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  1. Seriously I was so worried about you and I'm glad you finished it. You should be proud of yourself for doing such amount of work in just a short period of time.
  2. Thank you! This really helped me:)Goodluck to you too!
  3. Hey to whoever is reading this, So my chosen prescribed title is “Humans are pattern-seeking animals and we are adept at finding patterns whether they exist or not” (adapted from Michael Shermer). Discuss knowledge questions raised by this idea in two areas of knowledge. The problem is I don't know what this question is asking me to do. Do I have to come up with two KQs and for each of them talk about my two AOKs chosen? For example one of the KQ is “How do we make ethical decisions?” and with this KQ I link it to my two AOKs which are Ethics and History? And for my other KQ I talk about Shared and Personal Knowledge in pattern seeking for example and again talk about it linking it to Ethics and History? I really am confused please help. I would really appreciate your help.
  4. Hey, Can't you contact your supervisor who left and talk to him about it? I mean he is the one who approved your work so he must know and have a good reason to have approved your project. Kind regards, I.tothe.B
  5. This is not my IA question but something I want to discuss in my IA.Do you guys think McDonald's should try off-the-job training?At the moment they're doing on the job training but do you think off-the-job training would help the employees in any way?
  6. There's a lot of ways how you could apply BSU activity as your CAS.When writing your activity description you basically need to summarize your activity answering questions who,what,when.where and why.You could say what your aims are and how you're working towards it to achieve them,you could talk about your role in the activity and how your role is important,how you're interacting with others and etc.You can also link your activity to learning outcomes.For example, Initiative& Planning because you meet with your group to discuss and also are planning to organize MLK assembly,Collaborative skills since you're the Vice President of the group and are discussing and collaborating together and etc. I hope this helped!
  7. My research question is Can Starbucks be seen as an ethical company,when its drinks contain high calorie and sugar content? The topics I'm going to talk in my EE is Ethics and CSR.I'm going to discuss what's in the drinks,what are the health issues and etc for the Ethics part.For CSR part I don't really know what to write. I need more things to discuss and I need ideas what I can discuss with this RQ.Please,I would be really really happy if someone helped.
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm currently having trouble doing my EE on Business and Management.I have my research question already but I don't know what to discuss.My research question is : Can Starbucks be seen as an ethical company,when its drinks contain high calorie and sugar content?My topics that I'm using are Ethics and CSR but I don't know what to discuss with these.I would appreciate any kind of help.
  9. Here are some general tips: -Never miss the deadlines.If you feel like you need some more time,ask your art teacher for an extension.However,it depends on your teacher if they will give you an extension or not. -If you haven't finished your artwork in class don't resist to use the art studio in your free periods.Art teachers appreciate when you use your free times efficiently for your artwork and they will make sure you have space in the art studio to finish your work. -When doing an artwork make sure that there's an artist that you can link your artwork to.Let's say you're doing Baroque painting,you can link that artwork to Rembrandt since he is well known for his Baroque paintings. -Your workbook is very important.You will write your comparative study in this book.Also,your artwork process,explanations,writing,use of formal elements,link to the artist and etc. goes here.At the end of the year, your workbook and artworks is going to be graded upon the criteria. These are some tips I can think of right now.Also to answer your previous question if art will affect your classes.Not with making your artwork because you took private art lessons,but you may struggle a little with your workbook.However,I'm sure you can overcome that too since you said you're ready to work and learn a lot. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.I can help you with your workbook if you want.Also,you can ask your art teacher for help too.I'm pretty sure they will help you. Best wishes!
  10. Art is not hard as long as you finish your work on time.When you make artworks you need to consider the techniques and concepts used by artists .Your comparative study -which is basically your chosen two artists' artwork being compared- is 20% of your final grade.External Assesment -which is your artworks -is 40% of your final grade and exhibition is 40% of your final grade. It's not hard and there is not much difference between Art SL either.This is my second year in IB and I don't find this subject that hard.Plus on exam week you don't have art test or anything(since you have exhibition)so you get time to study on your other subjects for the exam. Good luck!
  11. Hey everyone! I'm doing my EE on Business and Management and I really need advise on my research question.I'm concentrating on Starbucks's ethical issues.So my research question is "Can Starbucks's be seen as an ethical company,when its drinks contain high calorie and sugar content?" Please give me advise how to improve it.
  12. 1.Seoul,South Korea(to go for a visit because I lived there for 4 years before) 2.New York,USA 3.Madrid,Spain
  13. I'm curious about Perth - why Perth? Despite living in the same country (albeit the opposite side of the country, so very very far away) I've never actually been there myself. I always thought that there was not very much interesting there, but I may be misinformed and biased! I feel ashamed that I haven't visited so many parts of Australia now... So did you get to go to Azerbaijan?I'm curious because that's where I'm from:)
  14. I think this is where you talk about your methodology (how you are going to carry out your research) and talk about what sources you are using and why and how they are going to help you answer your question (e.g. I know that this is a bad example, but say you're doing an EE on WWI and you have a source that talks about the origins of WWI. You can say that you're using this source to give your topic some historical context). What subject are you doing by the way? Just curious Thank you,I think I have a clear idea now what I am supposed to write:) I'm doing my EE on Business and Management.I heard some people say it's hard and lots of work,but everything is hard and lots of work anyways.
  15. Hey everyone, I have to submit my proposal form soon and I need help.There's this one part where it asks us "How do you propose to answer this research question? What experiments/field work will you do? Where will you get you research from? What case studies will you look at? Try and be as specific as possible." I really don't get this part.Can anyone please help me?
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