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  1. Elie

    What should I read?

    I'd recommend sandman by neil gaiman, a comic and also other neil gaiman books especially stardust. I know your not into romance and stuff but jane austens pride and prejudice is just wonderful, maybe not for everyone but i absolutely loved it, try that out if you want to read something a bit different.
  2. Elie

    May 2017 Results Thread

    where do we get to see our percentages on the subjects btw?? I got a 39, which is really surprising because even though i was predicted a 38, i had absolutely no hope. Got a B on the EE in english (sooooo CRAZY) and a B in TOK. ENGLISH A EE: B// TOK: B HL: History (6), Biology (6), english A lang/lit (6) SL: French B (6), chemistry (6), math studies (7) MY LIFE IS COMPLETE GUUUUUUYS!!!!
  3. Elie

    Chemistry exam tips

    I think that is probably my problem, that i have to think to deeply on one questions, i think i will take your advice and skip questions that are tripping me. I was even thinking i could start the paper from the back to the front, because the stoichiometry is usually the first few questions. Thanks for the video, i will definitely be watching it!
  4. Elie

    Chemistry exam tips

    Thanks, i'll try my best
  5. Elie

    Chemistry exam tips

    I think it's mostly the calculations that seem to have way too many twists and turns. Taking as an example, find the number of atoms in whatever moles of a substance, i understand how to convert moles to atoms and such but there always seems to be that twist where your supposed to link it to the number of atoms in the actual molecule such as NH3 = 4 molecules, so i have to consider. I don't know if that makes sense but i don't think i have that much of a higher level of understanding of chemistry to be able to figure out that i have to relate it to the actual molecule itself. Also i find it really difficult to finish a paper 1 on time as well, i work out almost every answer and in the end i'm able to only do about half the questions. If you can suggest something it'd be nice but at the moment i guess i can't do anything to change this, i'd be lucky if i get a 4 in chem at the moment. Thanks for the reply
  6. Elie

    Chemistry exam tips

    Hi guys, So the first chem exam is next week and i started preparing like 5 weeks ago, however i am really not doing well. I'm frustrated because i've literally studied everything over and over and have done practice questions yet i just can't grasp the chem theory. I score particularly badly in paper 1s for SL chem and i am at a loss as to what to do. I know that i know the general information but am stunted by questions that should be quite simple. Can anyone share a tip for practicing or understanding that could help me? I really need the help right now even though it's too late. My struggle is paper 1, i really need your help. Thanks a lot P.S. Please don't chastise me, i'm not a lazy student nor have i left anything last minute. I just seem to be severely lacking in my understanding and application of the theories.
  7. Hi guys, I've chosen the following IA question "the effects of different concentration of inhibitor on the activity of alpha amylase". Is it a good question or is it too simple. I was thinking of just using some kind of metal solution on it or i was also considering weight loss drugs but i'm not entirely sure yet. Just wanted to know if it's a good topic. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, So we are just starting our biology IAs and actually my lab proposal was due last week but i've jumped around ideas for a long time and discussed them with my teacher but he doesn't give me any real advice and just tells me to research unlike the chem teacher. So i've finally come up with the idea of the effects on different concentrations on inhibitors on enzymatic activity and was wondering if that was a plausible IA question. I'm bio HL so i'm a bit afraid i might be doing something simple. But the idea is that i use some kind of enzyme and substrate and then add different concentrations of inhibitors (if possible) to find out the reaction rate. I'm thinking of using colorimetry to do this which will give me absorbance over time and that will be my rate. Please inform me if this idea is good or bad because i could really use the criticism, my teacher is really no help anymore (although the lab technician is pretty nice) and i just wanna move forward with this and be assured that i'll get the best mark that i can. Really hoping for a response thanks.
  9. Would you happen to anything about the bio IA, or is it the same? Thanks for the reply btw
  10. Thanks a lot. Although i'm biology HL as well so I'm going to have to come up with something a little more imaginative. Good luck on you IA!
  11. It's a titration, if that clarifies anything.
  12. Hey guys, So we've just started our chem IAs and my IA is on how temperature effects the dissolved oxygen concentration in a sample of water from a lake in my city. I just wanted to ask if that is too simple a chem SL internal assessment topic. A reply would be greatly appreciated.
  13. hello everyone, So just last week we started our Internal Assessments for both Biology and chemistry and i just wanted to run some of my ideas through here if anyone could help me. So for biology i have decided to do chromatography on chlorophyll in plants. I was thinking comparing the chlorophylls in aquatic plants and land plants and then also putting them through a spectrophotometer. Can anyone suggest anything better or is this good enough for the IA. For the chemistry i'm seriously stuck. I need to talk to my teacher but first i thought i would come here to ask if anyone could suggest a topic for me (doesn't have to be specific). Currently i've thought of rates of reaction, specifically the effects of a catalyst or temperature on rate but i don't know any reactions that i can use. Another one was titration of something to calculate the concentration of something, which yet again i'm really not sure of, and finally something to do with tap water and whether it is safe to drink. I would greatly appreciate if someone would suggest a topic because i'm really stuck and these are all due formally in december. BTW, EE is over with but the happiness of finishing that kinda faded with all these IAs to do, including the history IA. Again, any practical advice or help would be extremely appreciated.
  14. Elie

    University suggestions?

    hello everyone, I'm really bummed out at the moment. It's time for university applications and i'm at a dead end because i don't even know which university to go to. I wanna do medicine but I'm doing math studies and only bio HL with chem SL. I'm aiming for universities in Canada, UK or asia. UK universities are difficult to get into in terms of medicine though. Anyways, i was just wondering if anyone would be willing to write the universities their planning to go to or are going to. Also suggestion would be much appreciated because i'm at a dead end here. Thanks in advanced to anyone who'll bring me out of this misery.
  15. Elie

    EE citation help

    Ah, thanks a bunch i seriously needed a step by step guide because i was totally confused.

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