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  1. I also prefer doing it similar to your method - writing the historiography before the conclusion. What I also do while presenting the arguments is using "Some historians argue that …", "According to NAME OF HISTORIAN, the underlying cause of the WW1 was Imperialism" or "A JP Taylor conceded this interpretation and highlighted the struggle for mastery as a major cause of the Great War".
  2. phew, what an exam stress! I feel like I don't know anything and only days left to the exams - not studying enough
  3. are these HL or SL chem questions? I am confused - is it normal that I did not know the answer of either? I take SL Chem.
  4. Thanks! Good luck on your IAs. I enjoyed the questions.
  5. Golden Ratio Questionnaire What’s your gender? (Please circle your gender) Male Female How old are you? (Please circle the age range) 12 ≤ x < 18 18 ≤ x < 25 25 ≤ x < 35 35 ≤ x < 44 45 ≤ x < 54 55 ≤ x < 64 64+ What’s your country of origin? (Write down below) Azerbaijan On the following pages, rate the people in terms of beauty from 0 - 10, where 0 is unattractive and 10 is extremely attractive. Put the results down below: 1.__6_ 2._3__ 3._ 6__ 4._ 3__ 5.__ 4_ 6._ 7__ 7._ 8.5__ 8._ 5__ 9._ 3__ 10._ 3__ 11._ 6__ 12._ 8__
  6. could you please share your notes with me as well? (I know quite a lot of time has passed since this conversation)
  7. Thank you for these amazing math problems! I do really enjoy solving them. Please post more of the challenging Math problems - they are indeed helpful for the preparation.
  8. You've got to be collaborative and active in the sessions. Active participation would allow you to get the maximum benefit from the Model UN. Enjoy and thrive to learn new things!
  9. As far as my knowledge is concerned, most of the Universities do not have any subject-specific requirement for law. They look at your overall score and HL grades (776, 766).
  10. Hey, I have applied to the University of St Andrews, Master of Arts (Honours) Economics and my application status has been changed from pending decision to outstanding requirements, where a big list of documents are requested. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this application status. Why do they require me to submit all these documents? The documents are as follows: Proof of English language proficiency, Sample of critical writing, CV, Academic transcript, Sample of written work, Confidential supporting documentation, Confidential information relating to disability, Proof of professional qualification(s), Reference, Research proposal, School Profile, Personal Statement, Final academic transcript, Interim academic transcript, Co-tutelle agreement, Covering letter, Evidence of progression, Supporting documentation, Test results (SAT, AP, ACT), Proof of funding, Module syllabus information, Passport and Statement of Purpose. I don't even have enough information about many of these documents. Thank you in advance.
  11. The attachment is the grade boundary for the Chemistry in May 2016. Have a look at it. You can calculate your anticipated grade referring to these grade boundaries. Hope this helps.
  12. Yes, it will. You don't need to meet all the criteria and outcomes in one experience/CAS project.
  13. Both are important, yet I believe there is a more emphasis on the predicted grade as it illustrates your actual grade.
  14. This is the exact same sentence we mentioned in the class the other day. That's I think is because we need a revision on our own. School now distracts us from self-studying and preparing for the exams.
  15. Although I do not take IB Physics, there are some videos on the youtube I can recommend to you. Chris Doner and Mitch Campbell are the two most famous physics teachers in the youtube. For my Chemistry SL class, because of the teacher is not helpful AT ALL, I watch videos on the youtube (mainly MsjChem and Richard Thornley) and read the Study Guide Oxford publication. The exercises there are very useful and doing past papers afterwards help me to be well prepared for the exam. I advise the same for you. Hope this helps!
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