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  1. I really hope that the grade boundaries will be lower due to paper 1!! PS. although I felt like I did well on paper 2, I don't mind if they lower the boundaries too 😂
  2. I found paper 3 quite pleasant, actually. I picked option B, how about you?
  3. Really? I found the option quite entertaining, actually. Which option did you pick? I picked B. I found paper 2 good as well, but paper 1 was definitely not my best.
  4. Here, IB schools are always international private schools. My parents pay approximately $13,000 per year.
  5. What do you guys think of biology paper 1 and paper 2 HL & SL?
  6. Don't we have to wait for another 24 hours or so to discuss it?
  7. The extent to which someone is cool is a relative concept. Coolness is a social construct used by people who feel the need to socially belong. Human beings are social animals, after all. - What ToK and IB psychology taught me in a nutshell.
  8. Ooooo you badass, #2cool5me
  9. Good luck to everyone!!
  10. I meant whether they finished taking the exam itself or not, as in we have to wait until tomorrow so we can properly discuss the exam
  11. Is anyone here doing Option B? Or am I the only fool here? 😂
  12. Collective funeral, anyone? If I see Satan, I'll beat him up to avenge what he did to us in paper 1. Time to hit change.org, but let's see how the American timezone does first. 😂
  13. EXACTLY. Especially paper 1. I did not at all see that coming. It was about 2x worse than my 'worst case scenario' expectations. I thought paper 2 was good, though.
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