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  1. There is actually no revision order for Chemistry SL or HL, it really depends on yourself. For me, I start from the beginning to the end. However, if sometimes I feel really bored, I will add some Organic Chemistry or option into my revision timetable to revise. It is true that Chemistry contains a lot of inter-topic knowledge, I will highly recommend you to make a timetable to revise, such as listing out which are the topics you struggle most, which are the topics you are confident in. So you can adjust the time you will be spending there. Feel free to use this link: to look at the whole syllabus and each topic's details. If you have any question, feel free to ask anyone here or reply here! Last but not least, 加油 chem is not as difficult as you think!
  2. In my school, there were people who have studied French for years, but they still decided to take French Ab Initio because they thought they did not learn quite well in the past. If you think you have barely learnt anything, I will suggest you to take Ab Initio, which means start from scratch again instead of taking French B, because there is a difference in difficulty between Ab and B. Moreover, I will also suggest that you should talk to your teacher if it is possible to let you taking Ab Initio classes, or maybe another alternative way is to study French B for a week or two, and changing it. (Depending on your school). Hope it helps and good luck with your IB!
  3. It depends on which subject you are studying, but if it is on the marginal score of 30-31, I will say it is not quite possible as NYU Abu Dhabi is a very competitive school. Do check out the University's website for entry requirements to see if you fit in.
  4. I have taken HL Chemistry before, and I can say both topics are too simple as what @yara560 has said. The first one is just a simple neutralization, how can you determine the effectiveness? And the second topic is leaning towards Biology instead of Chemistry. I will highly suggest that you consult your chemistry teacher about your IA topics, propose these two to him/her, and see if your teacher can make it up to Chemistry HL level and more on-topic to aim for a higher mark.
  5. Yes! It is possible, but if you are applying to something related to Accounting (?), you may need HL. Please refer to the website from HKU with details. For any questions about universities in HK, you all can message me if you have any inquiries. I have offers from the 5 universities (CUHK, HKU, HKUST, Poly U, City U) surprisingly. I will be solving most of your questions down below if I am able to answer it. My offers were pretty low due to my good interview performance I guess.... My HKU offers were pretty low, I have received in total 2 offers from HKU, which are 32 and 35. CUHK offered me an interview, I went and got an offer which only needed me to get 35. HKUST did a visual interview from the faculty of Business and Economics, they gave me an offer of 35 too. I have applied most of the applications to business school. If I have received two offers from HKU and HKUST, I will recommend HKUST more than HKU; however, I have never taken any classes related to business. A lot of my friends have mentioned that HKUST Business > HKU Business, which I believe that it is true due to HKUST's advance in ranking in Business, while HKU had been dropping recently in QS ranking. Not for me, I did not submit my ACT scores and SAT subject tests score.
  6. For HL Biology, persistence is the key in getting a high grade. Biology has a lot and a lot of things being covered, so you may need to revise bits by bits. I would highly recommend taking notes, so before IB exams, you can reread it and still remember the content.
  7. You should calm down. Maybe your mum has a higher standard, but it really depends on how you view your exam. If you are too nervous, it may affect your grade as a result, so it is essential that you must learn how to calm down. For language, as kw0573 said, writing must have a clear introduction and conclusion with detailed points in between. Make sure you are clear with your points that you would like to express in your writing, I will highly recommend a draft structure before you start writing in your exam, like laying out the points that you want to write about. Good luck with your exam.
  8. I would definitely request for a remark for Biology HL, it's so close to a 7. For other subjects, Chem and Econ are also possible within the 2% range. To answer your other questions: 1. Written assessment can also be remarked. 2. If you get over 80.0%, you will get a 7.
  9. I am not really sure because it depends on the subject that you are getting in.
  10. So far, I have never heard of U of T revoking their offers unless you dropped really bad. If you have maintained your grade with a 32, it should be fine.
  11. You can email it to HKU with your application number. For me, I think HKU received my results from IBO and my school without me sending to them.
  12. If you are one point higher and got your higher grade, will your marks change out of the 3 marks? If not, it's not really worth it to get your EE resubmitted. If it raises your overall point, why not trying?
  13. There are a LOT of countries which recognise IB so...
  14. What do you mean by IB course students cannot get in any uni?
  15. My school does, though I did not take it, I heard that it is fun studying Global Politics.