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  1. Hi! I know in Australia, at the moment we have no prerequisities for medicine, so if you're applying to an Australian uni, biology and chemistry is assumed knowledge, but not required. Otherwise, your HLs seem logical for medicine:))
  2. English Lit HL is definetley a great choice, since SL and HL have very little difference. I reckon try your best to tackle these subjects, but I do know that History HL has a lot of content to cover
  3. Well take your time and break down each question. Carefully look at the command terms. If you've spent a while on a question and you can't do it, move on and do other questions and come back later for a fresher start
  4. English LangLit HL is definetley worth it, since there's not much difference between SL and HL, but it counts as one of your highers!
  5. I think the IB definetely has its advantages- and many unis do accept and respect the IB diploma, I say, keep going with the diploma:)
  6. Well you have to be consistent in your work- try and make revision packets per subject and keep going over them. Also, don't forget that stress reduces productivity- so keep calm:)) I would reccommend brief revision daily with intense revision on the weekends
  7. Cambridge, Oxford and Pearson are definelty helpful, also IB has course companions
  8. If you do a language at HL and get a 6 or 7, it will surely show your proficiency in that language
  9. Sometimes, if you feel like giving up, just go for a run or take your dog for a walk. Excersise releases endorphins and makes you feel good. Also, it'll give you a fresh start. It might also count as CAS lol
  10. There's an app called iProcrastinate- it sounds perfect for you!
  11. Hey! IB is very focused on independent learning. Also, one month won't make that much difference to your hard work over 2 years. Just be more rigourous in your revision
  12. Staying up all night will certainly lower your productivity levels and will considerably lower your ability to focus. It has way more harms than benefits. A good night's sleep, up to 8 hours (which is hard at times), can help you do so much better because it gives your brain a chance to refresh itself.
  13. You should definetely do design tech if you're into project work. There is a lot of portfolio work involved, but if you have a technical mind and can understand the concepts easily, then you will enjoy it. Also, there is a big difference in DT SL and DT HL, as HL does have considerably more components in it.
  14. Reddit isn't the most reliable source out there. There's no harm in checking with your teacher to confirm. Better safe than sorry! Also, try and look up some sources yourself

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