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  1. BernOnFire

    Redoing IB

    Hey guys, so i've been pretty much MIA for the past few months since I dropped out of IB only a few months into DP1 due to a multitude of reasons; high level of stress and a waning mental health (I also had pretty much 0 motivation to study) which didn't allow me to do as well as I hoped, and my school not allowing me to take the courses I wanted to since they didn't even offer them or allowing me to change my course selection (despite the fact that my choice universities explicitly stated that I had to take a specific IB course to fit their entrance requirements). However since i'm moving to Canada soon, I have the choice of either just going to a AP/OSSD school in Toronto or going to an IB/BC school in Vancouver, and I'm considering taking the IB again, and maybe this time try to do better, either full diploma or taking 3-4 HLs in conjunction to the British Columbia high school diploma. I'm pretty much thinking that I shouldn't ever do the Full Diploma again seeing what it did to my health the first time round, but I'm not sure if I'll realistically have a chance at being accepted by a university in Canada? Any advice from Canadian IBers or anyone who's taken a few IB courses but not the full Diploma would be appreciated
  2. That is true, but America doesn't usually demand like a 40, they do encourage a high result for admission, but they also will consider a lower IB score if you get a high score on the SAT/ACT and TOEFL/IELTS, and have a wide variety of extracurriculars, and if your application (especially if an essay is required) is of high quality. You could also take a look at Canada, universities such as UBC (A top 30-20 in a lot of rankings) only require 24-30 points for admission, they are also of high quality (Quite a majority, no major difference in most of them, the US is more different, quality varies there)
  3. BernOnFire

    Choosing IB subjects

    I would suggest just go with English B HL, so you can focus on the other subjects and get a decent grade in English
  4. BernOnFire

    Help with DP Subject Choices?

    Thanks for the advice! I've decided to drop Art and adjusted my schedule a bit based on what you said, and what my DP coordinator, so i'll be taking: HL: Portuguese A, English B, and Econ SL: ESS, Math Studies, with French Ab-Initio as my alternate Group 6 instead of Art
  5. Hi, so i've decided my courses, however I still have some doubts, and I have to submit the course selection by Tuesday preferably as I'm starting a month late, and I would like some advice by those who maybe already take these classes HL: Environmental Systems and Societies, History OR Economics, English A SL: French Ab, Math Studies, Visual Arts OR an additional class (Maybe History OR Economics, OR Chinese Ab as a 3rd language) As i'm looking to do International Relations or Global Development in University, I do require English A (Might not take this and put Economics or another class at HL and take SAT/TOEFL for English language requirement), History OR Economics, and ESS as these classes would be more suitable, however I'm also considering Graphic Design, however most universities don't ask me to do Visual Arts HL/SL, and to my knowledge many require a portfolio (Which can't be your Artworks you made for Visual Arts), so I'm not sure if I should take VA because maybe I won't have time for portfolio and VA requires you to do varying styles, which Graphic Design portfolios don't require (like Fine Art, Self Portrait, Surreal styles), or not take it so I can build a portfolio specifically on Graphic Design and not art, any advice would be appreciated if soon as this is due on Tuesday. UPDATE: I'm taking HL English B, Portuguese A, and Economics, and SL ESS, Math Studies, and French Ab-Initio, ignore the previous schedule (problem solved)
  6. Hi, i'm currently taking IB Certificates, which isn't the full diploma, however I would like to know if it is accepted by some or a few Canadian universities, or if not, would the IB Certificates, as well as the SAT and Subject Tests, as well as TOEFL and a regular high school diploma be accepted as an alternative to the full Diploma Program (offered by my school, so you'd get the certificates in the classes you take and their diploma)? I'm personally looking to do Graphic Design / International Relations or Business/Economics/Marketing, any advice from either those going to Canada or taking certificates? (I might start off with IBDP, then if I can't handle the workload, i'll drop to certificate) P.S I'm a bit confused on this as I don't know whether or not to take Diploma or Certificate, as i'm starting the program a month late, so i'm not sure I will be able to catch up with the full Diploma Program, and maybe the Certificates might work better so i won't have to do ToK/EE and be able to continue with my extracurriculars (MUN, Debate, and WSC), any advice on this would be appreciated as well
  7. BernOnFire

    Anyone studying in Taiwan?

    I haven't personally studied there, but I do know that while the universities there are good, they aren't well known unless you plan to stay in Asia or maybe study in post-grad (then it really won't matter as much where you went to school), National Taiwan University (NTU) is rising in the ranks of Asian universities, and their campus is quite nice as well (It has an American university feel to it). But other options are also good, maybe consider looking at Singapore (Great universities there, they are at the top of the Asian rankings and close to that in World rankings, have impressive facilities and have some generous scholarships and financial aid if you need it, plus Singapore is a central location and you can easily travel for holidays or go on exchanges, theres also cheap food there, and a large expat community, and English is a first language among many there). Taiwan is a good option, however you could also consider other places, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau.
  8. BernOnFire

    Unique Extracurricular vs. 4 HLs

    I'm doing Visual Arts HL, and maybe History or Economics HL, Economics may be a better fit as it fits into Marketing, which is also an aspect of Design.
  9. BernOnFire

    Unique Extracurricular vs. 4 HLs

    Maybe, but it doesn't offer the other major or program I want to take, not sure at the moment.
  10. BernOnFire

    Taking 2 language B courses?

