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  1. Humanity appears quite pathetic: greedy, self-centered, and ultimately easy to fool All who encountered Grenouille used him (Grimal, Baldini...) Oh haha, I was writing about what Patrick Suskind wanted to communicate in his book Perfume for English HL, I promise I don't think humanity is pathetic... Yes, the main character's name is frog
  2. omg both!!!!!! I'm not taking either because my school doesn't offer them for full IB, but I mean... If I had to choose, probably math HL books or movies?
  3. That's great! I honestly think there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to do all three HL's, especially if you love the subjects. The way I see it, it's more your mentality about being able to any classes that could potentially bring you down, not your ability to do them. If you think you enjoy math, chem, and physics and would like to take them at the HL level, then definitely go for it and don't bring yourself down by telling yourself you can't do it. Those do sound like really fun subjects, best of luck!!!
  4. Ooh science centre! physics or bio?
  5. Hey! So I was just contemplating how odd it was that though this is a forum for everything IB, I couldn't find any IB memes on it. This is a necessity I think we've ignored for far too long, so voila - a thread devoted to IB memes!
  6. Americans, we're working on building that wall between our countries... Honestly though, I would've been angry with Trump or Clinton winning, as I highly dislike both of their policies and I don't like their general attitudes. Trump, I think, is just one of two evils (I can't even decide which I dislike more) that would have become president of the US, though I must say, I was surprised when he beat Clinton by such huge margins despite the polls suggesting otherwise. With such a president-elect, America is definitely going to lose a lot of respect from many nations - I mean, he can't even deliver a proper speech! I did find it amusing, though, that in the last election, the theme was change and hope, but in this election, the theme was just change. Well, this will be quite a change for America indeed, going from probably the best president America ever had to, uh, what may be the last president.
  7. Done! What is the topic of your IA? I'm trying to figure it out, but I can't get anything...
  8. Ok, so for the first question, you first need to realize that since you have real and imaginary components, the real components must be equal and the imaginary components must be equal. This means 2i = -yi, meaning that y = -2 Through the same reasoning, we also know that x - 3 = 3 + y, and since y = -2, x - 3 = 3 - 2, and so x = 4
  9. mushroom


    I'm afraid if that's an opinion you hold, it's pretty likely IB is not a good program for you. Many have gone through IB and experienced a great number of benefits through the more in-depth classes and the general view of the IB concerning open minded-ness and becoming an international student. All of us here are going through or have gone through IB, and though there are many complaints made about it, we realize we made the decision to take this challenge and we strive to thrive and learn from the challenge that is IB. Much can be learned if you succeed in IB, however if there is too much getting in the way of the learning, such as not being able to make enough time to get through all the work you have, then perhaps you should consider dropping out. To go out and say IB sucks, however, is not very kind nor does it help your situation, and so I would recommend that rather than complain, you do something about it.
  10. It should, but that would depend on what the CAS coordinator at your school would say is acceptable. This sometimes varies at different schools, so if you want to know whether or not something would be acceptable for CAS, just ask them.
  11. Nope! I'm actually enjoying IB way too much, I love the maths and the physics things we get to learn!! Now, world history... we'll see. Next poster is finishing a lab due in a few hours (that may be a stretch, but we've all been there)
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