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  1. genius wannabe

    This or That!

    Kayak! Xylophone or saxophone?
  2. genius wannabe

    Interview the person below you

    Nine .. I think. Hard to keep track. What's your favourite kind of music?
  3. genius wannabe

    Guess something about the next poster

    forever alone haha yes (: NP feels a little lost without work to do in the summer
  4. genius wannabe

    Compare the IB to your country's 'own' educational system

    In Alberta, the difference between IB and the Regular courses vary depending on the subject. Biology HL is very similar to Bio 20/30, depending on what options your teacher chooses. If your teacher teaches the IB options that happen to match the regular program, the curriculum is 90% the same. Math SL seems to be mostly similar to Math 20/30/31, just the addition of two extraneous units. English is quite a bit different, both because of the addition of WL works (which regular classes will never, ever study) and the different style of work that is assessed. However, IB History is vastly superior to Social 20/30, mostly because the Social curriculum in Alberta is the absolute worse out of any course taught in the province, except maybe CALM. IB French is also much better than regular French because it assesses speaking and listening in addition to writing and reading, while 90% of the regular curriculum is composed of the latter half. I suppose IB is more difficult in that the expectations are higher, but shouldn't that be a given? And the most stressed students are the ones that procrastinated (which, I admit, is basically all of us.) Yeah, Math SL is pretty much the same with the Alberta curriculum. Bio and Physics HL is similar but Chemistry is kind of both ways. Some parts IB go in more detail(organic) and sometimes Alberta goes in more detail(equilibrium+acid base). History is kind of the same but alberta focus a little more on the ideologies. I think the expectations for writing in History differ greatly between IB and Alberta Ed .. like for the AB diploma the essay is far easier and you get far more time to do the same! We had to learn an entirely new style of writing to tackle IB style questions, and that took my class a lot of time to retrain ourselves :\ And for English, my teacher says Ab Ed has better testing etc, but I really don't care for English so I can't say much about that ... But I really like that IB has so much choice in all of the subjects' exams. You're not completely screwed if you don't know a certain topic, unlike AB Ed where you need to be really good at everything you've learned in the semester. That being said, the IB workload is more than the 'regular' curriculum, and you definitely need to work harder ...
  5. genius wannabe

    The Change One Letter Game

    Grape gape gap rap raw row crow cow caw cat scat seat heat beat beast yeast yeas year rear near sear smear swear sweat sweet sweep weep wep web wet
  6. genius wannabe

    IB Coordinators!

    Just out of curiosity, does your IB Coordinator teach classes as well? If they do, do you think the quality of their teaching and/or coordinating are hindered by this? I'm only asking because our IB Coordinator is the English teacher for IB1 and IB2, and it always feels like she has a lot on her plate and can't do any of these tasks properly, leaving us unprepared and terrified about exams. This year she also decided to teach ToK and it didn't quite work out because we had no clue what was going on, and I just wanted to know what the situation was like at other schools Thanks!
  7. genius wannabe

    History P1&2

    Paper 1 .. was an absolute disaster. Our teacher was so sure we wouldn't need to know that, so we didn't learn Washington London or Geneva conferences. At the end when we were looking at the syllabus, a few of us tried to learn it on our own but it made no sense at all. So we essentially learned what the London Naval Conference was from the sources, haha (: Either way I feel like I should at least be set for a 5 because I knew what I was talking about in Papers 2 and 3. We'll see!
  8. I don't think it's necessary for Canadian universities, afaik. Sometimes you may get credits and such, but I haven't seen it being an admissions requirement, but that may just be because I'm at a Canadian high school. In terms of IB vs University, a lot of my teachers have told me that while HL courses cover a substantial amount of 1st and sometimes 2nd year courses, you've still not learned everything. And really what that means is if you take Math Physics and Chem at HL, you'll be at an advantage in university, perhaps, but how well do you think you'll do now? I don't think it's wise to burden yourself and hinder your chances at getting into university in the first place, forget actually succeeding in university. I took Math and Physics at SL and I've been accepted into the U of Waterloo for Engineering. That could be because I've got Canadian equivalent courses as well, though, but not taking these at HL hasn't hurt my chances
  9. genius wannabe