    I think if you're interested in it, it will be great, as you won't hate the course, and may have a higher motivation to succeed if you enjoy what you're doing, plus this will look good on university applications (Especially if you're applying to a country that is bilingual or has universities that are bilingual, for example: Canada is English and French, thus if you applied to universities in Quebec, they would likely be more willing to take you in, especially the Francophone universities). And you'd learn another language, and Sociology is the study of human society, you'd definitely be more likely to be accepted, as language is the basis of many societies. If you genuinely enjoy it, then stay on those courses, you'll get better results if you enjoy the subject, and removes some stress from the IB if two classes or more classes are enjoyable, you won't get so frustrated, even better, it gives you a a nice break from some classes you might not enjoy as much !
  11. BernOnFire

    Help me with picking my subjects?

    I think most schools allow you take that option, maybe you could check with your Australian school, they might let you take some IB courses and the rest can be whatever they have, there is a domestic Australian high school curriculum, that is probably accepted by any university, you'd just have to maybe take the SAT, that is a requirement for most American universities. IB courses is basically, you don't have to write an EE, take ToK, or do CAS (This one in some schools is still a requirement, but not as intensive as the Diploma CAS), and you can take as few or as many courses as you want, you can have 1-2 HLs, and 3-4 SLs, or any combination, depending on what your school offers. This would work excellently with a combination of IB courses, SATs/ACT + TOEFL/IELTS (I think if you take English A TOEFL or IELTS isn't necessary), and the normal Australian curriculum or classes your school offers, maybe send them an email about this? I think most schools have them, most can't exactly force their students to do the Full Diploma, in most English speaking countries (Canada,USA,Australia) most students just take some courses they want in conjunction with their local curriculum P.S I'm only starting next week actually, but i'll be starting earlier than you, so I'll be ahead in the class as our system here is August-June not January-December, feel free to ask me any questions (Preferably 1-2 months from now, maybe I'll be already working on stuff by then) if you need to. I think because Australia is only a few hours ahead of China timewise, you can ask me and i'll probably answer soon
  12. BernOnFire

    Help me with picking my subjects?

    Hi, if you're planning to apply to the U.S, they don't care as much about your final score but more about how you do in each class, your SAT scores, and maybe English language requirements like TOEFL or IELTS, and things you do outside of class (Like activities, sports, etc.). If you plan on taking the SAT (A lot of universities require it only encourage it and give you a higher chance of scholarship or aid), maybe perhaps don't take the Diploma, maybe take Certificates, so there's less requirements and you can take all the classes you actually need and want to take, and not take the unnecessary ones. Especially since most universities if you want to take Theatre or Art, they'll care about your portfolio and audition for theatre or arts, thus you'll have not to worry about TOK/EE/CAS, and you can work on your portfolio and audition material? Hope this might be helpful to you, i'm also in DP1 and going to take certificates (Visual Arts HL, so if we both take this class, feel free to contact me if you decide on Visual Arts) Wish you the best of luck!
  13. BernOnFire

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Bernardo / Bern / Bernie (All three names work ) 2. Where are you from? originally Brazil but i'm studying in an international school in China (why i'm taking IB) 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Honestly don't remember, just found it randomly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 4. What made you register on IB Survival? A lot of info on IB, and you had a community to help you through IB and vice versa, great support group here for IB 5. When did you (approximately) register here? Around March 2016 6. What is your favourite IB subject? Probably History, French, or Art? Depends how things go in each of them 7. When are you graduating? 2019 8. What are your plans for university? Probably attending a Canadian university to study International Relations / Graphic Design (One as a major, one as a minor or 2nd major maybe) thinking about Carleton (Ottawa), Concordia (Montreal), York (Toronto), and maybe SFU, whichever one I get into 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Model United Nations, debate, reading, and occasionally some writing 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? Call it IBS (IB, therefore I B.S, occasionally we all come on here instead of doing work and procrastinating, we BS a lot in the IB *cough* me *cough* but i call this, PRODUCTIVE procrasination! (and maybe let's add a mobile app or something for phone users, )
  14. BernOnFire

    Unique Extracurricular vs. 4 HLs

    Mostly Canada (Novia Scotia College of Art + Design, YorkU, Waterloo, Concordia, Carleton, SFU)
  15. Hi, i'm slightly confused as i'm taking French as a second language at my school, however for some reason only French B is offered as Group 2, but French Ab Initio is for some reason only allowed as a Group 6, however I am required to take Visual Arts as an HL, as i'm applying for Design in university and thus will require that class, should I just bite the bullet and take French B SL, or maybe explain this to my IB Coordinator or a School Counselor, as I haven't taken any french class yet, is there a MAJOR difference in French B or Ab-Initio (I'm from Brazil and I speak Portuguese, which is Romance Latin based like French, so I could understand SOME, not sure which to take as I absolutely cannot not take VA, it's require as I said before for university) P.S what book would you recommend for a first time French learner, I've already got DuoLingo, i'd like an additional thing to learn french from if anyone knows any good cheap books )

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