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  1. @lovinpeople Thanks, I think I'm going to talk to my history teacher and biology teacher, list some ideas I think of (and they approve of), and work from there.
  2. I'm sorry, but you sound very bitter. You "hate the university now and hope its reputation is tarnished." Just because you didn't get in doesn't mean you should hate that university. This rejection should inspire you to work harder in your current college and try to transfer into a better college that you'd prefer. This isn't IB's fault either; many people have gotten their certificates and diplomas. I understand that you're upset you didn't get the certificate, but when you were applying to colleges last autumn, the colleges only saw that you were taking the courses and what grades you had so far in the classes. They couldn't know if you were going to receive the certificate yet. Just take some time to calm down and weigh all your options. Work hard and stay dedicated.
  3. So I chose to do an extended essay in English last year (junior year; it was more preparation stuff, I haven't officially started yet), but I don't really like English that much. I think it can be interesting and my WIT paper got me a 97 on the first draft so I know I CAN do it. It's just a matter of motivation for it. I had a great advisor for my EE, but she's moving to Turkey (or at least that's what she said) and I'll have to find a new advisor. Would it be better to just switch to something I find more interesting, like history or biology? I have a great history teacher, but she already has 4 students she's working with. The IB coordinator also teaches history and I like him too. I also like my biology teacher, but I know it can be a lot easier to research and write 4000 words on history than on biology.
  4. So I'm trying to find a IB May 2017 exam schedule to compare with the 2017 AP exam schedule so I'll know what exams I can take and when, and I've found this one. I've found this same schedule on multiple school websites, but is it the official one?
  5. tigryonak

    Crafty Things

    I've always wanted to try cross-stitching. Is it hard to start or do I just need the materials and patience?
  6. Sounds like you were in TZ1, especially since you're in the U.S.
  7. tigryonak

    Crafty Things

    So I've been crocheting on and off for a few years (I'm even using it as a CAS activity while I learn new techniques and become better, and I'm planning to make things like scarves for deployed soldiers in early fall). For my IOP in English, I created Gatsby characters using polymer clay and acrylic paint (in order to show how we imagine the characters vs how Fitzgerald characterizes them), and I'm just wondering if anyone else on here crochets, knits, or does any crafts in general.
  8. TZ1 Pretty easy overall, but I know I messed up that graph on question 6. -__- That's a whole 4 points just from that, but I'm just glad the rest of this exam was a lot easier lol
  9. TZ1 Paper 1 was pretty easy. I think I missed 3-5 points on the normal distribution one though. I never quite got normal distribution. I knew the mean, and I think I got the part that asked for the probability of something like 5000 to 6500 (can't remember the numbers), but I couldn't even answer the part that asked for 90% of whatever. Everything else was easy though. At minimum, I missed 3 points and at most, but I'm confident in all my other answers. Paper 2 on the other hand...
  10. I still haven't started a CAS project... Long story short, I have a few questions. First, I know it needs to be 2 or more people, but do I need to work with other IB students or can it be anyone so long as it's not individual? More importantly, I have no idea what to do. We have school organizations like FBLA and DECA, but we don't do CAS projects as an official thing in school (like how some of your schools create opportunities for you). I don't have a car, so it's very hard for me to get anywhere regularly, aside from getting to school by bus or walking to local places. I am in desperate need of some ideas, please!
  11. tigryonak


    I'm doing my math IA on the relationship between stress levels and students' grades in IB, and I'm collecting my data through a survey. I've done it with the students at my own school but I need more responses. If you can help me out, here's my survey: http://goo.gl/forms/9muTNrA8lG You don't need to give out your state/province or your school name, but it would be good information to have in my appendix and to show the extent of the survey so I encourage you to include your state/province but again it's not necessary. Thank you!
  12. I originally planned to do a chi-squared test for my IA, but I only have 80 survey responses and the expected frequencies are too low to do a reliable chi-squared test. What are some other further processes I can do and what are some examples of some simple processes?
  13. Yes, if you mess up everything else as well.The orals makes up around 25% of your grade, but if you do well on the rest of the stuff, you can make it through. Cheers, King112 And still no one answered my original question. I really have no idea what the assessments for French ab initio are. I just assume there's some writing here, a little talking there, some reading, etc.
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