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  1. @kw0573Does that mean that even with a VERY poor (i.e. 3 or 4, 12/24) IA score in an HL Group 4 Subject for which the IA is worth only 20%, a student could theoretically earn a 7 (80%ish cutoff) and realistically earn a 6 (70ish cutoff) if his command of the written examination material were strong?
  2. When IB exams are marked, are the raw scores (out of 120 on a Math HL Paper 1, for example) all tallied up, multiplied by their respective percentages, and then taken, or are the converted scores on the 1-7 scale from the different papers and the Internal Assessment averaged?
  3. I have a 32/36 in Group 2 Spanish (Literature Option), but it is my teacher's third year grading EEs, so mine was probably her fourth or fifth EE ever; how much would an examiner mark down an EE? I don't want to lose my A on my EE, so I hope that it would be no more than two points.
  4. Thanks! We had a few classes to "work," but they were ill-planned—your idea sounds better!
  5. Thanks, Moma! One of our classes is so woefully behind that I could conceive that we might just have to write the reflective letter without a project.
  6. I would recommend self-study; for history, many resources are available online. Otherwise, all of you should ask your parents to complain to the school administration.
  7. What would happen if a school did no group four projects?
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