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  1. bwf8398

    Does Film HL have a Exam?

    I don't think it does. Music is the only one one of the arts in which students have to sit an actual IB exam. Film is graded entirely based on three things (at HL): independent study, presentation, and production portfolio
  2. bwf8398

    History of the Americas HL Paper 3

    I liked the paper 3 questions a lot! I did both civil war questions (5 and 6) and the one about Zapata and Villa, I think it was 11 or 13.
  3. bwf8398

    Chemistry 2016 SL

    I was fine with that one, but I had some different problems. O2 had high UV absorbance, which showed it wasn't a greenhouse gas, so I thought that part was fine. I butchered the transesterification reaction in Option C, haha, but I'm probably not the only one. Other than that, Option C was pretty easy. I also feel like knowing option C made part A of paper 3 easier, which was a pleasant surprise. I had a little trouble with question 2 in Part A because my school didn't have resources to do a titration lab, but I think I hit most of the relevant points. I had no clue about the last question though about why different students would get vastly different results. Other than those minor things, Paper 3 went very well for me.
  4. bwf8398

    Chemistry 2016 SL

    I put coal gasification as a pre-combustion way to reduce production of SO2, one of the perks of studying option C, haha. I'm pretty sure IB will accept it. For the oxidation question, I think you had to notice that it was gaining both Hydrogen (which is one definition of reduction) and Oxygen (which is one definition of oxidation), and point out that it couldn't undergo both, which might be implied by the other definition, so oxidation state showed it was clearly being oxidized. Did anyone know why nitrogen oxides don't contribute much to acid deposition? I completely guessed and said it's because they aren't common, but I want to know the real answer.
  5. bwf8398

    Spanish B HL Paper 1

    Anyone have thoughts on the Spanish B HL paper 1 exam? I thought it went pretty well, Text E was the hardest for me (especially with that last matching section) but overall it seemed a little easier than the exams of previous years that I had taken. I'm in TZ1, although I don't think there were time zones for this exam.
  6. bwf8398

    HISTORY HL/SL Paper 2

    I did 1, which was about the role of ideology (TWE) in the outbreak and expansion of WWII. I was not a fan of the question but couldn't answer anything else in the topic. I didn't have a lot to say about ideologies so I related them to the events that spawned the ideologies (hope IB doesn't dislike that too much) and then used appeasement as a counterclaim. I also didn't have much to say about the expansion of war. I did make sure to talk about Japan and Italy as well as Germany, so I think IB will like that. Overall, I'm not really not sure how IB is going to mark the essay, but I'm hoping for at least an 11 or 12. My other essay was on single party states (I think it was 16?) and was about discussing how two dictators used effective domestic policy to minimize internal opposition. I feel like there was not a ton to say on this topic, but I hit just about every relevant point, for Castro and Mao at least. For counterclaims, I talked about foreign policy and events (Korean War, Bay of Pigs) and their impact. I think it was a pretty solid essay and I don't think I missed much, so I'm hoping it's in the upper end of the 13-16 range, although that might be wishful thinking on my part.
  7. bwf8398

    History Paper 1 - Arab-Israeli Conflict

    I agree, it was very straightforward and easy. Even if you didn't have much background knowledge for question 4, it would've been pretty easy to guess some other factors. I'm in TZ1 also.
  8. bwf8398

    History Paper 2 May 2016

    For the wars section: Probably a question about the World Wars, a question about civil wars, a question about total war, a question about some specific war that isn't studied often (like Malvinas/Falklands), one about how wars impacted groups (women or minorities) and one about types of warfare and technology. Personally, I'm hoping for an easy question about World War I and/or II
  9. bwf8398

    IB English Literature HL Paper 2

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Native Son by Richard Wright
  10. bwf8398

    IB English Literature HL Paper 2

    I picked question 8, thought it was perfect for the novels I had studied.
  11. bwf8398

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    That's really good! I definitely had a sense of that, but I couldn't articulate it nearly that eloquently on the exam. I had some point about the mother's "livid lettering" on the sign, but I've already forgotten what it was, haha. I also had a rather lengthy discussion about Hilola's transformation from the "Swamp Wrestler" (or whatever she was called) to Mom, since there was a line about her becoming Mom again once she was back on dry land. I said it was a way for the narrator to distance himself emotionally somewhat due to the dangerous nature of her work. Then I noticed that she was called "Mom" at several points during the swim, but I claimed that was retrospective and that at the time, she wouldn't have been identified as "Mom." I hope that's not too much of a stretch for IB.
  12. bwf8398

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I put a lot about the clear cultural differences between the wealthy tourists and the poorer island residents (since they had to use a makeshift stage for example), and the characterization of the tourists as selfish (elbowing the narrator out of the way to ask Hilola for an autograph). I thought the point of view of the passage was really interesting, since the narrator didn't really do anything throughout it and was mostly reminiscing about how Hilola's performances were. I also liked the poem but thought the prose would be easier
  13. bwf8398

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    About 10 pages (that is 10 sides of paper), but I wrote every other line (for the sake of easy revision/editing) and my handwriting is small, so I would guess around 6 pages for an average person. I had an introduction, 5-6 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  14. bwf8398

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I did the passage, the excerpt from Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. I thought there was a lot to talk about. I ran out of time before I could talk about the tone of the passage, but I think the rest of my content was all good. I almost did the poem but felt more confident with the prose.
  15. I was recently doing some practice problems for my IB chemistry SL test and ran across this problem. "A 2.450 g sample of a mixture of NaCl and CaCl2 was dissolved in distilled water. The chloride solution was treated with excess AgNO3 (aq) solution. The precipitated AgCl (s) was collected, washed, and dried. The mass of the dried AgCl was 6.127 g. Calculate percent by mass of the NaCl and CaCl2 in the original mixture." (2 marks) AgCl has a molar mass of 143.45 g/mol, so I calculated that the amount of Cl in the sample was 6.127*(35.45/143.35) = 1.515 g Cl This means that together, there has to be (2.450 - 1.515) = .935 g of Na and Ca combined. At this point, I made a system of equations. Let x represent the number of moles of Na and let y represent the number of moles of Ca. .935 = 23x + 40y 1.515 = 35.45x + 70.90y The first equation expresses the mass of the Na and Ca, and the second expresses the mass of Cl (35.45 is doubled since there are 2 Cl for every Ca.) Ultimately, solving the equation gave me that x = .027 which led to there being 1.58g NaCl. This made the percent composition 64.5% NaCl and 35.5% CaCl2 My question is this: is there some really simple way to do this problem that I overlooked? It's only worth 2 marks, and it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to solve it (and I might have made some mistakes in my solution). In case it matters, this is from an IB Chem SL Pearson book, not a previous IB chem paper.

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