is too meh and my history teacher wants me to do something I have no interest in. I was thinking of focussing on the fall of communism in Eastern Europe in 1989, and examining mainly Gorbachev's role and how his attempt in trying to improve the situation in the Soviet Union contributed to the fall of communism and hence the cold war. So my question is: To what extent was the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, and hence the end of the Cold War, the unintended outcome of reforms introduced to the Soviet Union by President Mikhail Gorbachev? I don't know if this is too narrow/broad etc so feedback would be great! My history teacher wanted me to base my investigation on a historian's thesis (robert service) arguing that it wasn't just reagan and gorby who played major roles in the end of cold war but also the important people working behind the scenes. If I were to do this (cos I think he really REALLY wants me to do this given that he lent me his book), what sort of question could i create based on this? And if anyone has just happened to read this book, who are the 'people behind the scenes?' This book is literally big enough to knock out a beluga whale. Also just to clarify, is it not recommended that we formulate our question on the opinions of various historians eg. How do the interpretations of historian Robert Service vary with John Lewis Gaddis' regarding the end of the cold war? etc I'm just really confused at the moment because my history teacher told me look at the books of those historians and I don't see how that's relevant? Sorry for the long post but I feel myself ageing as I continuously put this IA off as well as my TOK presentation cos I dislike TOK very much. Thanks in advance!! Also does anyone know where i can find some level 7 history IAs online for some inspo haha??

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