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  1. I had checked in several schools in several countries but the only two schools had said they offered November retakes, one was called worth school and it was in Gatwick I believe near London (however I think the deadline was 27th of July for this school but you can check just in case). Another one was called st Leonards in st Andrews Scotland. Those were the only two schools that said they would be able to accept retake candidates from outside their school. All other schools either didn't offer or it was only for their students.
  2. AntonOd

    November 2018 retakes

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone has info about November retakes in Sweden. I would like to do the retakes in Sweden but I am also open to traveling inside of Europe. If anyone has any specific schools that they know offer retakes pls notify me. I am currently asking schools in Sweden but I have had no luck so far.
  3. Did you manage to find any schools in Sweden? if so I would like to know.

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