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  1. Literally 5 minutes after posting this I came across this page. Is this syllabus (around p23) the one that will be used next year?
  2. Does anyone know where I can find the syllabus for next year for Maths HL? I'm trying to get ahead and familiarize myself with the course during summer break (right now). I have here with me the Haese textbook and I have absolutely no idea where to start . Anyone have any suggestions on what I can self-teach or go over on my own? Btw, I will also be using other online resources such as videos etc... Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply! I actually think that I saw a Maths HL textbook lying around in my boarding house the other day - ironically enough, no one in my boarding house takes it... But it wasn't a cambridge one, I think it was something like Haese Mathematics and it was absolutely massive. Also, If I were to look for a cambridge one anyway, do they just sell them at bookstores? Oh yeah, and If I were using a different textbook than those of my classmates, wouldn't there be an issue (I would need two books then I guess). Not that it's a big deal though, just that my mum is slightly concerned about the price, if you know what I mean.
  4. Guys, I am considering taking Maths HL next year, and I was wondering If It would actually be useful to try get ahead during the summer.So do you guys think watching khan academy videos (and doing the exercises) and/or looking over the syllabus would help? Or of course not just khan academy, maybe other sites too. Have you got any other tips/advice on how I could get a little headstart and familiarize myself with the course?Thanks.
  5. Thank you both for that. After thinking about it, your points ring true. I guess I should have a look over the syllabus and see how I find it. I really do want to work for Maths HL.
  6. Yeah, that's fine. At my school, it's pretty much compulsory to be involved in 2 or more activities or 'clubs' - they really put an emphasis on extracurriculars. Also, this isn't completely relevant, but may I add that I go to a boarding school, so I probably won't be watching any TV or playing games (they block things). Music maybe... So I think I've got the idea that Bio needs memorizing, Chem needs application and Maths practice - but what I really want to know is how I would find the course after coming from the iGCSE. We've all had different backgrounds of the subjects before entering the IB, so we would all have different opinions on it. Did you take the iGCSE beforehand? And did you take Ad Maths or something similar (I've taken half of it) before doing Maths HL? Thanks
  7. Wow, a predicted 7 in Maths HL and Chem!!! Did you do iGCSEs or another course, and did you take Ad Maths? I thought all along that I would be able to handle the work, but recently I got a lot of people doubting me and even making fun of me for even dreaming of attempting those HLs. May I also know what you are applying for at Uni? I thought that If you wanted to do medicine, you had to do both sciences at HL - I could be wrong. Thanks
  8. Does anyone take or has taken these higher levels: maths, chemistry, biology, (economics). The economics is in brackets because at our school, they expect us to drop maths, so we start with 4 HLs. If you have taken or do take this combination, how is it going? I am currently taking all three (except econ) for iGCSE, so I have some kind of background. Do you recommend this for me? A little background info: I aspire to study either computer science or medicine (generally) I do quite well in all three subjects (already took maths and got an A*, been getting A*s for the other two) I am hardworking but I have bad organisation/time management skills I'm not proud of saying this, but I practically have no social life, so It's not the end of the world if there is a lot of work (just not too much hopefully) thanks
  9. Well, I'm most probably going to end up dropping one of those higher levels anyway, but the difference being Spanish for the second choice (or maths which would be disastrous), or economics for the first choice. I simply don't want to be left with an irrelevant higher level, which would be spanish, so I replaced it with chemistry. I am currently thinking about doing computer science, but that might not work out; so, since I'm taking bio, I was considering taking chem too so I'd be open to medicine. I quite enjoy science related topics so medicine is a great backup. So I feel that If I went with the first group of subjects, I would have two definite paths whereas if I went with the second one, everything is all jumbled up. Besides, I'm not a big fan of economics (at this point) so dropping it wouldn't hurt. However, of course, with both chem hl and maths hl, I am extremely worried about the workload. I mean I know I'm hardworking, but I'm horrendously disorganised and my time management sucks. What do you think? Should I take maths, chem and bio hl and drop econ, or is that a bad choice? thanks
  10. HLMathsBiologyChemistry(Economics) since I have to start with 4, they expect us to drop maths lolSLSpanish BEnglish Lang Litor should I stick with this:HLMathsBiologyEconomics(Spanish) since I have to start with 4SLChemistryEnglish Lang LitSuggestions and advice are much appreciated.
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