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  1. Unfortunately, in the reality yes. Math SL is preferred more than Math Studies because it does show more of your ability in doing maths. (Not discriminating anyone who is doing Studies). E.g: If there's 2 candidates with same PG, they did all the same subjects except for maths, the university will prefer someone who did Math SL than Studies, especially: Economics and Management, Accounting and Finance, E&F, BBA, etc.
  2. Hello there. NYU Business / Econ program is very competitive to get an offer on it. However, I would say (from my 3 friends who got into NYU Business), a 38/45 would be a decent mark to get into NYU. However, it is not confirmed because NYU does not mention what is the minimum score to get in. (FYI I am talking about the NYU Stern [Business], not NYU Shanghai or Abu Dhabi).
  3. The university will care about: 1) Your final mark & 2) The mark you use to apply to the university
  4. It depends on the grade boundaries on the exam this year, so there's no specific answer to that. Sorry about that.
  5. 5 repeats should be sufficient in an experiment to get the accuracy. If the last repeat failed, but the rest are fine, it won't drop you down a level.
  6. More than 24 hours has passed. And this topic has moved to Exam Discussion.
  7. Topic has been moved to Exam Discussion .
  8. This topic has been moved to Exam Discussion.
  9. (Replied in private message too) f= C/wavelength(in meters) f= 300,000,000/(4.6 x 10^-7) f= 6.52173913 × 10^14 Hz (this part must be correct) So according to the frequency graph, it is indeed blue light. However, complementary colour is when the ion absorbs blue light, then reemits orange light due to the following below, (which will appear in later in Chem HL). When ligands bond to a transition metal ion, electrons in the ligands repel electrons in the five d orbitals of the metal ion, splitting them into high and low energy orbitals. When white light is passed through a complex, a specific frequency of light is absorbed to promote an electron from a lower energy orbital to an upper one. As a consequence, the other colours are transmitted (which is, complementary colour). Different complex ions absorb different frequencies of visible light, giving rise to different colours. The complementary color is orange (though in real life, [FeSCN2+] would be blood red due to it is 447nm wavelength, that's a whole new answer). However, from what I have read here, the answer is red? I am indeed not talented in Chemistry.
  10. At most a 1 mark deduction, not that of a huge impact on your question as long as it doesn't affect your other calculation to make everything goes wrong.
  11. This is odd, I have received this exact same question from my school's chemistry test before on "Calculating frequency of a 460nm photon" - Use Planck's Equation of c = λ ×υ by plugging the wavelength into the equation. (v = 3.00*10^8m/s / [460nm * 1m/1*10^9nm]) and you will find the frequency with the unit of (l/s) And for the rest of the question, I need to read my Chemistry booklet again
  12. I am not very sure about that, sorry.
  13. They can check for plagiarism after you take your exams even though examiners are starting to mark all of the Art Portfolios, it takes time between April to late June. Therefore, they can find it out if you do plagiarise. I personally think if you post your arts online, it will not count as plagiarism because you did it all by yourself. They will contact you first (do not worry, they will not just frame everything on you) and at the worst scenario, you can provide proves that you are the owner of those arts and you posted arts online.
  14. @IB2017student Please do not discuss Math Studies Paper when 24 hours silence period is not over. Moreover, this is a Economics Paper 1 Discussion thread. Therefore your comment has been deleted.
  15. They are definitely not guaranteed. If it is, I will not work on any of my essays at all. TOK and EE to score 2 points would be B and B. (?)