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  1. I hope I am not too late for the reply! Let me share a bit of my own opinion, in the IB times, I did think of committing suicide too because of the huge pressure from academic, family and social issues. However, I got rid of my thoughts by simply sharing how I feel to my close friends and family. I felt so much better by sharing, because nothing is as important as your life! If you would like to have someone online to talk to, message me as an online companion! Nothing can be unsolved, it just takes time and a little bit of effort.
  2. Oops late reply, I am really sorry! I usually count it into the word count, but I am not sure if you must count.
  3. Of course you can use direct quotes. However, you must cite where the quote is from or else it may be counted into plagarism. Quote marks, italicised, cited will be great. e.g: According to _____, "something something". (1)
  4. I have applied for HKU, CU, HKUST (3 major unis )
  5. Hello there. I can only answer Question 2 because I have never taken Psychology or Geography. If you want to do something on the lines of business administration or economics, it depends on which universities you are applying to. Some universities (especially in the UK), requires HL Maths when it comes to something like Economics and Finance, Accounting and Finance, etc, but for most Business programs, the minimal requirement is SL Math. It really depends on which university you are applying to, so go onto search at UCAS to find out for each university. For the US, I think SL Math is enough. (If somebody else knows the answer, do correct me if I am wrong). Last but not the least, Hong Kong universities because I see you are from Hong Kong (?). Hong Kong universities have fewer requirements when it comes to Non-Jupas admission. I have applied for BBA programs in Hong Kong with only SL Maths, all of the universities accepted my mathematical level being at Standard Level. If you want any specific requirements of universities, check on their websites or go to open days (if you are in each respective countries). Hope I can help with your question, and good luck with your subject choices.
  6. Hi! I got 36/36 for ACT Math and IB 7. I understand that ACT and IB are different, not much in contents, but way of asking. Firstly, do not have fear towards ACT Math, fear can make math much harder. Secondly, I would recommend you to actually search for ACT Math exercise book / past papers to practice, just like you do in IB. If it is very wordy, underline keywords and especially "what answer does the question want"? Use methods like elimination in MCs can help. Good luck (:
  7. Hi! I feel like I am not really the right person to answer you because I did not enter into an US university, but I have experienced the difficulties of ACT Reading (I scored 30 [?] in reading in my second try from 25 in reading as I remembered) Actually, ACT Reading is not about how much you read, but it is the tactic. One book I have read from, Princeton Review, taught me that during Reading Section, time is very limited. 1. Use 1 min to scan the questions first, underline the important keywords, circle the "paragraph" which the question is asking. 2. Read the passage and circle keywords. Practice makes things better, so as your reading speed. The other reason of my major improvement in ACT Reading was my repetitive practices on Past Papers. I wish you Good luck.
  8. Absolutely not! I do not know what is the composition of percentages of IA in History, but failing IA meaning that you will get a lower grade (not failing) in the subject. I failed Chemistry IA and got a 3 despite my hardwork, I was so down and I do not know what to do, even losing hope of my final grades. However, after I know the percentage of IA in my finals, i tried hard to study in the finals and got a high 5 (1 point to 6). Not that bad, right? I wish you will get your motivation, study harder for the finals. You haven't screw up everything. I wish you good luck.
  9. Independent and self-motivated students
  10. Personally, I do not think so as long as you list out who you interviewed, their roles in the government and their full names.
  11. Of course you can collect secondary data. The IB encourages different type of data collection, like primary and secondary combined. Secondary data makes the EE more subjective and more convincing if you list out the examples, numerical figures (don't remember to cite it!). It will not reduce your marks A LOT.
  12. I don't think so because usually remarking takes a longer time and candidates who requested remarks will get their results at August. I will recommend not to remark if it is more than 3 marks, the chances for grades to be increased are small and not everyone will get it unless you are very close.
  13. Definitely on SL level. If you want to score well, I will suggest you to do prior revision like using study guide
  14. If you want to report someone cheating, find 2-3 people who have witnissed the cheating and report it to the teacher. I am sure it will be more convincing to them.
  15. In order to receive an IB diploma, candidates must receive a minimum of 24 points or an average of four (or C) out of a possible seven points for six subjects. Candidates must also receive a minimum of 12 points from their Higher Level subjects and a minimum of 9 points from their Standard Level subjects.