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  1. Hey fellas, As you saw the title, I need urgent help with my Physics IA. My central topic is holography and the specific one is understanding light as an electromagnetic wave. So, in that order of ideas, I'm working with holograms made with the reflection of a laser through a splitter beam (Below you can see an image that shows the experimental set-up) Im. 1 I did this set-up and collected all the data and stuff but now, I don't know what to do with this data. In a first instance, I wanted to create my own hologram. But considering that I'm not doing anything special, it's not a 24-points investigation. What do you guys think I shall do? I've considered two options: 1- Continue with my project but making a different experimental set-up or, 2- Proving or calculating a certain thing (for example, I don't know, calculating/proving the speed of light) Thank you so much!
  2. @Vioh Oh I didn't knew about that! Anyway, thanks!! But for example, which one you chose? Like I said, I see me really into Relativity, Engineering Physics, and Astrophysics. As I want to become a civil engineer, I'd like to choose that option but astrophysics sounds great too!
  3. Hey!, I think working only in that problem spends you at least, being promisingly, 500 words, describing variables, hypothesis, objectives, process, etc. So I suggest you to, in order to be able to explain and reach 4000 words: Always make you the question "What happens if" because it shows your personal engagement (EE's criteria evaluated). In this case at Physics, you can relate it with Maths knowledge. e.g.: What happens if a third-variable is present in the water tank...(bla-bla-bla)? A logarithmical graph could be done? π (pi), e (eulers') could be calculated? If you don't see you really into it, then try to choose a more theorical topic. e.g.: Astrophysics (Has Math but comprensible one haha), Waves or Communication. Take into account that all MATHEMATICAL PROCESS and FORMULAS, are not counted as words. Hope it helps .
  4. Hey!, IB English B Oxford Book is my base-reference in English HL class and to me, it is quite good... But I suggest you to research for other IB English B Books in order to compare them and see who is worthy or better. e.g.: Cambridge Book * Good luck !
  5. Ironically, I saw me more into Option D (Relativity) haha. But OK, I'll comment it with my group . Thanks!
  6. Hey!, Firstly it is both true-false, because respectively, secondary data provides you an analysis of the topic you are working with so, in general words, it helps a lot clearing your mind. But also, you should not rely more on it because one of the purposes the EE cares mostly is your personal engagement and analysis, so here it is were primary data is welcomed. I suggest you two things: Don't research/rely only on the internet, go to your library as well and try to read as much as you can about your EE topic. As my EE tutor says, if you don't have at minimum 5-7 proper references (data) of your topic, change it, because references play a very important role in your Extended Essay. Hope it helps you .
  7. Hey!, Since I just studied that topic in my HL class (African Americans Civil Rights) I could suggest you to put attention on this aspects in order to improve your Internal Assessment: Question 1: To what extent did Jim Crow Laws affect African American’s in the 1960’s? -In which aspect do you want to work about while writing "affect"? Economical, social, political, cultural, ideological...? -Be conscious that working the 60's means working the whole decade and with the civil rights law of 1964 and voting rights act of 1965 of USA, Jim Crow Laws were removed. Question 2: To what extent did the reconstruction period impact laws of the African Americans? -Work on your redaction. -With nothing more to say, this question has multiple arguments to support on so it seems good. Question 3: To what extent was was Fidel Castro’s role significant in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962? -Again, in which aspect are you going to work about? Castro's economical, social, political, cultural, or ideological influence? General review: -To choose which topic and question to do, find firstly good references to work on. For example, begin researching in your local library books containing Civil Rights Movement (I have ones in PDF if you are interested) or Castro's Influence in Cuban Missile Crisis. As my teacher says, this is the mainly aspect you have to take account while doing your IA because, in general words, it is your base to work on. Hope this feed back helps .
  8. Hey fellas! My physic's teacher just asked my SL group which option to take. He told us he has experience in Option B, D, and E. We discussed about it but no conclusions were made. The options are: (Taken from Physics IBO Guide) Option A — Sight and wave phenomena Option B — Quantum physics and nuclear physics Option C — Digital technology Option D — Relativity and particle physics Option E — Astrophysics Option F — Communications Option G — Electromagnetic waves Since I'm coursing the 1st year of DP, I'm not as experienced as some of you guys are... So, for you, which of those is harder? Which is easiest? I have to decide it soon because we are going to emphasize in it the whole year...
  9. Agree! You know you're in the IB when the library is actually your home...
  10. Hey guys, I'm facing a little problem with my History's Internal Assessment. I just started the Diploma approx. 2 months ago and I think now it's the best moment to know some opinions about it. My topic is: The Influence of J. Rockefeller's Legacy in the Great Depression My investigation question is: To what extent was J. Rockefeller's legacy important at facing the United States economical redevelopment after the Great Depression to the New Deal's beginning? In this regard, what do you think? What shall I do to improve it? Please! make any suggestion or even criticize it haha... I really want to know your opinion. Thanks!
  11. Everyone want to obtain for sure 40+, but being realistic (and being conscious of my capabilities) I'm aiming for anything above 35. I'm from Colombia and I wanna' study Economics & Finance at USA, this makes me work harder because the uni's I'm applying for requires an score between 43-45, in general words, the best damn grade. Well, this is actually hoping entering with a scholarship in Princeton or Harvard, soo! LOL, with discipline I could afford it.
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