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  1. Hey Guys, We are almost finishing our HL Option A Relativity from the book above. I am looking to verify my answers which the teacher has not attempted to answer. So does anybody have answers for the questions from it? Thanks
  2. I will try that, I have a class with my supervisor again on Friday which is (set by the school) the absolute last day for submission. So hopefully will sort it by then. Yeah the reason I got super worried is because the librarian and the coordinator said in a very hard direct way NO!! I had the discussion for a considerable amount of time but both of them were very rigid and said the NO like a trump card everytime after I finished talking. Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys! So I am done with my viva voce and everything. For our extended essay, our senior librarian was supposed to upload the Extended Essay. Now the problem was that when she asked me for a draft, it was my second last version of the draft and I gave it to her. I had my viva voce on something different (major edits). Now she has already uploaded the wrong version for assessment. I went to her to asked it to be replaced and she won't do it since apparently my supervisor has never seen the file I sent her recently (the last version on which I had my viva voce on). She is not complying with me and nor is the coordinator even when I showed them the email of my supervisor and I exchanging the latest version of the file before the viva voce! I did send an email to IB about wrong file being submitted, but they have replied that only your school coordinator is responsible for the act. Is there anyway I can get around this now or what? Since that version that she submitted and the latest version on which the viva voce was done on are significantly different in terms of formatting, diagrams and some wording since I edited. I can lose considerable marks due to this issue! Please help! Thank you!
  4. Ahh alright! My old math tutor advised that Calculus and Vectors would be enough for the investigation. So what I think is that I look their basic trajectory equations or form them using easy or maybe some hard math. Then apply calculus to its trajectory points and find different values for acceleration, velocity and all. Describe optimal velocity required and such. Then use vectors and some other math to find the proper time and place the rocket so make a turn and land properly.
  5. Hello Guys, So our advisor has asked us to submit an outline for the Math IA we intend on doing and then after looking at the outline they will approve it. So after some wandering and research I have sort of decided to do an IA relating to rockets. This is sort of theoretical physics but not quite since I will be exploring the trajectory of the Falcon Rockets and using some of their data from the successful attempts. Now I am into technology, physics and maths (I plan on doing math related major later), so this topic does have that personal affiliation IB looks for. Just wanted to ask you guys would it be appropriate for an IA? also in the outline we have to mention what math we will be using and the only topic that came to my mind on the spot are trig functions, differentiation, geometry and maybe integration. Can you please help with what topics regarding maths would be used for the IA title? Thanks!
  6. By finding quotes I mean, looking for specific sentences in the novels to support my arguments. My teacher wants like 100s of those. He says if you can get 3 quotes to support 1 argument, I would give you GOOD marks. Also the teacher just asked us to submit a final copy and did not go over the essays individually for us to improve and write a better final copy. But I happened to look up a guide he gave us long time ago and it said we will edit and revise your WIT paper next year and then send off to IB. Timelines in my school aren't that good for full IB students as most are just doing certificates so the teachers tend to assign things all at once considering the certificate students dont have anything to do while the Full IB students are sacrificing their nights in order to get things done. The only comments I got on my WIT Paper are through the Turnitin.com place where it showed me the ridiculous mark I got and the teacher said your paper was clearly rushed!
  7. Hey Guys! Little help here. We just completed our IB Oral Presentation for English and the WIT Paper. Now I am not sure if the teacher in the class said that we will be redoing the WIT paper again next year or not. I just wanted to confirm will we in IB Year 2 revise the WIT Paper and then send it off to IB or how does it work? Particularly because I got a fairly low mark on my WIT paper. Also I score in an average of 75+ in my English class as my entire life all the English that were made available to me were language classes and for the time as I took IB we only have the option of IB English A which I believe is all literature as we are using literary devices, poems and whatnot. My counsellor has advised me to take HL English next year as she says I dont have much of a choice for HL subjects. I'm doing HL Physics, HL Global Politics, SL ESS, SL Math, SL Ab-Initio French, so my third HL can only be English and not Math even which I excel at. What do you guys recommend, that what should I do in English to improve my grade. I have a hard time finding quotes but can write extremely well on themes, now with hard time finding quotes I barely get a good mark.
