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  1. Definitely keep going with your project. Your chem teacher is right, nobody really cares about 4 HLs. Since both choices shows your "hard work", just choose the one that you enjoy better, and I'm pretty sure you'd choose the project Plus, it's really cool. It's something you could brag about. Meanwhile, bragging about 4 HLs would make you sound arrogant.
  2. I would like to note that this request was made 2 years ago.
  3. First of all, I'd like to encourage everyone not to debate the issues here because this isn't in the debate & discussion category, and nobody's opinion is going to be changed by a forum thread. (But if you're willing to engage people on these issues, Marsynthost, you'd be a really valuable member of the community. Otherwise politics threads would simply be endless degrees of Trump bashing) Anyway, I'm more interested in your change in beliefs (redpilling's not a term you want to use if you want a discussion instead of opposition...) I don't understand why the sudden Trump support. Did seeing 'third-wave feminism' make you think all feminism was flawed or something? I just get the impression that you saw the extreme left then swung all the way to the right. Could you define progressivism? Is it important enough to you that Trump's other qualities and policies don't matter? So you think that immigrants won't integrate and will eventually overpower the majority, right? I only brought this up because it is incredibly misleading to show a map of US states and point at the sea of red/blue to prove a point. That means a small majority in each state is red/blue. A 'landslide' victory usually only means 60% of the vote.
  4. I think you should go read the websites, or listen to admission talks by the schools you're aiming for. You should confirm whether they require Biology HL or focus more on total scores, or something else like activities. Are you sure the teacher won't relent later on? Is the grade based on exams, which are less biased, or lab work marked by the teacher, which is very subjective? And are you sure you'll get a 7 in SL? (Different teacher?) Maybe you should ask your teacher about it, if your teacher isn't the unfriendly/easily offended type. Sorry I can't help you much.
  5. Is your German good enough for a basic conversation and a very short and simple essay? If it is, German B should be doable. (My only experience is with Chinese B though, but I think the difficulty of language Bs are similar.) It seems you haven't confirmed that you can't take ab initio yet though. You never know until you try. Language A is on a completely different level. It seems more than twice as hard as a language B to me, so language B might get you a better grade in half the time. Sorry, I can't help much. Good luck!
  6. I'm planning to find the maximum concentration of ethanol that baker's yeast can tolerate. Would this be a suitable topic? Seems a little generic to me...if it's too simple, maybe I could explore whether it disrupts membranes or if it acts through osmolarity differences by comparing it to the effects of a solution with the same osmolarity but a different solute... (e.g. 5% ethanol compared to 5% salt/sugar) Another problem is that the yeast might take a long time to die, so the experiments might have to last for days to show the full effects...
  7. I can't pretend to understand what you're going through. But I know it is possible to teach yourself most of the sciences through textbooks, study guides, past papers and online resources quite effectively. IBOReddit has excellent resources (everything I mentioned, multiple versions, all years). Honestly, I find that for some subjects, the only purpose of having a teacher was being forced to consistently do work and having someone to answer questions. (Maybe it's just my teacher). Motivation and the internet can make up for crappy lessons. As you can see, a lot of people care here. Hopefully you can find something of use on this forum or somewhere else. Good luck...
  8. Just a thought I had one day... The universe is incomprehensibly vast. The earth takes up 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003%, or 3x10-60 % of the volume of the universe, and because of the expansion of space, most of the observable universe is physically impossible to reach. If the universe was created by a deity, there are a few possibilities: The universe is basically a sandbox or a simulator: life is an unintended emergent feature, and there is no real intended purpose for us. This is basically Deism, almost at agnosticism. As most religions seem to claim, modern humans are special enough to be saved by a manifestation of God, on Earth, sometime in the not so far future. This implies that 99.999999999999....999% of the universe is background scenery. This view seems incredibly arrogant to me, and it would be ridiculously wasteful. It would be like growing a bacterial colony in a single petri dish placed on a completely featureless planet that cannot otherwise support life. There are many alien civilizations out there: the universe is teeming with life. We are not meant to stay on Earth. Humanity is meant to expand as far as it can go, colonizing the stars. Both 3 and 4 have very interesting implications. It would be interesting to see religions funding large-scale space exploration, to say the least. We moved from a geocentric model, to a heliocentric model, to a Milky Way- centric (?) model and beyond. Why are our religions' attitudes still seemingly stuck putting Earth at the center of the universe? Calculation: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=(volume+of+earth)%2F(volume+of+universe) Are there any flaws in this argument? What do you think?
