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  1. Heh, thanks. That's slightly reassuring for me, since I suck at lab work. Sorry, by a good methodology, do you mean that we should not be copying a method from somewhere, or that it should be worded in a very detailed and precise way? Also, an exploration as in, in the experiment (going beyond a simple titration) or in the explanation (going in detail about the chemical principles)? Perhaps I could do an investigation into the A.E. of some reaction...seems like a fairly indepth exploration that could be done on various reactions in order to not copy a common experiment.
  2. Thank you very much for your advice! I'm in HL, but I'm not sure how complex an IA has to be. Would a simple "titration for quantitative analysis" make a good IA (I did think about testing for sodium hypochlorite in various bleaches...redox and stoichiometry, might be a bit dangerous though), or would it be a bit below HL standard? I'll keep looking for topics I suppose. Thanks.
  3. I have to finalize my chem IA topic by next week, and finding a good topic's been pretty frustrating... My teacher said a good IA's results shouldn't be easily predicted just by looking at the title, and he didn't like some topics that were too simple or too common. The ideas I'd suggested so far: Concentration of carbonic acid in soda water over time / rate of decomposition at various temperatures (seems kinda pointless...) Equilibrium of carbonic acid in water at different temperatures (link to ocean acidification? I didn't really think this through) The rate order of different acids on calcium carbonate (teacher said the acids would behave mostly the same way except for the number of H+) Correlation of transition metal catalyst effectiveness to number of electrons in d orbital (probably way too complex to explain for an IA, but maybe it could be simplified?) If they seem focused on acid-base chemistry, it's just because I can't think of any other topics. Does anyone have any advice or tips about looking for a good topic, or modifying my ideas? Thanks, if anyone responds.
  4. When we were doing IGCSE English, our school was doing renovations on the roof. The construction workers were reasonable about it, minimizing disruption by only starting work half an hour after school ended. Which would have worked fine, if our class hadn't decided on doing a timed essay after school. Halfway through writing our essays, sounds of jackhammers and banging started echoing everywhere. Needless to say, our concentration went down the drain and everyone raged about it afterwards. There was also a time when I had a severe stomachache before one of my actual IGCSE Eng Lit exams. I thought things would be fine after a quick trip to the toilet, but I ended up trying to write an essay while trying desperately to 'hold it in', feeling like crap and suffering pain, for an hour and a half. Somehow I got a decent score overall. Huh.
  5. I honestly don't see how anyone would oppose it. It's just so...obvious. I'm not 18 yet, but I'm planning on it. The problem is that most people have never thought about it, or not enough to bother to go sign up. I've heard that in some countries, you apply to opt-out from organ donation, so by default everyone donates organs. I think that is an absolutely brilliant idea.
  6. Throughout, I've been seeking answers to a simple question, and gotten answers denying my premise and assumptions about my intent. When I attempted to clarify, you accused me of changing the definitions, and generally tried to tear down my points. Thank you for your time. But for your information, here's some corrections: 1) Many countries do use religion in their laws. Sharia laws are a notable example. 2) The FSM promotes beer and pirates. A ludicrous moral compass but still a valid one. 3) The first principles of science are simply what we observe, for example that the sun rises in the east and that things fall down. And no, vague parallels of religious principles to a scientific theory is not corresponding to reality. 4) You claimed that religions change, then that they don't and that it doesn't matter. I was asking why doesn't it matter to people. 5) The fallacy fallacy is identifying fallacies that may or may not there and then ignoring the other points. We seem to have very different perspectives...I'm curious about your perception of truth argument though. If you don't trust your eyes ...? Perhaps you could point me to articles that explains this?
  7. If our perceptions are not true, then what is? I'm afraid I have to disagree here. Are you saying there is no truth or falsehood? In that case the Flying Spaghetti Monster is equally as valid as any religion, is it not? We can deduce that the world was created more than the few thousand years ago that most religions claim. These kinds of facts are objectively correct, for all intents and purposes. Please clarify what you mean by essence. Languages have an obvious use, evolution is utterly unrelated to this topic (unless if you meant that people change, but that's still irrelevant), and the changing earth simply exists. Memories are what we are, we're literally attached to them. Tradition would be a better comparison to religion. Both useless, yet we cling to them. Religion, however, claims to be something more. Each religion claims to hold the ultimate truth, alone of everyone. A belief system generally has to be reasonable and corresponding to reality for people to have faith in it, but religion is neither. I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand your last point.
  8. I'm not looking for a debate, only a new perspective and answers to my curiosity. Why do people have faith in a religion if they can't be deduced from the environment, only passed down through imperfectly trustworthy means? I'm honestly puzzled. If this is the case, why do people attach any importance to religions as a belief system? I do not mean to imply anything. Most religions, however, do indeed state that theirs is the only right way of living, and their adherents have confidence in the fact. That is exactly what I am wondering about. Why?
  9. I've wondered how can anyone be certain in their faith, and I'd love to get a response that will satisfy my curiosity. There are currently hundreds of major religions and thousands of sects, so how can believers be certain that their religion is true? Bear in mind that a person's religion is significantly affected by the family and society they were born in. (e.g. almost certainly Islam in the Middle East, likely Christianity in the US, likely atheism in China). It seems to me like being in the "right" religion, if there is one, is from the luck of the draw... Most religions are based on knowledge handed down through generations of word-of-mouth and millenia of transcription/translation. How far are they trustworthy or applicable in modern times? I know religious texts are possibly the world's most accurately translated texts, but meaning can be lost through translation, and most holy books must be interpreted symbolically or allegorically to make any sense. There are many versions and interpretations of the wording. In any case, their teachings were meant for a civilization very different and far from the present. Holy books are only meaningful assuming the existence of its specific God, and specific Gods are only described by a holy book. Thanks for your time, if you choose to answer or ask another question.
  10. I'm an IGCSE student in Hong Kong, soon to take IB courses. Everyone is fluent in Chinese and English in my school, so most people actually take 2 first languages, but there's still the option of lang B for either one. I'm very weak in Chinese (even though we speak it in the family ehehe), so I applied for Chinese B. The school rejected me for reasons like "over 10 years of Chinese lessons", "speaks Chinese at home" and "the school might face consequences if IB finds a native Chinese speaker in Lang B", with no further elaboration. I can't find any information on the subject, so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this...? Thanks in advance if anyone can help.