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  1. I would recommend that you should get tutoring lessons from professional Maths teachers instead of your classmates. Even when your classmates might perform well on maths, they do not have the experience to teach you well when they are learning the content themselves too. If you can find someone who is more experienced, for example, a teacher (with less accent), or someone who has graduated with a high score in Math SL, it would be much easier. If not, keep asking your teacher. Make sure you understand everything before leaving despite the accent, or ask her to use numbers and diagrams to demonstrate how she calculated the answers. My maths was bad from Middle School. Luckily I got someone who had graduated a few years before me to teach me during my IBDP period, and I was able to score a 7/7 in my Maths SL in the end. You are definitely not alone, and I'm sure you can improve your maths.
  2. Not sure if an oldie's advice can help when I've taken Chemistry HL back in 2014-2016. It's a long time ago, but I still remember the struggles I had in Chemistry HL. Chemistry HL itself is not a hard subject, but it is the effort it requires you to put in. The effort that I have put in Chemistry HL compared to all my other subjects such as Biology HL, Maths SL, Economics HL, is relatively greater. Of course, if you have had your IGCSE and is interested in Chemistry HL, I will not discourage you in doing so, especially when you want to be a doctor, Chemistry HL is an essential course. Therefore, if you have decided to pursue your dream in becoming a doctor, then you might need to take Chem HL according to the universities' requirements. Do ask me if you have any questions.
  3. very simple tips from me when your exam is in November 2019. revise regularly and start early. IB curriculum is a lot, so starting early is essential. Set a timetable for yourself to revise if you have classes now, take notes and look back at it after school / at your free time to grasp everything. If you have problems during your revision, make sure you jot it down and ask your teacher asap before you forget it. good luck in your exam in 2019!
  4. Hello EllaUmb! I hope all is well for you right now when November is coming near. It's very common for someone to lose motivation, especially maths when you have to practice regularly. There are some ways to keep motivation up, which worked for me back in my IB days. I usually set out a to-do list of what I want to complete today, and try to stick to it during my revision. E.g: I want to revise my differentiation and integration today. Then stick to it! Since you have tutoring once a week, circle out the areas you do not understand and ask for the solutions to it. If you do not understand, ask the tutor to repeat it for you till you understand it. I sincerely hope you will have a successful and smooth retake in November! And make sure you maintain your health during this period by taking rests, not just revising all day. Rest can definitely help you to pick up your motivation back. Good luck! -Inriya
  5. Oh definitely yes. My mocks were terribly bad that I nearly wanted to give up in the end, especially with my Chemistry Mocks that I have gotten a 3 (in the end I got a 6). Mocks tend to be harder, and the purpose of it is to know which area you are weak at. I'm sure if you review the areas that you are weak at, you can achieve a better grade.
  6. Hi there, Biology SL is not a hard subject to get a 7 at all, and I am sure if you are persistent in revising, you can achieve a high grade. I would like to quote an old post from nearly 2 years ago which I have written how to revise Biology while I was revising Biology for my Finals. I'm not sure if the curriculum has changed, but it's similar. You may ignore the HL contents. that I have mentioned below. The below post mentioned about revision techniques for Exams: Since you are still in your Junior year, I will just give one advice: Make sure you save some time, either after class or in the weekends, to review your Biology notes once to make sure you understand everything. I have seen cases when people just ignore what they don't understand until Finals when they have limited time to chase up everything, they didn't have time + can't remember the basic principles at all. Furthermore, make sure you make notes/highlight during the class / self-revision, so you can review afterwards (This applies to all subjects). Hope it helps.
  7. Hello. If the universities did not specify Physics HL, you can take Physics SL to get into Astronomy. However, so far as I have learnt from my friend who has studied Astronomy, they are inclined to choose someone who did Physics HL because Astronomy needs knowledge in Physics (She did Physics HL and Chemistry HL), but it depends on universities. Though, if the university you want to apply for did not specify it in their subject requirements, and you think you can achieve a better grade with Physics SL and Chemistry HL, definitely going for the two science combo you are thinking right now.
