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  1. IBdoingnothing

    Chemistry last min doubts

    oh okay. All the best Yes, but was just wondering how specific the IB is hehe
  2. IBdoingnothing

    Chemistry last min doubts

    Guys, does it matter if I answer CH3CH2OCH3 instead of CH3OCH2CH3?
  3. IBdoingnothing

    Math HL Paper 1 and 2

    Got it, thanks @kw0573 Its from nov 2014 p1 @iblearner All the best everyone!
  4. IBdoingnothing

    Math HL Paper 1 and 2

    hey guys, can any of you solve this for me? thanks @kw0573 @Vioh
  5. IBdoingnothing

    Option B: Engineering Physics

    Do any of you have the answers for the option B cambridge university book?
  6. IBdoingnothing

    Physics doubts!!

    Ah I see, for 19 they asked MAX power so its P = VI If they asked average, then its VI/2 For 25, I'm very confused For 37, I answered B as well, but its actually D For 17, so if two EMFs/voltages are in parallel, we can just add them up along with their internal resistance to make one new unit? I thought this only works if they are in series, only then we can add them up to make one new voltage/EMF @kevG Hahahaha, you nearly got all of them right!
  7. IBdoingnothing

    Physics doubts!!

    If you guys dont mind, could you help me solve these as well? hehe @Vioh @kw0573 @ibstudent321
  8. IBdoingnothing

    Physics doubts!!

    Guys, for that question I have a feeling the markscheme might be correct. As the question mentioned that it is the "Power is calculated" which means that the uncertainty of power is the one that has been processed. On the other hand, for example, in this question, the volume was the measured variable, and radius was the processed one. Here, after making the radius the subject and add the uncertainty % we get the answer, which is 8% in the markscheme. I'm not so sure if this logic is right, what do you guys think? @Vioh @ibstudent321
  9. IBdoingnothing

    Physics doubts!!

    thanks so much guys! @Vioh @kevG
  10. IBdoingnothing

    Physics doubts!!

    Hey guys, I can't solve these correctly. Need explanations, thanks!
  11. IBdoingnothing

    Physics doubt

    hey guys, I've got a doubt regarding dissisipation of power. How do we know when to use P = I^2 R P = V^2 / R P = VI Is there some rule I'm not aware of? For some reason, P = I^2 R is used for power lost, and P = VI is used for total power. Hope to hear form u guys soon!
  12. IBdoingnothing

    Australia or USA? (engineering)

    Hey guys, is there a huge difference in the education and future opportunities for employment in the engineering field between these two countries? If I go to the USA, then I'd have to go to a community college in the first two years first/
  13. IBdoingnothing

    tricky MCQs help

    Yes, I get it now. The equations you stated really helped. Thanks!
  14. IBdoingnothing

    tricky MCQs help

    wow thanks so much. For the electron question, I did exactly the same method and I wasn't sure whether it didn't get deflected at all or it got deflected slightly upwards. My logic was that an alpha particle would get deflected upwards as it had a +2 charge. This is because this same electric field managed to cancel out the force on the magnetic field for an electron particle, so won't it slightly deflect an alpha particle upwards due to a heavier charge?
  15. IBdoingnothing

    tricky MCQs help

    hahaha i get it, its because in the question it said "vertical plane"

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