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  1. I'm realllllly struggling with my chemistry IA. My experiment was too easy and I'm not finding anything to write about. Anyway, if i get a 3 on this IA and get a 7 on all 3 papers, can I still get a 7 overall in Chemistry SL?? I think the worst I could get on this IA is a 3 but I might be able to do better.
  2. Could someone please explain how I can use a database for my Chemistry IA? I just don't understand how I can use a database that is already focused on investigating something and then use it to investigate something else???? I might just be wrong about how I'm actually supposed to use a database. An example would help me understand (doesn't have to be chemistry). My chemistry teacher hasn't really explained how to do our IA and I'm running out of time.
  3. I start grade 11 in September and I'm going into Math HL . I'm really good at math but I still want to prepare myself for this course. I can't seem to find any syllabus on the IB website and I'm not sure other syllabus i find on random websites will be updated or accurate. Anyone know where I could find an accurate syllabus or maybe pdf versions of books? Also, any other tips for preparing for math HL? And anyone recommend a graphic calculator? edit: literally minutes after posting this i found the syllabus http://highered.colorado.gov/academics/admissions/PLA docs/Mathematics (GT-MA1)/IB – Mathematics HL Curriculum Guide.pdf But I don't know which books to use to start prepping myself!
  4. Im currently in pre ib grade 10 and planning to go into Math HL next year and there's a math competition that I'm doing tomorrow. I was looking at past contests and doing them for practice, but i find them kinda hard which makes me rethink my decision to do math HL. So for the people that are in Math HL, please take a look at the questions and tell me whether you find them easy or not. http://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/contests/past_contests/2015/2015CayleyContest.pdf Ones at the beginning are easy but take a look at the last few. Will I be able to get better at the kind of questions in math HL? I'm in the IB prep math class and I'm not struggling at all and i have a 95 average.
  5. My current pre-ib english teacher teaches english HL and she's always stressing us out about how hard english HL is and how much studying you need to do. Do you know anything about needing an english/writing course in university for degrees is science? I have a new post up about it, if you'd like to reply there. Plus, how many hours do you dedicate to math every week?
  6. I'm choosing my IB courses today and you either take Math HL or English HL so the combinations are Math HL & English SL, Math SL & English HL, Math Studies SL & English HL. I was going to choose Math HL & English since I really don't like english and I'm stronger in math. Then my friend told me that in university you needed like a writing course in english or something like that and that English HL would count as a credit for that and I wouldn't have to take a writing course in university. I live in Canada and will most likely go to university here. I'm still not sure what I'll be taking in university but it will probably be something in science. My friend asked the IB coordinator and she said you do need a writing course in uni. But I went to a couple universities' websites and looked at Bachelor of Science requirements and an english/writing course wasn't required. I really HATE english and if it is a required course in uni then I'll switch to English HL so I wouldn't have to take it in university. So do you really need a writing course/english to get a degree in university?
  7. Why was chemistry your least favourite? Despite the common curriculum, classes strongly depend on their size and teacher. My most enjoyble class was probably ToK, which is not really a subject. My teacher barely used the Oxford course companion but had a lot of outside readings on the WoKs, AoKs and some philosophers. What is AoK and WoK? How did the ToK class schedule work for you, I mean did it have it's own block in the day or was it taken with english?
  8. Only options are French B and English Literature. In order to get a bilingual IB diploma, French should be taken at HL along with another french course, which is History SL. My native language is arabic but I am fluent in french more than english. Like kw0573 mentioned, i do think it's a scheduling conflict. Anyhow, once I meet with IB coordinator, I'll make sure to ask about that.
  9. What were your favorite and least favorite IB subjects and why? Just wondering, maybe it would help me choose my IB courses.
  10. I'm not a native speaker either which is not to my advantage. I'm not sure what kind of English it is. The course name is just English HL/SL. I think i wasn't clear, my ultimate choice would be to take both english and math SL but I dont think i have that choice because one of those has to be HL. If thats the case, (where either math or english have to be HL), I'm not sure which one i would take which is what i was asking. I will ask whether its english literature or language & literature. Thanks for your help!!
  11. I'm currently in pre-ib and i choose my courses for IB next week. Choosing which math i want to do (HL or SL) determines what level English i will take. I love math and was planning on taking HL but I've been reading people's different perspectives on math HL and it ranges from being easy if you study to it's like hell. Now i'm torn on which level i should chose. I hate english and i'm horrible at it, everything about it. Reading, analyzing, poetry and everything else. I can never understand/analyze a book/poem without searching about it. And I was willing to take math HL just so I didn't have to take english HL. But the IB coordinator have told me that the only difference between english HL and SL is just a few more essays and books to read. Is that true? I know my IB coordinator will say anything just to get you into IB so she's not a reliable source. People have advised me to take Math HL since i hate english so much. But if math HL is gonna be horrible and really hard than maybe i will take english HL. Like so far, I'm really good at math but i know that could change in math HL. If i had the choice i would take Math, English, History in SL and Bio, Chem, French in HL. But I'm not sure if it's possible to take both english and math at SL. So how different is english HL from SL? I mean HL is a year longer so there must more things than a couple more books and essays. Also, if you took english SL or HL, please tell me how it went for you and what you liked/didn't like about it! Also, I have no idea what I want to be when I'm older nor what i will take in university :/
  12. Next week i get to pick my IB courses, I'm torn between Math and English. When choosing your courses, you chose which one you want to take HL between Math and English, Biology and Chemistry, French and History (in french). Since I'm in french immersion, i have to take French HL and History SL. Currently im in the grade 10 IB prep and my math mark varies from 94-96%. I love math and I was convinced that I was gonna take Math HL but I've heard and read about the exams, how they're extremely hard and they don't prepare you for the exam questions like in SL and they're worth around 80% of your mark. I'm not very good at english. I struggle with completing a book, I don't enjoy reading at all. Right now in my english course, I have to read a 500 pages book by Feb 22nd and I'm already struggling. People and teachers have told me that English HL is mostly reading a bunch of books and essays. Therefore, I will definitely struggle with it, SL or HL. I currently don't have a mark in english since it's just the beginning of the second semester, but we've been analyzing poetry and I'm already having a hard time doing it. I really want to take Chem HL, but I can't if there isn't Bio SL. This year, my school didn't offer Bio SL, so if they don't offer it next year, I'm stuck with taking Bio HL and Chem SL. In my science class last semester, I enjoyed chemistry a lot more than Bio, but then in bio we only learned about ecology which i found really not interesting. But all my marks were above 90%. So my questions are: 1. Is Biology HL REALLY hard?And do you do any dissecting? 2. When i understand something in math, it becomes really easy. Is it like that in math HL? 3. What are math IAs? Hard to do in HL? 4. Any tips for choosing my courses?
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