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  1. I've watched a few: Fairy Tail, Attack On Titan, Angel Beats, Tokyo ESP I gotta get back into them Took a break for a while, i've mainly watched TV Shows for the past year
  2. If you don't enjoy literary analysis, writing, and essays, I think you'd fare better in French B, as it is more Language Acquisition than Literature, but if you do enjoy those things, then choose English A HL, but if you enjoy French, then go for it in HL, it will be a nice break from Economics and Bio HLs, as they are very intense courses according to some I personally am not yet in DP, but I will be next year
  3. As you said, I think during classes or lectures you should type the notes as the teacher explains or writes things on the board, or even if they're using a presentation, because in class you generally don't have the time to write out fancy notes quickly, and you should do that either after class, or at the end of the week or day, I generally think you should type them up during classes, and summarize, review, and write them out on flashcards or in your notebooks after typing them, so that you can be efficient and have nice notes to look at during finals or exam periods
  4. I listen to mostly alternative, pop, electronic, and K-POP, heres some artists I recommend to check out Alternative/Pop AURORA (Norwegian singer, her music is in english though,, her album "All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend" is amazing) Bishop Briggs (British singer, her music has a sort of rock and country vibe, with some electronic mixed in too, she has a really powerful voice, her album came out recently too, great music to study to) Lorde (one of the few New Zealanders to make it big! her music doesn't really have a genre, it has a pop sound though, it's more the lyrics that make it alternative, and has some pretty meaningful lyrics, perfect for literary analysis lmao , she has two albums so far: Pure Heroine and Melodrama, released just a few weeks ago) Florence + The Machine (Also british, amazing music and pretty meaningful songs, deals with a whole lot of things like spirituality, depression, and love) Electronic: M83 (French band based in Los Angeles, i spent like almost 2 years trying to find out the name of their song that is pretty familiar "Midnight City", it is pretty calming and relaxing, found them on Spotify, really good music they got there) Cashmere Cat (Norwegian DJ, we're seeing a pattern here , his music is heavily electronic, gives you the urge to get up and dance, perfect for those breaks from studying for you to just dance ) K-POP: Blackpink (New girl group, they've got some pretty cool music, doesn't sound like your typical girl group, and amazing dancers, although most K-POP artists are competent dancers, but their image and sound is more hip-hop, not bubbly like your typical girl group, inspired from 2NE1, P.S They're dropping their new album sometime this month or the next, heavy promo is going on right now) HyunA (She's been around for a while, has some good music, she's released like 4 albums, and doesn't seem to be stopping there, awesome music for dancing as well) IU (This artist is pretty unique, she's one of the few solo artists in K-POP, and has some relaxing or chill music, some songs are pop, some are country, and some are ballads, her style varies ) CL (She was formerly a part of 2NE1, she has some good music, some songs are even in english! She's going to drop an English language album this year, or so we hope haha)
  5. I'm Bern from Brazil, currently in Grade 10 and about to enter DP1, and I study in an international school in China
  6. Hi, i'm currently in Grade 10, and about to enter the first year of DP in August 2017, from those who've just finished DP1 or DP2, what are some things you strongly encourage or advise us future DP1s to do, what are some general tips you can give us (e.g how to handle homework, stress, or procrastination :P) (By the way, i'll probably be taking HL: Psych, Art, and English A, and SL: Math Studies, ESS or Biology, French Ab/Chinese Ab)
  7. Hi, due to some unforseen circumstances, I will be moving back to my home country (Still taking IB though probably) and because our education system is a bit different (School year runs from January-December, Southern Hemisphere) it will give me a second chance to apply to UWC (I missed the deadlines and other important things to apply), if there are any UWCers on the forum, would you mind sharing some tips on applying or your experience studying at UWC?
  8. Wow, it is really well put together! But as Sodonewithib said, it needs some change in formatting!
  9. Hi, does anyone have any tips/tricks/strategies for studying they'd like to share? I'd like to make this topic a place where anyone can share their tips, so that we can improve our studying a bit Here's some of mine: 1. Taking notes in class digitally (So you can get all the information as it is being given), and at the end of the day (Specially if there are any quizzes or tests coming up) review the notes you have typed and write them out by hand neatly and in a way that you can quickly refer to them to understand the topic. It's much better to write it out after class when you have time and don't need to rush to gather all the information, specially if the teacher has written them out on the board and may need to erase it to cover the topic fully. 2. Watching videos or clips related to the topic, specially if you need some more info (I personally recommend CrashCourse, they have videos on a lot of topics like Chemistry, Biology, History, etc.) 3. Using online websites to test or quiz yourself on the topic, to see if you are able to understand it without looking at notes ( I personally recommend Quizlet or KhanAcademy, they let you review the topic using resources others have made, and you can make your own too, and take personalized quizzes or tests based on those resources) Feel free to share yours too!
  10. I have heard about physics being one of the more or most difficult sciences in IB, but I find it more enjoyable and it does help when you enjoy and want to learn more about the subject itself, I'll check that website out, thanks for the help I really appreciate it! ,
  11. I haven't had experience in applying to a Dutch university (I'm going into IB1 in a few months actually, but also might be looking at some Dutch universities ), but according to the University of Amsterdam website it says: "International Baccalaureate: diploma or official record from the International Baccalaureate Office in Geneva with at least 24 points" I think that it's asking for your official transcript from the IB, probably the one released after the examinations, but since you've already applied I guess it just means that your final results cannot be lower than 24 points. Just means that you have to receive the diploma in the end to be admitted, so it won't matter if you get exactly 38 points, the University just wants you to have the IB diploma, nothing else. Hope this helps
  12. Thanks for the info, I'll probably be switching to Physics anyway, most universities I've checked require Physics or suggest taking it, especially for courses in the Design/Architecture fields
  13. I am a Pre-IB student currently taking Biology, however I am considering switching from Biology to Physics, as I will likely be taking Physics SL next year in IB1, as many university design and architecture courses require Physics SL and Math SL from IB applicants. Is it better to switch now and take Physics for the final semester, or study Physics over the summer to be prepared for Physics in the IB? Is Physics less heavy on memorization and more on applying concepts directly compared to Biology? P.S, what sort of websites/textbooks are recommended for Physics, as i will likely also self-study along with taking Physics this year in order to be better prepared for IB1
  14. Yeah, I agree that the reason Trump won is because while the Republican party was basically united, the Democrats were fighting amongst themselves and with the third parties for the candidacy. But I don't think Trump will last these 4 years, because there is something call impeachment, especially if he continues making executive orders and taking backward steps for America, he already has a big opposition at the start, even before being elected, and it's growing, even some Republicans are opposing his extreme policies by the way.
  15. As licia said, it's quite shocking to see that a person like Trump be allowed to run a country, the fact that he wants to run it like his businesses (by the way many of them have gone bankrupt) does not seem like a good idea. I think the problem is that both candidates did not seem fit to be a president, and the other two parties (Green and Libertarian) basically had no chance to be elected because of the U.S's strange and in my opinion outdated system of electing it's President. And Trump's policies seem to be the complete opposite of America, a country that's LITERALLY been built by immigrants and it supposedly a "diverse melting-pot" of a nation; his ideas are just gonna set America back by 50 years and slow down progress. I just think that if America wants to succeed, it has to have a major overhaul of it's political system so it can be more of a "government of the people for the people".