  8. I am trying to make it as original as possible. I even came up with my own method of deriving the equations but apparently similar things have been already done and I found those later when collecting research papers. I will surely do the math myself but in the commenting section, I will refer to the other mathematicians that have attempted using the same procedure. I will be talking to my advisor again today about this thing as I feel like I might be leaning more towards Physics as whenever I explain something in math, I am using physics phenomenon that would not be violated and would allow for such change in the mathematical model. (this is all in my day to day thoughts, as I havent started the actual paper). I am attaching my planner here. Note when I say "Use someone's Paper/Article", I mean for reference system. Also I am concerned with how complicated does the IB want maths in the math EE to be? Here I am using imaginary numbers, 3D and 4D vectors, and a few other minor topics. Just out of curiosity, as your small info says EE in maths. What was your RQ? EE Planner Revised.pdf
  9. Hey Guys! So since my initial start I have developed my RQ a lot and have 10+ resources such as books, journals, research papers and articles. Now my RQ is; If gaining infinite energy is possibly and imaginary rest mass exists, how can we mathematically prove the existence of faster than light particles?. But I recently talked to our school's librarian (she keeps everyone on timeline with EEs), and then we discussed about the math content of the essay. Now what I am trying to do is pretty similar to what already has been done before. The mathematical proof for Tachyons without violating the principles of special relativity. I am worried about the plagiarism content here, while I will be properly citing all the resources and authors for their contributions such as Einstein, Lorenz and Feinberg but the math I'll be doing will mostly be the same as whoever provided proof for Tachyons using math. Now if I just cite everybody's math then there's no math from my side. But even if I do maths just by myself without looking at their work I I'll get plagiarism content tag as Math is similar. So any help here guys? How does plagiarism checker work with Math related EEs. Thanks!
  10. Hey Guys, This is just a small discussion for grade boundaries. My coordinator hasn't told anyone about these grade boundaries that I found online. I am just concerned about my scores and the grade boundaries of May 2015 I looked at say otherwise. I currently have Physics, Maths SL, Eng Lit A, French Ab, Global Politics, Env Sys (will take next year). My current grades as offered in percentages are; Physics:- 76% (expected to go to 90s) Maths:- 76% (expected to go to 85+) Global Politics:- 88% (expected about the same) French Ab: 76% (expected about the same) English:- 73% (expected to go 75+) When I take Env Sys next year. I will probably have something in 80s. These expected scores are from teachers that gave during PT Interviews. This is because I entered a boarding school for the first time (also changed school) and got off to bad start due to reasons. But in my previous schools I have been in Top 3 for all subjects besides French and English. So what these grade boundaries say that I can get 7 at 70s and for some at 80s. Now these reassure me more than they should! So I am thinking according to you veterans here what could be my predicted IB Score for these marks? Thanks
  11. Thank you both very much on the great advice! I will focus and apply more time to it as soon as my break starts and the weekend arrives! Yeah my advisor gave me a book about relativity which explains it pretty neatly and I have a math tutor who is sort of like a tutor for the family as my brother and sister were also his students! He's amazing at maths and helps me greatly so I can learn maths from him! Yeah about the keeping on trial with mathematical explanation, I would need to focus more on that as that is pretty essential for a Math EE. I often dwell into Physics at time. Anyways, thank you both very much for the detailed advice and explanation! I will update this post as I proceed through my RQ and drafts. Will ask you guys for help along the way if I face a problem! Thank you! The reason I went for a Maths EE is because it's my favourite subject and I am up for any challenge when maths or physics is the case! So my advisor told me you'll do good in maths component as long as you are passionate about the subjects! Appreciate the help. Will stay in touch...
  12. Greetings People, I would appreciate some help with my Maths EE that I am just beginning to start. I have sort of built upon a topic and my advisor says it can be evaluated using deep mathematics integration and would be nice choice. I personally have a passion for Maths and Physics so I thought of doing something that combines both the subject areas. I am thinking of mathematically proving man running at speed of light under certain or limited circumstances inside a particle accelerator. I am currently reading up on Special Relativity in advance. My advisor has told me to learn calculus all by myself to have a greater complicated mathematical approach but an understanding good enough to explain it to a 5 year old (quoting Einstein). I am in Maths SL (Year 1) at the moment as I changed my school to a boarding school with IB for the first time and it's been hard at start so the HL Maths teacher advised me to change to SL which would be better considering my conditions. I plan to take HL Physics next year though. Please give some advice on my topic/research question as in terms of how should I make it specific and/or if it's a good enough topic to be evaluated mathematically!
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