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  1. Fco

    How difficult is IB Diploma Program?

    You should definitely go for it. Not just because it's a demanding program,also because it will make you more independent without the need of constant supervision.
  2. Fco

    Extended Essay

    It was in spanish, but the title goes like: "To what extent was the Afghan society the definite factor for the end of the 1979-1989 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan": Obscure topic (yet one of the most interesting and important of the last 30 years) so I backed it with pretty much all afghan historiography translated to english, reports from journalists and even CIA files from the time. It was a crapload of work and I had to write it down in one week, but pretty rewarding. Nobody in my school will ever know more about the Kandahar massacre, the Salang pass by Kabul or the Pashtunistan issue.
  3. Fco

    November 2010 IB results thread

    How can you get the breakdowns?
  4. Fco

    How to get a 7 in Art

    I think your theme is depressing, and it can really resonate with the spectator if pull out right. Maybe you should take a personal aim in your work and try to put your ideas into your art: like, don't you fear your love ones could pass away, and what will be next? You could produce some interesting work with hard textures on it. Obviously the use of black is just cliche, so why don't use white to express the emptiness after life. Just some ideas. I recommend you to practice your drawing skills dialy if possible on your RW, that will help you with your confidence as you will eventually begin to create better art.
  5. Fco

    Visual Art SL RWB - Confinement

    To emphasize, my school, where a majority of the students doing Visual Arts get 6's, recommends 3 RWs (each roughly 250 pages) in 2 years. Wow, that's a lot! I just did 167, and that was enough for a 7 (and a 20 in IA). I guess your school asks that much because from 750 pages, there is bound to be 20 great pages to send.
  6. Got an A for my History EE! Pretty excited because this is the first A of my school. Anyway, my title was something like: "Was the Afghan society the defining factor for the surrender of Soviet forces in the 1979-1989 Soviet invasion of Afganistan?" It probably was the most interesting thing I ever wrote 4000 words on.
  7. Fco

    Visual Art SL RWB - Confinement

    She's right. And even 80 is a short number for RW. They really expect you to put all your thoughts in that book. It's very time-consuming, but if you want to score high Visual Arts is a subject that you either take seriously or just don't take at all.
  8. Fco

    Visual Art SL RWB - Confinement

    For SL, you are required 8-12+. Your theme is very interesting. Have you already explored historical examples of confinment (Gulags, Nazi death camps, other political/social confinment of a group or population)?
  9. Fco

    November 2010 IB results thread

    Spanish A1 HL - 7 English B HL - 7 Biology HL - 6 Mathematics SL - 6 History SL - 6 Visual Arts SL - 7 TOK: A EE (History): A Total: a whooping 42! Only complaint is History, I was predicted 7 during the two years and got A in its EE, that's weird. Complaints end there! I'm ectastic, this is the first A in TOK, the first A in EE (History) and the first Spanish A1 and Visual Arts' 7 of my school!!
  10. Fco

    November 2010 IB results thread

    WOW! I just got a 42!!
  11. Fco

    How to get a 7 in Art

    My teacher made us work pretty harsh during these two years, but it was totally worth it. She had been teaching the subject for six years, three in another school (and on average, each year 2-3 people got 7's) and three here. I don't want to speak bad about my school, so it USED to suck in Art. Nevertheless, the maximum grade people got the first two years was 6 (the girl regularly painted on a 150 x150 CM format, and her work was astounding). So my teacher said that if she didn't get a 7 by her third year she was out of the school for good. Long story short, 10 people started Art SL, she kicked 6 and 1 girl started in the middle. I was the one with the least number of work (13), while this guy had over 20 (and doing a 2 meter artwork in oil). We were both predicted a seven, I was saved by my research workbook for which I got a 20 (tons, TONS of work and potential sleep hours lost there). If you want to get a seven, don't try to follow one single path: follow them all. Use as much different media and textures as you want. Use oil, use ink, use candle wax (actually this give a terrific effect over watercolor), use old jeans, everything that you think is wastable CAN be repainted and used nicely. Work hard on your RW, hard, hard, hard! Look at the best diagramations, try doing an infography in every single page (even in experimental ones with drawings). Adding words is essential: you can even use them as a visual texture and enchance your research. And vary! Try to use as much different ideas as long as you can relate to your theme. And finally: IF YOU CAN, DO SCULPTURE!! That totally turned my 6 into a 7. And I didn't use a single ounce of ceramics: just objects (an old computer monitor, a keyboard, cardboard, wires, anything is original and will make the examiner turn around and go WOW!)
  12. I did this essay about six months ago... and that month and a half of IA was the darkest period of my life. Anyway, I focused on Ethics and how moral systems are doubted by individuals throughout time, hereby causing change and, although not neccesarily knowledge, more perspectives on our way of living and thinking . I also focused on History, but I can't recall my examples (something about my EE, and about the Rosetta stone story, maybe?) In the end, THIS finally show me what TOK was all about... giving as much examples to each claim/counterclaim. I guess if they need so much examples to understand the concept it's because some examiners are conceptually stupid.
  13. Fco

    Your Visual Art Theme

    My theme was the future. I started with robots, apocalipsis and global warming, and thank god I could think outside the box in time, and ended analyzing immediate futures such as the Arab-israeli conflict and the Middle East, or the role of technology on the next decade (for example, I sculptured on a keyboard, and renamed it "Lifeboard"). It was a crapload of work! Not only on the actual work, but on the research workbook (since I had the great idea to make 20 pages for each artwork!). I advise you not to pick such an abstract title in the begginning. Best is to simply set a defined theme that can give you at least 12 possible projects (all different, all with a sub-theme) and in your second year other projects will pop up.

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