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  1. Stick to past paper. Why? It tests your speed and also the format of an exam than questionbank. And also, on Questionbank you may be tempted to press on the answer, than a past paper that you have to download, find the question, look at it. (I answer this by experience when I got a straight 7 in Math SL without Questionbank but only past papers from 2006-2015 May and Nov papers.)
  2. ia

    Done, hope it helps.
  3. If taking 3 HLs can get you a higher grade to reflect your potentials than 4 HLs, it will be even beneficial for applying universities.
  4. They will never look at your IAs unless you are really proud of your work and send it. (I mean if my uni looked at my IAs or EE they would probably take back my offers lmao, but it didn't happen)
  5. I am not sure if it will count towards plagiarism, but try avoiding using the same experiment result and analysis for safety.
  6. Real life example here, got a 13/24 and still managed a 6 in my IB. So don't you worry and do not ever let an IA score to strike you down.
  7. I went through Bio exam last year and I must say past paper is extremely important (sorry about that). Though reading notes can build up your knowledge, past papers make you adapted to the mode of answering questions. To this post's owner, you are certainly on a good progress. Take your time and keep up with the hard work. I am sure you will find Bio HL easier to handle than other HLs with your revision.
  8. Biology was not my favourite subject, but I had a huge interest in it because I love how this subject is related to human and life so much. What I did for IB Bio: Revise concepts, past papers (Very important) and making my own set of notes prior to exam. I am not sure why you took Bio even if you have low interest, but to boost interest, I will highly recommend you to understand the concepts before going for IB, you may find the fun in it. Good luck for your IB and if you need help for Bio revision strategies or any question about IB, quote or message me. I will be happy to answer. -Inriya
  9. Depends if you are taking the exam for the extra SL class.
  10. In worse case, the teacher gives a strike. Please do not plagiarize because you are basically risking yourself to not get your diploma. Cite (takes you just a few minutes!) and use your brain for your own assignment to be unique.
  11. I have taken Chem HL, and I think it can be quite difficult if you have never studied Chemistry before. I had a horrible experience in this subject due to a teacher who is not really helpful. However, I still managed to obtain high grade (7 in school) by self studying. So, I would say you can obtain good grades in Chem HL by yourself if you are motivated. By my observations on my friends who have taken Math and Physics HL with Chemistry HL, I would say Chem HL is the easiest subject out of the 3 to get a high grade, though I am not sure because I didn't take Math or Physics HL.
  12. I met the same situation last year. Though I scored 7 on my final exam, I only got a 6. However, I am doing Chem HL, so the IA weighs higher. I believe if you perform well in exam, you can keep up with 7. Cheer up and don't let IA drag you down.
  13. I personally think Chemistry is not really a compulsory subject to take to be a doctor, but it is certainly required by a lot of universities, and it complements very well with future studies in Medicine. So, if you take Chemistry SL, at least it's better than not studying Chemistry at all.
  14. As I remembered, Chinese B HL's syllabus is different from Chinese A syllabus because you will have to read 2 books to prep for paper 2 (as I remembered for Langage and Literature SL). Can you still switch your class from Chinese A to Chinese B? However, if you are very fluent and brilliant in Chinese, I can assure that Chinese B will not be difficult to catch up.
  15. Hello there! I have studied Biology HL in my IB years, and I think you may need some guidance on how to revise for test. I have written something (very long) regarding how to revise for Biology for a lot of chapters (more of the topics will be in Year 2 of IBDP) Biology is not easy to score high, especially Biology Higher Level. I will recommend in your first year of Biology, try to look at points and answer the amount of points (look at the mark and do know what and how long the answer should be). Moreover, I will highly recommend to revise prior to lesson, extremely useful in Biology. Hope it helps!