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  1. iiimee

    Recommend a Singer/Band

    Five more random bands/groups I like (the next five people who come on my pandora that I know): Voxtrot STRFKR fun Never Shout Never Adam Lambert
  2. iiimee

    Are You In Any Clubs/Sports?

    Ah, that's cool... My school has a Brony club, so I have a sneaking suspicion that's what most of the students at the school will do as their extracurricular. X_X
  3. Hey guys, so I was wondering... Are/Were any of you people in clubs, sports, or on any sort of teams in or outside of school during your IB years? Of course, you're also free to talk about what you're in now, but the main topic is really about your pre-IB and IB years. I'm not in school yet, but I've been considering several different clubs and teams. My school has a wrestling team, which I think would be fun, though I'm not the strongest so I'm a little unsure of if I should join... I'm taking Advanced Japanese for the next two years, so I could participate in the Japanese Club, which instead of teaching you more of the language focuses around the various cultural differences and traditions in Japan... Seems like fun... Oh, or maybe I should join the GSA? I'm not too into that idea, but it'd be fun knowing who else is transgender at my school... For those of you who don't know, GSA usually stands for "Gay Straight Alliance", but at my school they've changed it to "Gender Sexuality Alliance". X_X Anyway, that's just one of the many possibilities for me. So... What about you guys?
  4. iiimee

    Is the Confederate Flag inherently racist?

    I think that everyone has the right to see something with a different meaning. However, those who find peace in those symbols should also take the time to understand why somebody doesn't, and vice versa. You can't really justify the confederate flag without justifying rebellion because from the very beginning its meaning was that of rebellion. From a legal standpoint, I think the government shouldn't endorse any symbols that could possibly offend people of a certain race/sexuality/gender, but of course those who want to wave the flag around should be free to do so: After all, it's their property if they're waving it around. The government is in a way every citizen's property, so the government waving something around that could possibly encourage hate towards some of those citizens is uncalled for and wrong.
  5. iiimee

    Is the Confederate Flag inherently racist?

    I don't think that anything is inherently racist- even something like a swastika, but there certainly is a negative connotation with both those symbols, and for good reason! The confederate flag, whether you like it or not, was a symbol of rebellion against the United States, which is not something to be proud of, at least in my humble opinion. The reason there was even a confederacy was because the South feared Abraham Lincoln was going to take their slaves, whom were the biggest source of the South's money at the time. This is basic United States' history.
  6. iiimee

    How hard are my subject selections?

    I'm going to be a pre-IB once school comes back in, so I'm not an expert, but from what I heard from my friends who go to IB schools, HL Physics is a killer! I also heard that all math no matter what is pretty hard, but really, it just depends on what you're good at... Good luck!
  7. iiimee

    Recommend a Singer/Band

    Marianas Trench is the best band ever and nobody can convince me otherwise! Other than them though, here are a few other singers/bands I like: Maximum the Hormone Naomi King Hozier Fall Out Boy Marilyn Manson New Politics The Beatles Melt Banana (Don't make fun of me!) Ke$ha (My guilty pleasure.) San Cisco Loon Lake Panic! At The Disco Paramore Attila Blink 182 ...Just to name a few...
  8. iiimee

    How did you find out about IBSurvival?

    ...My mom linked me to this site.
  9. Thanks, though there's only one IB school in my district I'm pretty sure! My school's twenty minutes away from my house, so I'll have to take two buses in the morning and two back from where I live... The program's really popular though, so I was lucky to get in. At my old school, I was one of what I believe to be six to be accepted into the school, and I don't even know if those students are IB or not... I only know one of them, and she's not an IB student... I feel like I've already learned a lot about myself, but you're right. Up until recently, before I started thinking about money, I had this impractical idea I'd be a book editor and publisher. I don't know if you know this, but because of the kindle and other book-reading devices like it, jobs like that are nearly extinct! Of course, I still plan to publish more books than years I've lived before I die, but it won't be my full-time career to write and publish stories. Have a good night!
  10. Huh, well thanks a lot! My school is sort of artsy, so I'm sure I'll have quite a few choices for everything. I know for a fact the Science and Language classes are really good at my school, which is why I applied for it... Anyway, I still have plenty of time to apply for things, but this is really helpful! Hmm, well if I don't actually get to film things filming would bore me. From what I heard, theatre pre-IB sucks at my school, but maybe IB theatre is different... I'll think about it... Economics, Information Technology, Business and Global Politics all sound like fun courses. X_X I'd die in Geography or Religion... Anyway, I still have time before I'm IB, but I'll keep this all in mind and talk it over with my mom! Let's see how things work out, I guess.
  11. Thanks! Just from all you've told me, I'm wondering if I can make my schedule look like this: HL foreign language Can I take another HL foreign language? HL Physics Some SL Math class... Some Social Studies class that will be relevant to me in the future and not all about history... (Mind telling me what social studies classes I can take?) Finally, I'm interested in HL Biology but I might take a HL social studies course and if so I'm interested in either SL Biology or a theatre or filming class... Probably theatre, just because I'm a narcissist who loves being the center of attention. Does this like fine to you? Please tell me if it doesn't. Also, I'm kind of confused on the duration of these classes... Do I take all of these for only a year, or for the two years I'm in IB?
  12. iiimee

    The "In My Pants" Game!

    The name of the game is simple: Put on your Pandora, your Spotify, your Itunes, whatever you have, and write the name of the song in your comment with the words "In my pants" at the end of it. I'll go first... All The Small Things in my pants.
  13. Oh, well it's not like I want to take seven languages as a class! I just meant that was sort of a "life goal" of mine... So, when you say 2 language courses, that means 2 of my classes would be language every year, right? o.o That's tough, but fun... I can't take a science class as a free choice, can I? Can both my languages be HL? I want whatever math course I take to be SL honestly, but maybe if I push myself really hard these pre-IB years I'll change my mind and try tackling a HL math course...
  14. Sorry if there has already been a topic posted that's similar to this, but since I didn't see one, I decided to start one myself. Anyway, the question's pretty self-explanatory: Does one biological gender have it better in the country you live in? (Sorry, but please don't make this about transgender people- that's coming from somebody who is transgender.) Why or why not? I know that, since this is a debate, it can't be helped some people might be offended by what you say, but please just rationally bring up your points and defend them based on logic, not emotion: You can't win a debate by saying your feelings were hurt. It could be argued you can't win a debate at all of course, because there are always new perspectives... Anyway, yeah, what do you guys think? In the US, I don't think one gender really rules over the other, and honestly, gender roles here seem to be almost nonexistent. There might be some pressure on an individual from other individuals, but of course that can't be helped: I don't think anyone is really being forced to take on a certain role in our society here. There are other people from the US on here of course, so they might disagree, and of course I'd like to hear from people not in the US about their home country.
  15. Okay, well, that's a little unfortunate, but only a little because I was planning on making probably just two of my courses SL... I don't care if it takes a long time to study. Maybe it's because I am an overachiever who wants to study abroad after high school, but I plan on giving myself the hardest load of work possible up until the days I finally land a full-time career. Oh, that reminds me- What are good classes for somebody who hopes to work in a foreign country/become a translator? Is just taking the language enough to become a translator? Of course, I doubt I'll learn everything I need to in school when it comes to that language, which is why I'm studying different languages outside of school. Right now it's just Japanese, but I hope to learn Mandarin, Indian, Russian, German, French... Basically, any language used by an advanced country. My goal is to at least learn seven languages in my lifetime, and while I am not directly planning for any sort of career by learning them, it'd be nice if I knew what classes might open up possibilities for me like that... Are there any classes that would be good for somebody who wants to go to a different country?

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