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  1. Would anyone be willing to read my IB Bio EE when I am finished???
  2. It all depends on what you want to do with the book. As long as the book is something that doesn't only use simple vocabulary and pictures, you should be ok. Just make sure your whole paper in itself in not too simple.
  3. Well, while I think doing a topic on how the cuban revolution was from the bolshevik revolution, there are two things that you need to work on: 1) The wording of your question. You need to change the verb influenced to another one because of how ambiguous it is. What do you mean by influence. I had that word in my topic and my teacher said the same thing to me. 2)You should put it in a "To What Extent" sentence because it allows you more wiggle room. Make sure you question is not a simple yes or no question. Make it a topic where both sides can be debated and you are just debating one side.
  4. It is a little overdone in my opinion considering the fact that i found someone do a youtube video on it for the Math IA...
  5. What is the subject you are going for? And you need to be way more specific to the extent you give :The Channa Family" their scientific name.
  6. Is the materials and method page included in the word count? If it is and we put it in the appendix, would it still be included in the word count?
  7. I kept to the Biology subject but I am working more along the lines of biotechnology now. Look into the topics in the Bio HL class and then you can look into labs connecting them.
  8. I am currently doing my EE and you can either make the whole process easy or hard for yourself. I am doing a topic that actually includes a small lab. Remember that this is mostly a research paper so it requires that you use tons and tons of research resources for your paper. I want to be a doctor so I first was working with something similar to what you are doing, but it is really difficult to do a lab with this kind of work because of the experimentation rules. For a Bio EE you NEED data to work with and it is way easier to get your own data instead of getting it from someone else. I have been slowly working on it for about a month just doing little things but I am writing most of it up this coming week. If you have any more questions you can talk to me with this or in a personal message. Moral of the story is that it is not hard as long as you have strong,viable sources that you can write about 3000 words on it and have great data to use that can make about 500-1000 words. Max is 4000 min is 3000.
  9. Well I am not sure about IB Spanish 3 exactly but I took IB Spanish B SL and it was the year that I learned and used the most Spanish. With this class we learned a tremendous amount of vocabulary and we did oral presentations and then worked on writing a ton in the language with different writing formats like blogs,speeches,etc. We did the written assignment where you take a topic from something you learned and talk about it in a paper. After that we worked on the speaking aspect of Spanish to prepare for the Spanish orals. Then we prepared for the tests in May. This class truly taught me a gargantuan amount of Spanish and made me realize that I actually know quite a bit of Spanish. I took regular Spanish 3 and it was really boring.
  10. @Lana426 Look at schools in the US because they just love the fact you do IB. There are some schools that give out scholarships to students who just did the IB.
  11. Yeah, so you need to look at the standards your prospective universities have! Also, if you have a low income like me look at the big time schools like Ivy League 30% or less generally give good financial aid
  12. It would depend on a couple things A) what form of business are you looking into? This is important in a way because the IB is a absolutely great preparation for what you will experience in college, at least that is how it is if you go to a US school. So for me I was lucky enough that the curriculum my school offers that is quite limited is great for what I want to do. I am wondering why you don't take the business and management class that IBDP offers students. It is probs because it is not offered. So if you are looking into working in a environmental business than this will benefit your personal knowledge growth b) what schools are you looking into? It is has become a realization that different schools from different countries view the IB differently. In the US they simply love that you did IB and give you all the credit they can and not even see the classes as a requirement for admittance into programs. But for other schools they want you to do freaking amazing in the IB and take certain classes and score really well to do certain programs. So you need to look at what schools you are wishing to pursue and then go from there. I hope this helped you out!!!
  13. What i did was have a two classes for each binder. Math and Spanish Bio and English History and AP Stats Then each class had a folder that kept the work that was due for the class and say it was a reading assignment or whatever I used a post it note and put it on the pocket so I would see it. A piece of sage advice would be to BUY A PLANNER! It will help keep you organized with all the things that will be due! Plus it is interesting to see all the homework you did, tests and quizzes taken, etc. you did when the year ends.
  14. I agree, it all comes down to what works best for you. For me my first year I took: IB Spanish B SL IB Bio HL IB Eng: lit HL IB Math SL AP Stats AP US history Pre-Cal Eng and Bio shared a binder, had individual folders, and bio had a notebook. Spanish had its own binder, and a folder Math had its own binder, and folder AP stats and history shared a binder and had separate folder with notebooks for each. Pre-Cal had its own binder and notebook. makes sure to get pens, pencils, and highlighters for studying and school work. Some IB things require pen only. I think it may be smart to separate the work based on the topic of each class (i.e. nucleic acid have its own tab in bio) This year i am actually giving bio its own binder and I am increasing the tab use per topic. I will have a tab for notes, tab for assignments, and tab for labs A planner will be a good investment, make sure it has lots and lots of room get a durable book bag if your school has no lockers. Make sure you use all the resources you have I do not think bringing your laptop to school is necessary at all. It is just a waste of needed book space in you bag and also your school probably has a computer you can use, so if you want to work on something and have the time, bring a flash drive. Flash drives are good also, you can do what I did and make a school folder and inside it make folders per class and then included folders for practice stuff and IA things. Hope this helped
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