  8. Hello there. (9 days late but I hope it's not too late for me to answer this). I have actually scored 7 for my Maths SL throughout my two years of IB, but I do understand why people are not understanding some of the concepts at times because Maths can be such a challenge. There are actually some tips for getting 7 in Maths SL other than attempting past paper questions which I am willing to share my past experience here. Personally, I think the most reliable method is for you to practice through past paper, which I know that you have tried doing it, but if you got some questions wrong, I must agree with @yara560 that you must refer to the answer scheme to understand why you are wrong. If you know what you have made mistakes on, try doing the question again to refreshen your memory. It could be because you forgot a particular step, or you just forgot the theory. You must identify what you really do not know and refer back to the textbook and look at examples in textbooks. Next thing that I would recommend (if you have a good math teacher who is willing to help you), is to ask the teacher. The teacher certainly has more experience in teaching and doing maths than any of us answering here. Ask the teacher if you have any problems or difficulties. I am quite sure the teacher is willing to answer and help you if you have the courage to ask him/her. These are the few problems that you might encounter in answering: Not understanding the question (Take a highlighter and highlight key points, it helps) Forgot the theory to be applied (Refer back to the book & answer scheme) Missing a procedure while answering (Same as 2.) You...you didn't press your calculator right in Paper 2 (...Try it again? Or try with a marking scheme in front of you) You rely too much on your calculator that you are struggling in Paper 1. (In this case, practice more with your 心算) Maths is a straightforward subject and you do not really have to be too afraid of it. If you are so fearful for your exams, all questions will look much harder. Try the methods that I have recommended up here. If you need any further help, message me and I'll help you (in Chinese or English as you like!).
  9. If you achieve well in your finals, your marks will not be affected by IA as much as you are thinking right now. I have gotten a bare pass for my Chemistry and Biology IAs but I had both 6s in the end. The most important thing right now is for you to calm down and not be too worried for your finals, just try your best in May and I'm sure the score will reflect your hardwork. If you need any IA help, I think I can help you with Maths (I have gotten 18/20 for my Math SL IA, but please do not trust me with Biology IA haha).
  10. I came back here after a long time and this is the first post I see. Personally, after graduating from IB for 2 years, I still do not understand why people would sacrifice their health for an IB45. Health comes first. Sleep more.
  11. Practising past paper is always the key to getting a 7, Math SL is basically the same format over and over again every year compared to other subjects. You will have an opportunity to explore what you are weak at, then drill more on it. If you know you are weak at Calculus, why not reread it again, do some more exercise before going for exam 2 weeks later. Yeah, I agree with what @Lixter has said here. However, I must emphasize that reading is NOT sufficient in scoring you a high score if you do not practice it. Thanks to past papers, 2 years ago I was able to score a high 7 in both my mocks and my finals. Good luck with your Finals!
  12. There is actually no revision order for Chemistry SL or HL, it really depends on yourself. For me, I start from the beginning to the end. However, if sometimes I feel really bored, I will add some Organic Chemistry or option into my revision timetable to revise. It is true that Chemistry contains a lot of inter-topic knowledge, I will highly recommend you to make a timetable to revise, such as listing out which are the topics you struggle most, which are the topics you are confident in. So you can adjust the time you will be spending there. Feel free to use this link: https://blog.prepscholar.com/ib-chemistry-syllabus-hl-sl to look at the whole syllabus and each topic's details. If you have any question, feel free to ask anyone here or reply here! Last but not least, 加油 chem is not as difficult as you think!
  13. It depends on which subject you are studying, but if it is on the marginal score of 30-31, I will say it is not quite possible as NYU Abu Dhabi is a very competitive school. Do check out the University's website for entry requirements to see if you fit in.
  14. I have taken HL Chemistry before, and I can say both topics are too simple as what @yara560 has said. The first one is just a simple neutralization, how can you determine the effectiveness? And the second topic is leaning towards Biology instead of Chemistry. I will highly suggest that you consult your chemistry teacher about your IA topics, propose these two to him/her, and see if your teacher can make it up to Chemistry HL level and more on-topic to aim for a higher mark.
  15. Yes! It is possible, but if you are applying to something related to Accounting (?), you may need HL. Please refer to the website from HKU with details. For any questions about universities in HK, you all can message me if you have any inquiries. I have offers from the 5 universities (CUHK, HKU, HKUST, Poly U, City U) surprisingly. I will be solving most of your questions down below if I am able to answer it. My offers were pretty low due to my good interview performance I guess.... My HKU offers were pretty low, I have received in total 2 offers from HKU, which are 32 and 35. CUHK offered me an interview, I went and got an offer which only needed me to get 35. HKUST did a visual interview from the faculty of Business and Economics, they gave me an offer of 35 too. I have applied most of the applications to business school. If I have received two offers from HKU and HKUST, I will recommend HKUST more than HKU; however, I have never taken any classes related to business. A lot of my friends have mentioned that HKUST Business > HKU Business, which I believe that it is true due to HKUST's advance in ranking in Business, while HKU had been dropping recently in QS ranking. Not for me, I did not submit my ACT scores and SAT subject tests score.
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