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  1. I used the term demand characteristics instead of reactivity for paper 3 question 1. However, I think that both paper were quite good.
  2. Hey, if I were u I wouldn't choose this article for doing my IA on macro as unemployment is more difficult evaluate. I would personally do it on a monetary or fiscal policy carried out by some country as u can both explain it and also evaluate it.
  3. I am TZ2 and think that it was also easy. I decided to do the question about ethical consideration in BLOA.
  4. Hello, So I'm actually studying the option of abnormal behavior for Monday's exam and thought that I'm going to discard the section of etiologies mainly because you have to learn at least two disorders, is it a good idea or it's a better idea to discard another section?. Furthermore, do you know if in treatments its ok if I just learn treatments for depression? or I need to know at least two disorders?. Thank you!
  5. What u say is correct if u wanted to calculate the distance, but it asked for the displacement.
  6. I also thought in doing it in that way at the beginning, but then realized that the question was worth seven marks and when integrating there must be a constant (but maybe u have it correct)
  7. But how did u calculated it? I didn't know how to calculate the constant
  8. Hello, When answering the question of discuss how and why particular research methods are used in the BLOA, can I talk about correlational studies and as an example the Minnesota Twin Study by Bouchard? Thank you.
  9. really bad, nothing compared with past paper. I completely screwed it
  10. Is there a problem if in the blue cover sheet I wrote that I answered one question and then I answered another one?
  11. Hi, the fact is that it's quite difficult to enter Edinburgh as there's too many people applying. I applied this year for studying economics (predicted of 42) and I was rejected despite having a min entry requirement of 34. In your case I think that the minimum entry is of 37.
  12. I also talked about the LRAS but not so much as the question asked about a fast economic growth and that mainly implies an increase in the AD as the LRAS takes more time. Regarding the question about government I think they are pretty much the same, as it's the investment carried out by the government and not the firms. Do you know if they will penalize me a lot if i didn't define investment in the introduction?.
  13. I did question 2 and 3. I had some trouble with the Terms of trade section. Is it ok if defined terms of trade as the ratio between the value of a country's exports and the value of its imports?.
  14. Yeah, most of us did the same questions as we hadn't cover question 3a in class so we had no idea (some friends decided to do that question without really knowing what to write hahaha). I personally found paper 2 much easier than paper 1 (did question 3 (Korea) and 4 (Singapore) and u?. On paper 3 I think I screwed it because of the time, how was your paper 3?.
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