  9. Well, I've heard someone say that Trump pulling out of Paris gave people a reason to do something. After all, half the states and many cities banded together to do their part, so obviously some people were inspired to take action. We'll see if it has any lasting effect... And China and EU are still cooperating, which is something. Maybe the agreement will survive a few years until hopefully a saner POTUS is elected.
  10. Well...I'm an atheist that isn't a psychopath, so there's your answer. From my perspective, religion obviously isn't the source or definition of morality because it is simply a fixed system of moral principles written for a society that existed centuries/millenia ago. So what is the alternative to religion? We can lay down some principles and build on them like mathematics does: "Do not do to others what you wouldn't want done to you", or "maximize happiness", and so on. But of course, there are many exceptions to every rule, so no system of ethics is perfect... That's what we should do without religion, but that's probably not the reason why ethics exists without religion. Nobody goes "I'm following this moral rule as logically as I can", morality just...happens. Why? I think biology is a huge factor: we evolved as social animals, so our emotions compel us to cooperate and help our 'tribe' (nowadays it's our families, friends, society, nation etc). So the universal basics of morality probably come from this, because it would be pretty dumb to go around killing and stealing. There's education on top of that: parents pass on their personal set of ethics, and a culture influences a child's beliefs. Tiny things like "be kind", "help others", "be polite" etc. Perhaps you could say that each generation 'domesticates' the next generation, so that children follow a set of ethics that can fit in society instead of following our most basic emotions... Excuse my rambling.
  11. Heh, thanks. That's slightly reassuring for me, since I suck at lab work. Sorry, by a good methodology, do you mean that we should not be copying a method from somewhere, or that it should be worded in a very detailed and precise way? Also, an exploration as in, in the experiment (going beyond a simple titration) or in the explanation (going in detail about the chemical principles)? Perhaps I could do an investigation into the A.E. of some reaction...seems like a fairly indepth exploration that could be done on various reactions in order to not copy a common experiment.
  12. Thank you very much for your advice! I'm in HL, but I'm not sure how complex an IA has to be. Would a simple "titration for quantitative analysis" make a good IA (I did think about testing for sodium hypochlorite in various bleaches...redox and stoichiometry, might be a bit dangerous though), or would it be a bit below HL standard? I'll keep looking for topics I suppose. Thanks.
  13. I have to finalize my chem IA topic by next week, and finding a good topic's been pretty frustrating... My teacher said a good IA's results shouldn't be easily predicted just by looking at the title, and he didn't like some topics that were too simple or too common. The ideas I'd suggested so far: Concentration of carbonic acid in soda water over time / rate of decomposition at various temperatures (seems kinda pointless...) Equilibrium of carbonic acid in water at different temperatures (link to ocean acidification? I didn't really think this through) The rate order of different acids on calcium carbonate (teacher said the acids would behave mostly the same way except for the number of H+) Correlation of transition metal catalyst effectiveness to number of electrons in d orbital (probably way too complex to explain for an IA, but maybe it could be simplified?) If they seem focused on acid-base chemistry, it's just because I can't think of any other topics. Does anyone have any advice or tips about looking for a good topic, or modifying my ideas? Thanks, if anyone responds.
  14. I honestly don't see how anyone would oppose it. It's just so...obvious. I'm not 18 yet, but I'm planning on it. The problem is that most people have never thought about it, or not enough to bother to go sign up. I've heard that in some countries, you apply to opt-out from organ donation, so by default everyone donates organs. I think that is an absolutely brilliant idea.
  15. I'm an IGCSE student in Hong Kong, soon to take IB courses. Everyone is fluent in Chinese and English in my school, so most people actually take 2 first languages, but there's still the option of lang B for either one. I'm very weak in Chinese (even though we speak it in the family ehehe), so I applied for Chinese B. The school rejected me for reasons like "over 10 years of Chinese lessons", "speaks Chinese at home" and "the school might face consequences if IB finds a native Chinese speaker in Lang B", with no further elaboration. I can't find any information on the subject, so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this...? Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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