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  1. The exam was pretty difficult. Paper 2 was better than Paper 1. I really threw my hands in the air and flipped the table (in my head) at the end of P1. Gosh I really want more than a 4
  2. Would saying 'American Popular Music' make it better? Or would it be better to explicitly state 'American Pop and Rock'?
  3. Thank you, IB`ez ! I thought of that initially but then I said that it would limit me from looking at various geners (and sources to use!)
  4. The bottom half - i'd rather have neither to be honest but eh! Would you rather travel the world for free or get your dream job with free housing and transport?
  5. Hello IB survivors/ surviving! I have chosen my Research Question quite a while ago but I have been changing the era (the time limit) so many times and I'm not sure if it is better to keep it within a range of 10 years only or expand it more. Also, I'm not so sure how I should go about approaching the question - the introduction and the arguments. How many arguments am I recommended to have? Is it okay if I use the PEA (Point, Evidence and Analysis) approach here? I'm aware I've just asked a 100000 questions but I really need some help because i have about a month until my first draft is due! Below is my research question(s): To what extent has the portrayal of women in American music reveal a change in viewing of women from 2004 to 2014? OR To what extent did the portrayal of women in American music from the 90's to the new millennium reveal a change in the viewing of women?
  6. Hello. Well I've never done the exams BUT my history teacher had told us that since the past eight years or so, there has always been a question about Alexander II. I hope you find this useful!
  7. I use this website for all my subjects but I don't know HOW you could find it for math HL. https://global.oup.com/education/secondary/curricula/ib-diploma/mathematics/ib-maths-support/mathslcc1/?region=international I hope you find this somehow useful!
  8. I found a tutor a while ago and she's really good at mathematics but she wasn't helpful. She made me open the textbook and just work all the problems and nothing else. In the area I live in there are absolutely none who, I think, could help me. The nearest one would be about 2 hours away – across the boarde to Dubai or all the way down town to Muscat. Could I find online tutors somewhere?
  9. I take long showers when feeling stressed. This post is really helpful, thank you very much!
  10. Also, some of my teachers keep mentioning it.
  11. "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller The Fault In Our Stars by John Green Mornings in Jenin by Suzan Abu-Elhawa: You Must Read This!
  12. And if you like the way you look that much then baby you should go and love yourself
  13. This post exactly describes me. I only joined very recently. Welcome to the club though!!
  14. QuestiaSchool and Britannica are really good sources p. Although I think you'd have to pay!

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