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  1. gamesofib

    Psychology May 2017

    Hey there! Could you please tell me what the questions that came up in May were, for all the papers? What were the SAQs and the 22 marker questions? I do abnormal and developmental for paper 2. What type of qualitative method did you get for paper 3? Would you be able to tell me what it was for both time zones? Thanks so much, this will help a lot!!
  2. gamesofib

    Studying alone for IB retakes.

    ^^Thank you!!
  3. gamesofib

    Studying alone for IB retakes.

    Hey everyone, So I am a 2016 November candidate who is currently doing her exams. This year I was plagued with a series of health issues so my results won't be that great and I will certainly have to retake next year (May 2017). The problem is, my preferred course's requirement went from a 42 to 44. So these are the results that I have now Biology HL 6 Chemistry HL 3 Maths SL 3 I will have to improve to: Biology HL 7 Chemistry HL 7 Maths SL 7 I have sevens for my other two subjects and a 6 for English - I will not be retaking those. Now.... the issue is, because I am retaking, I will have to study by myself and I will not have the support of school. I only have 5 months to make such drastic improvements to my marks AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW. I really want to get into this course and I am willing to study my head off, seriously. But this obviously is a huge jump. The knowledge I have in maths and chemistry, as my marks would tell you, is very poor. I need help from people who have made huge improvements in these subjects - what did you do to improve? As for biology, I really do not how to nail that 7 - the syllabus change makes it harder (any tips from May 2016 candidates?) Because I am studying alone, I would also appreciate help with regards to time management and what dangerous things I should look out for. Please help!!!
  4. gamesofib

    Achievable goals in french ab initio

    Thanks a lot! I have a question though... how could you prepare well for paper 1 considering we don't know what could potentially come up?
  5. Hey everyone, So I just did my IO and I am pretty sure I did horrible. I am probably like 16/25. Now I really really want a 7 in French ab initio but I do not know how achievable it is with such a bad IO. I have 18/20 for the written task. I figured that I have to achieve around full marks 25/25 for paper 2 and like 36/42 for paper 1.Or get like 40/42 and 23/25. I have to do extremely well in both my papers. Is this even possible and how could I reach it? Please help!!

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