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  1. Okay so from what I remembered, velocity is the first derivative of displacement. So I integrated back, I just forgot to use the distance formula to integrate and plugged numbers back in. As for the tide one, I felt a bit confident about that considering I spent a good 15 minutes plugging in different numbers in the calculator to get the correct graph for the equation. I hope it made up for number nine and part of number ten. I took the Math SL exam last year, this year was a retake for me, and none of the previous exams were like the TZ1 papers. Not the teacher's fault.
  2. Question 9 in P2 in TZ1 killed my chances of a good score. My teacher predicted me for a 6 but I'll be lucky to get a 5. P1 was a disaster for me. Especially the geometric sequence question.
  3. I am TZ1 and that paper 1 for that exam was not fun at all. And I took SL last year so I figured I could do well this year. P2 was easier than the P1 but everything my teacher said would have a low chance of appearing on the exam, was on the exam.
  4. This is late but I'm just about to present my IA and i'm doing individual. I find it to be much easier and manageable to do, especially since its only 10 minutes. Many people in my class did them with groups and many of them ran into issues about getting it done in time and being prepared efficiently.
  5. I'm on my second year of Ab initio German and I am struggling. My class last year was really relaxed and I have a different teacher this year that expects me as well as the German B students to be fluent in German. I get these crazy hard assignments when I can barely write a properly structured paragraph in German. I have extra textbooks and resources to help me but i'm nowhere near the level of the work my teacher gives. Any tips and advice please?
  6. If you haven't seen your score yet then I was the same with you. I got a nearly perfect IA but did really bad on my papers, I ended up with a 3 so you should get at least a 3 or a 4.
  7. Well think about it this way. You have to have at least a 3 on each of your SL's in order to get the diploma, regardless if they all add up to 12 or not. With your HL's, you can score as low, as long as they all add up to 12. So I would study enough to the point where you feel confident in getting at least a 3 (That's what i'm doing lol, I am soooo unprepared), and then focus on chem and psychology, but most on chem because I am HLing as well and I am finishing up my first year in the class.
  8. Madame Bovary, ugh the book is so boring and dry, I also disliked Dantes Inferno, that book was long and drawn out.
  9. Well it's not my choice... the exam is already paid for and I am set to take it. That's my issue here and it's why I posted this forum for advice because I am not sure what to do or the best way to prepare myself.
  10. Well i'm in math SL right now and I am taking the 2016 exam in May. My May 2017 exams are my other HL and SL exams for next year.
  11. You know you're an IB student when you study for a final exam the period before the test
  12. Hi, I'm really concerned about not being prepared for the math SL test by May. In my class we are just finishing up topic 3 with vectors, statistics, and calculus left and the teacher has made it clear all of the content won't be covered before the test. I really want/need to pass this SL.
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