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  1. Moony_PirateKing

    Writing outside of the box in the exam(?)

    My teachers say that examiners will see the answers outside the box but they won't count them
  2. Moony_PirateKing

    IB History SL - May 2017

    maybe our teacher didn't know the curriculum changed? We did peacekeeping in grade 11 and never touched paper 1 afterwards.
  3. Moony_PirateKing

    IB History SL - May 2017

    paper 1 had mongols, muslim, 1941 worsening japanese relations (the one I did), civil rights, and something about serbia I think? In class we just did peacekeeping in the 1930's, WW1, Imperialism before WW1, and authoritarian states. The closest to what we studied was the 1941 one, but in class we mostly did 1918-1939, then 1945 (Start of US-USSR conflict onward)
  4. Moony_PirateKing

    Sl Chemistry Exam- thoughts?

    Nope. As revumol7 said, we also had to self study it. Our teacher photocopied a bunch of booklets but never taught us any of it. So I wasn't very certain about my understanding of the option and when I saw the actual paper 3 test I realized that a bunch of the stuff on there were not even mentioned in the photocopied booklets.
  5. Moony_PirateKing

    Sl Chemistry Exam- thoughts?

    I ended up skipping a lot of questions in paper 2 and paper 3 was terrible because I couldn't figure out the biochem questions and had to do a topic we never learned in chemistry, so I know I did a lot of stuff wrong in that one. Paper 1 was ok.
  6. Moony_PirateKing

    Math SL 2017 Paper 1-2 Discussion

    I think I made a ton of dumb mistakes with anything calculus related. I couldn't even remember what a gradient was because I was so nervous. The last question on paper 2 was a bummer though. Couldn't figure it out at all. Overall, I think paper 1 was a bunch of forgetting how to do stuff we've learned while paper 2, especially the last 3 questions, was a complete loss, as in not knowing how to even start them.
  7. Moony_PirateKing

    IB History SL - May 2017

    So we noticed that the last question for paper 1 is out of 9 now. Does that mean that we need 4 additional knowledge points? What happened with our exam is that our history class did not touch on any of the paper 1 topics, so there was very little personal knowledge that could be added on there...
  8. Moony_PirateKing

    Do they grade if you write outside the boxes on the exam?

    I was told by all my teachers that the examiners will see what's outside the boxes but they will not mark it. I hope it won't affect you too much!
  9. Moony_PirateKing

    Failed IA Mark affect overall?

    So I ended up getting a really bad mark on my chemistry design lab that brought my mark down by almost 20% (from an 84 to a 65). However, I feel like I didn't do as bad as my teacher graded it. I got a 7/24, but I had done the graphs and the research properly. I have all the components asked in the rubric. The question is, would my IA mark affect my overall IB mark? If so, can I have my lab being regraded by another teacher?
  10. Moony_PirateKing

    Rhyming Game

    It is coming my way.
  11. Moony_PirateKing

    History EE essay topic help

    Hello I am having trouble with my extended essay. I was thinking of either doing it on the effects of the prohibition on American crimes, or on the extent the Treaty of Nanjing afftected the decline in Chinese imperial power. However I am not sure which one to choose. I think that the prohibition one might be too vague and cannot amass as much arguments as the Treaty of Nanjing topic, but I cannot find a lot of primary sources for the Treaty of Nanjing. I've heard that an EE essay on history needs a lot of primary sources but so far I've only found the original treaty and that was it for the treaty of Nanjing. So I'm wondering which topic would be better for the EE essay: one that might not have as much relevant arguments, but has a lot of pictures and documents or one that does not have a lot of primary sources but might have more to talk about than the obvious: the prohibition increased crime rates in America. Any advice on this?
  12. Moony_PirateKing

    Unfair teachers?

    I wouldn't call it unfair but all my IB teachers make fun of each other and my physics teacher always says, "but you have no social life" and gives us 30 questions for homework. My chemistry teacher says "what else would you do on the weekends?" My English teacher seems to think that it only takes an hour to retread and annotate an entire Shakespeare play...
  13. Moony_PirateKing

    Music and Studying

    It depends on the person but I never listen to music when I'm planning to do some serious writing or studying. It distracts me greatly and I find it difficult to not start writing out the lyrics of a song. I think that instrumental should be fine though.
  14. Moony_PirateKing

    The Last Thing You Copied Game!

    ah that was a continue the story thing
  15. Moony_PirateKing

    The Last Thing You Copied Game!

    It was a cold winters night when I brought my brother to a shed in Central, Hong Kong. I was drunk and had a GIANT bruise on my back because of a violent scramble with a polar bear. Experiences had taught me not to play fair, especially when a man with a polar bear is chasing you through pedophiles. I couldn't find my keys and it was starting to spontaneously snow. My brother suddenly realized there was someone watching us from the lighthouse, waiting lustfully for some action. I spied him searching for his gun, destroying everything inside the pant's pockets. Fear killed my brother and octane almost began pouring into our mouths since hydrogen bombs were reacting with corpses, causing exothermic decomposition. In ten years, doomsday was going to be a terrible plague woman with cookies and sperm whales' noses covered disgustingly in endometrium sandwiches. Pringles were my secret favourite weapon. The man exploded when I oxidized a metal Pringle and my dead uncle exploded into Master Chief yelling "I made green tea spontaneously evolve by adding hydrogen bubbles". It soon evolved into sixty creepy centipedes that could devour anything. Suddenly a chimpanzee exploded. Then Austin Glau came in and said

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