    English A1 HL P1

    I did this one as well and compared to the ones we practiced with in class there were almost no literary terms. I focussed on character development, Banville's technique and imagery, etc. I am not prose analyzer, so hey what kind of imagery did you use? Well, mainly I just stuck to what I called "intense imagery" or maybe it was violence imagery. This was mainly for the part when the father grabbed his wife and then the son in the water. Banville's word choice like "grasped", etc. Also with the violence in the father, there was repetition, and similes regarding that. What did you talk about? I did talk the same as you did, but I also analyze some settings to show how it affects to the characterization overall Yeah, I talked about the setting as well, so sounds like we did mainly the same thing. Did anyone else here write this paper??? If so, what did you discuss? Oh wow I feel like I missed a lot, excuse me while I cry in the corner I talked about shame and the whole foreshadowing of how he was able to see 'through his parents' and how this foreshadowed his later thoughts. Mostly because he spends a lot of the time describing his parents as extremely embarrassing and the sort of condescension towards them shows his evolution as a character (the "I can not speak as I did then" or whatever part). Sigh at least I caught that the dad left. Usually I do poetry, but the Susquehanna poem just confused me, especially the egg part it just threw me off. I hope I did decently on this exam, I think I'm going to fail Paper 2 =(
  10. genius wannabe

    The Change One Letter Game

    pot Spot spat splat Split Slit slot Sleet Sweet Skeet sheet shoot shout shot Sh.it Ship skip slip slim slime slide slice slick lick luck lurk lure pure cure core chore who.re where here there these those whose whole hole home hope cope dope dote date fate fat fact tact pact pace face mace lace ace grace grade trade tirade tirades trades traded trader grader graded grades irades irade rade fade fate hate hater later latter matter mutter butter better letter wetter setter seter meter meters maters raters ratters batters bathers lathers
  11. genius wannabe

    What are you procrastinating on?

    - EE draft due on Monday! - Chemistry design lab due on Monday! - Studying for my Organics quiz on Monday! - WL2 outline/draft for .. soon-ish - catching up on reading chapters for ToK! - uni applications - scholarship applications - studying for final exams in January And of course instead of actually working I logged in here .. hmm ...
  12. genius wannabe

    May 2010 Official Results Thread

    I only took Maths SL and Physics SL this year. Got a 5 on both. Much better than I had expected, considering I had no idea what I was doing most of the exams (: But it's a little disheartening because Physics boundaries are usually quite low and I dunno, I didn't think I did that bad. But ah well, I haven't failed! That's all that matters!
  13. genius wannabe

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    Aaah my scores just came out this morning and in comparison to most of the people who got higher scores and are complaining, I feel a little inadequate. Heh. But I don't know anyone else who took it up here, so I thought I'd share anyways 660CR 660M 670W (10 Essay) = 1990 ! I still have to take my SAT2, and I think there are only 2 dates left before college apps and stuff have to start going in. Should I redo the SAT, or just try my luck with these marks? It's not like going to the US is the be all end all for me, but I'm not sure ...
  14. genius wannabe

    This or That!

    always blue! Foo Fighters or Nirvana? (bands)
  15. genius wannabe

    IB + regular?

    In our school board, everyone that's taking IB also has to do the province-set exam as well. So I am going to graduate with an IB diploma (hopefully) as well as a provincial high school diploma. All the schools, I'm pretty sure, in this city have to do that. Its really infuriating because some topics in the subjects overlap and some don't so you have an overload of unnecessary info in your head for both exams, lol. But at least this way if I fail IB or do poorly, my provincial marks can still get me into a good uni

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