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  1. Currently, my school only offers Arabic. In the past it did teach Indonesian as well. My school is stupid in the fact that it has teachers qualified to teach German, Kurdish, Spanish, etc but decides against the teaching of these perhaps easier languages. The reason is that most of the school consists of Arabs. However, most children of Arab immigrants only know (broken) slang arabic, which is completely different from standard Arabic depending on your origin in MENA. A lot of students have complained they they would prefer it if they could learn these other languages because it would be easier for them, but the school persists in not giving in to their complaints..... LOL, i laughed at those guys so much. I know Syrian arabic which is one of the closest slangs to standard, hahahahahaha lol lmao. They switched to hsc :)))))))))
  2. lol, couple days have more than passed. i really want to see the explanation lol, probs cause i was the last comment.
  3. omg lolllllllllllllllllllllllll. please tell us the teacher's reaction!
  4. maths

    Here is the google form:
  5. maths

    Thank you so much and best of luck with your exams next month!!!
  6. maths

    hello, i was thinking of doing that as well, but i don't how to put up the questions that are in relation to the pictures. If you have the time, i'd love to hear from you, and possible receive help in the creation of this form.
  7. Hello guys, please complete the questionnaire and post the results. If you have a better way for me to do this, please don't mind telling me. Thank you very much!!! Maths golden ration questionairre.docx
  8. Please don't call the USA a regime.A regime is according to online dictionary " a government, especially an authoritarian one." Authoritarian means " favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom." America does not suffer from a regime, and you're calling it a regime, at least in my view, brings insult(?) to the people living under ACTUAL regimes.
  9. that may be true in the western world, but definitely not in Africa, Asia, etc. Even Europe has seen a surge in the number of protests, usually to do with the subject of immigration. So, no tbh, i don't agree with you that protest has gone blunt. After all, especially in our modern world, with availability of the internet, a single strike no matter how large can reach the whole world and reflects to other countries on the perception of the target country's populace on recent policies. Although they definitely not as effective as they used to be, i believe because of the degree of the strike. Once a big European country (not big in size, but in its popularity, or a word like that?) has a major protest where there are significant clashes with police, and people perhaps go on strike, definitely the world will react. But for now, countries not associated with the West will in all honesty and let's not deny it here, have their protests, no matter the severity or the size of the protest, ignored completely, or if not ignored, people will know very little about it.
  10. lmao i cant remember how much anime ive watched, but ive definetly read a lot more manga. just to give you a scope, ive watched one piece, bleach, naruto + shippuden, fairy tail, DB+Z+GT, Hunter X Hunter, then there all the ones with a lot less eps, like Berserk, shokugeki, death note, kenichi, attack on titan, kabaneri, DXD, parasyte and i can seriously go on for days lol. however, to be truthful, ive dropped all anime in favour of reading manga thesse past 2 years, and even then i only keep myself up to date with One Piece, shokugeki no soma, prison school, and Tokyo Ghoul: re. lol its not a lot, but hopefully my dropping anime will pay me back in the end lol. but ive barely managed to let go of kdrama to be honest. btw, thumbs up to whoever has read berserk, and has remained sane!
  11. lol im syrian, and look at what a couple of innocent strikes turned to in my country. All though to be fair, governments in the middle-east have been despicable for decades, and enough evidence can be seen by the outreach of the Arab Spring. All cases of the arab spring, besides Tunisia has resulted in a civil war of sorts, with the most obvious and bloody case being Syria. However, in your case, where most Americans are not suffering from poverty, and every country has their eyes set on the USA, nothing as bad as those can happen. Trump, however, will perhaps ignore you the best he can. i mean, doesn't look like he cared about the "Muslim Ban"(im muslim, and i agree it wasn't a muslim ban, but a ban of sorts on muslims from those countries. lol. btw i cant enter america anymore )
