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  1. miss.malhi

    Bilogy SL to HL

    SL Biology is quite easier than the HL course. It's a good idea to take it just to get the exposure. Do you know what your HL focus is? I know ours is ecology and evolution. That may make a difference in your decision as well. Our biology instructor is less than adequate, but we still have great test results from both SL and HL because of students that self-study.
  2. miss.malhi

    IB course companions

    They're nice because it lays everything out so you'll be sure not to miss any topics. Also helpful if you have a less than adequate teacher. Lots of our seniors are selling their guides for extremely cheap.
  3. I need help with the same thing. I'm not seeing anything significant...
  4. miss.malhi

    What do you do to relieve stress from IB?

    I like playing Pac Man. Hanging out with non-IB people is nice as well.
  5. miss.malhi

    Local vs. Ivy League

    One thing that constantly worries me is about which university I should apply to. Would it be better to go to somewhere local-- say the University of Utah and get lots of credit for what I am doing in high school. With all the AP and IB that I'm doing, I should transfer about 80 credit hours if I were to apply to the University of Utah. This would eliminate maybe 2 years of university and let me work straight on my major. Or would it be better to apply and get into somewhere like MIT or CalTech where I'd have to do more years, but maybe get more out of the experience? I met with some admissions officers from MIT, Yale, and Brown and they didn't really say much about an IB diploma holder other than "It tells us you can handle a rigorous work load." ...So what should I do? Go local and get it done quickly, or go somewhere more respected and spend more time?
  6. miss.malhi

    Chinese Fan VS. Japanese Fan

    I've used all possible resources, I cannot figure out the difference between a Chinese fan and a Japanese fan. Or is there even a difference?? I'm doing a few works on Chinese symbolism and I'm thinking of doing a traditional fan contrasting to a non-traditional fan stressing the difference of American and Chinese culture. Any advice/suggestions?? Thanks in advance.
  7. miss.malhi

    Swine flu

    I actually just got over the swine flu. I wasn't admitted into a hospital or anything because, like it was stated above, in reality, I am not going to die of it. They will not even confirm that it's swine flu (99.9% sure though!) because they're only testing those under 5 years or over 65 or anyone with another fatal disease such as HIV or cancer. It's nothing to worry about, even if you catch it, if you're pretty much healthy. I felt pretty horrible for about 5 days, now it's gone and I'm as good as new. :] Just for knowledge, the swine flu is considered a "pandemic" which means it's very pervasive. An "epidemic" is where a large population has died from it.
  8. miss.malhi

    Genius vs. Hard Work

    Well, look at it in the employer's point of view. Who's he going to hire? The person with the great work ethic who may not be the brightest or the person who's a smart-ass, but doesn't do anything??
  9. miss.malhi

    Where do you live?

    Salt Lake City, Utah. [get me out of here!!]
  10. miss.malhi

    Good Non-Fiction Reads?

    I really want to read some non-fiction this summer. I'm not too interested in the biography/autobiography deal, but any good book recommendations are highly appreciated. Thanks!! go orlando magic!

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