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  1. In my opinion, I think that the female sex has it somewhat better than the other sex, here in Sweden. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with some guys being seen as the most irresponsible, immature and childish human beings or not. But it's common that you expect that some guys at some point act irresponsible and immature. When it comes to teachers treating us, they do treat us the same. However when it comes to answering random questions in class, they expect us with female sex to give a reasonable answer to the questions asked. I think that there's only a minor difference when it comes to treating us students differently in school based on our sex and expectations. Otherwise we treat each other equally.
  2. Tomorrow I have an essay writing in Psychology and it's my first essay. The essay is about 2 effects related to environment and the physiological processes. Any good advice on how to write a good essay in Psychology? How to use critical thinking skills and the use of command terms? Regards, K.
  3. I have to write an analysis and compare a poem and a review due to their similarities, their differences in terms of structure, purpose, stylistic devices, tone and mood. And I have to follow the "PIE" rule which are the point, the illustration and the explanation and I'm a bit nervous because I don't know how to start and where to start. :/
  4. Thank you! I'll discuss this with the principal and other teachers. Thanks for the advice!
  5. I think I'll talk to my principal about this....Since I really want to study medicine. I might choose HL Chemistry, English and Biology...But in Sweden they won't accept you in uni's if you haven't studied physics. -sighs-
  6. This is a really difficult choice...Since my weakest subject is Math. And according to Oxford university you need full marks in Biology, Chemistry and mathmatics. But what is that special diploma? How is it different from the IB diploma?
  7. Biology is also important though? And yes of course! In group 6 I chose chemistry as my 6th subject. I was thinking about finishing a physics course after taking the diploma during summer 2018. Do you think that works?
  8. So..since many people create this "Subject selection" topic, I shall do one myself. I live in Sweden and I'm also choosing the subjects until the 10th of February. I want to study medicine abroad (Mainly the UK) and in Sweden too. But I'm confused. The subject choices I was considering are: HL: History Biology English A (Language & Lit) SL: Chemistry Mathmatics Swedish A (To get accepted in Swedish uni's too) However, in the Swedish universities you also need to study physics. Which unfortunately I can't since a 7th subject is not recommended by my teachers. So....I wonder, are my choices good enough to study medicine abroad (mainly UK) and in Sweden? If not. What do I need to change? Have a nice day, IB - students.
  9. Oh lord, I'm dealing with the same thing here. I'm confused and I don't know what to do since I want to study both medicine in the UK (or somewhere else abroad) or in Sweden. However, I think your choices are good. An advice is to rethink about Math HL, majority of IB students who chose Math HL did not make it and had to retake the course. Good luck!