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  1. ** just for paper 1 and 2, we can't talk about 3 yet What did you guys thing about the exams this session for sl chem? I'm so worried, I'm fairly sure I didn't do very well. I'm TZ1, and I thought paper 1 was pretty difficult, and I ended up skipping a lot of questions in paper 2. Opinions from my classmates were pretty varied, some saying it was hard and some easy. What do guys think? Did you find it harder than the May 2016 exam? I'm so sure I made so so many dumb mistakes. I'm literally kicking myself. I feel so bad :(( After a full year of studying and working hard, I can't believe I'm going to fail At this point, my only hope is that my IA mark will somehow bring me up
  2. I could not figure out the tides question. My brain just hit a mental block when I saw 21:00 in the question. This paper made me realize I cannot read time under pressure haha rip For number 7 they gave us the velocity function right? I remember thinking that I have to integrate it to get displacement and then do all the work but that seemed like way too much work for 6 marks, so I think I ended up writing some random stuff.. Looking back I now realize I'm way more worried about my Paper 2 marks than Paper 1. What a mess sigh.
  3. It seems like most people on the form are TZ2! I'm from TZ1 and Paper 1 was crazy hard in my opinion. Many of my classmates agree and said that it was completely different from any past paper. At this point, I'm hoping the curve will save me Anybody else from TZ1 feel the same way? Paper 2 was not too bad, pretty normal compared to past papers. Weirdly enough, I feel like I did poorer in paper 2 than paper 1.... Probability messed me up
  4. Hi all, I just completed the first draft of my math ia, only to find out there is a sample online with almost the exact same topic. Scratch that, it's exactly the same topic! The exploration centred around integration, and I used different methods, but they are still worryingly similar. I am absolutely devastated. I spent hours coming up with a specific topic that was personally engaging and now I find out there is another identical in aim and topic. I'm worrying like crazy . I don't know what to do. The topic is super specific, so I'm really worried that I'll be accused of plagiarism... what do you guys recommend? Will this be an issue when it gets marked? I really really don't want to change my topic, but if I have to... I'm literally kicking myself right now this is so frustrating I don't even know how this could happen.
  5. Looks good to me. The most important thing is see what specific courses universities want. Sometimes they can be quite strict with pre-requisites and credits. If engineering is your ultimate goal, you should really check what the requirements are. You can find them on the websites Different unis have different specifications, so try to check out a couple.
  6. Play Crack the Sky in my pants. Haha some of these are great!
  7. I wouldn't risk it. In my school, erasable pens are forbidden because they could fade during the scanning/photocopying process. Erasing or using white-out is generally a waste of time, in my opinion. Just cross mistakes out- time is precious and points won't be deducted anyways.
  8. I love buying school suplies!!!! Staples is basically my drug store haha. The school supplies for IB are probably going to be the same you would buy for non-IB courses, so don't worry about not getting the right things. I recommend buying a bunch of really excellent high quality pens. You are going to need to use pen for most of your exams, so it's best to get into the habit throughout the year. Get organized early! Organization will be everything for the next two years!! Come up with a logical system for note taking. Will you be using a laptop or pen and paper? If it's the former then be sure to have specific folders and templates for all your subjects. If it's the latter then be sure to buy some very sturdy notebooks/binders. Once you have a system, it'll be easier to see what supplies you'll need. Here are some of the basics: Pens, pencils (I like mechanical pencils, mostly because the sharpener doesn't fit in my pencil case haha), whiteout (I love the whiteout pens from Bic), those circular stickers correctors, high quality erasers, a USB stick (ALWAYS have a backup!!!!!! I've heard really horrific stories about students losing their entire EE because they only had one copy on a usb), and a short ruler that can fit in your pencil case. Your most important asset will be organization, so be organized and use a planner! I am not sure if there are any specific art supplies for VA- ask your teacher when school begins. I would think that the art department would have most things anyways. For SL Math, my school had its own Graphing Calculators that the students could use at any time. It depends on the school really, you may not need one at all. If you do end up needing to purchase one, buy one used on Kijiji or Amazon or something- those things are crazy expensive and will probably end up in the back of your closet for the rest of your life gathering dust anyways. The amount of school supplies themselves doesn't matter all that much, just buy what you need for your system. Sorry if I went a little overboard haha, I just really love school supplies <333 Good luck and have fun!!
  9. orangetardish


    Your price range of <$800 seems reasonable to me, if a little high. For high school, all you really need is an entry-level laptop with basic features and a long battery life. My dad has the Acer Aspire R 14 for his business, and I would strongly recommend it to any high school student. It is honestly so light and durable, and has a really elegant feel to it if you ask me haha. Also, it is so cheap- $369 on Amazon!!!! That's just one option- out of many. Don't feel that you have to splurge to get a good laptop, especially at this stage. I personally don't even own a laptop, much less bring one everyday to school. Taking notes by hand is way more effective anyways. Check out Acer and Chromebook options, there are plenty of hidden gems out there.
  10. Normal and happy for sure Which half of a public bathroom stall would you rather have be transparent: the top half or the bottom half?
  11. Ahh thanks! Seems like they just wanted to make the criteria broader.. IBsurvival should probably be updated then haha.
  12. Do you have something your proud of that you want to share? Well then this is the perfect thread for you! Haha I've seen this on other forums and thought it would be interesting to see it on a platform with so many IB kids. What are you proud of? Don't be humble! Here I'll start: I have finished every single year on the Lego Harry Potter DS game. I have all the characters, all the golden hats, cards, accomplishments, everything. It took forever, but I'm super proud of it, which is honestly, so so sad. Don't judge me
  13. My guidance counselor recently told us that the A in CAS now stands for Activity. Has anybody else heard of this?? I confirmed on the IBO website, and it's is now listed as Creativity, Activity, Service. How is this different than action and why was it changed? Will my action hours still count for activity? My guidance counselor is not being very forward at all on this, so any help would be appreciated
  14. Answered! Good luck with your PP, it'll be a blast. Just choose a topic you're interesed in and don't procrastinate like me lol
  15. If its something your genuinely interested in, then go for it. This is a great time to explore your interests and see which areas you excel in before the DP years, when subject choices are pretty important/permanent.
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