  12. good that you dont have anything to add after my saying i dont want to add anymore, and yet have left me osmething so tasty. only your first quote, by e.p sanders sounded partially affirming for the resurrection. the other two basically say that the followers of jesus suupposedly had visions of jesus, but it doesn't really confirm the resurrection. but that the first quote ill admit threw me off a bit. until i found the whole thing... New Testament scholar and theologian E. P. Sanders argues that a concerted plot to foster belief in the Resurrection would probably have resulted in a more consistent story, and that some of those who were involved in the events gave their lives for their belief. Sanders offers his own hypothesis, saying "there seems to have been a competition: 'I saw him,' 'so did I,' 'the women saw him first,' 'no, I did; they didn't see him at all,' and so on."[14] In defending the historicity of the resurrection, Sanders goes so far as to state, "That Jesus’ followers (and later Paul) had resurrection experiences is, in my judgment, a fact. What the reality was that gave rise to the experiences I do not know."[15] g... the fact that this guy is still agnostic despite being a "new testament scholar" also doesn't sound good. It basically means that he's an expert in Christianity, a lot more so than your daily christian, and has still decided that Christianity was a religion worth believing in. gg. i swear im not returning to this topic after this anymore, no matter how many tasty morsels you offer me.
  13. look im doing this as a one-off off my pledge. firstly if friday is day 0, then it touched 2 days, not 3 days. Ive counted the days for you, and you still seem not to understand. this part of your argument is driving me crazy. letme make it clear for you. if you died on friday at say 5:am, on saturday at 5:00 am, you will be considered to have died for one day. enough with that. You do know that Jesus prayed, ate ate, and had all the other functions a normal human has. when critics of the bible ask why Jesus prayed, and said that "power is in the lord, my father, and not with me", bible scholars say the part human in him had to do that. Humans will have a resurrection one day according to the bible, and fter that, you can't touch them. If jesus is part man, that means he is susceptibe to this resurrection, yet if he was indeed resurrected, why hide from the romans and jews. do you not understand what a contradiction means. Lastly, it wasn't that Mary Magdalene came to the tomb that i was caring about. It's what she said when she came to the tomb. cbf finding it in the bible. watch the link below from 1:01:15 also, i say that she was the last one to the end, considering all the other disciples were too bothered to find out for themselves whether Jesus died or not, and instead, relied on the words of the romans and jews around them. capische. seriously, im not responding anymore. all you're doing is making up excuses.
  14. lol this part just made me cringe. friday is day 0, siphr inarabic, cero in spanish, nul in dutch. if it started on friday, that means friday is day 0. saturday would be day 1, and sunday would be day 2. wth i even counted them for you previously. cringe was real in this reply. it pretty much set the tone for the rest of your argument: lacking and in a desperate attempt, you called my argument weak. all i derived from your reply is that you seriously haven't read the bible. Lastly on the topic of Jesus, if someone makes a direct statement, there really shouldn't be any metaphors. look at the context. when those jews asked him he called them the sons of an adulterous generation (he basically called their mums *****s) and heap a whole load of insults on them before he specifically said he was gonna "in the belly of the earth for threedays and three nights just as Jonah was in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights." the only literary technique one canfind in there is the comparison of events. there are no metaphors. Just because said person usually speaks in metaphors, doesn't mean said person will speak in metaphors all the time. Sure Jesus wasn't 'just a man' to paul BUT when critics of the bible ask why Jesus ate and prayed and stated that the power resided with the father and nt with him, bible sholars state that Jesus was still part man and it was the man part of him that needed to complete this. you can't abandon an argument in one instance to defend from another attack. your admitting that jesus was not man at all (please don't deny it, you just stated that Jesus wasn't just a man.' to why that bible verse doesn't apply to him) leaves you open to attacks on the caims i mentioned earlier. The whole point of bringing up mary magdalene was to show that he wasn't dead, and that the only disciple that in your NT stayed with him to the end, knew that he was still alive. your bible is contradictory among other things, which i will not say, and seriously, get off this topic. you started this, and i ended it it. don't try and bring it up again. it's as i mentioned before sickening, as well as completely distracting. however i rest assure in my knoweledge of the bible to not wait over 4 days to reply, so thats a small relief. you know what. your religion is yours. my religion is mine. keep your belief intact or not, i dont really care. if im gonna waste my time, i'd rather it be on something of actual value, where my knoweledge of the subject is at least equal to those around me, and where there is no way i can possibly insult someone's religion because as i mentioned before, i don't really like debating religions. in the end, as i said before, you keep your religion to yourself, keep your belief intact. i dont really care if you bring a christian perspective on whatever topic is to be spoken on next, just stop with this endless rambling. weve seriously been debating this thing for like a page and a bit!! all love and no offence meant as long as you don't bring it up again, Talalrulez