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  1. Does anyone know the component percentages of (IA, p1, p2 and p3) for Biology HL?
  2. Hi!! I take as a language A at standard level, my native language, Romanian. (I also take English A HL). One of the external assignments for it is the written assignment. Does anyone know if I'm supposed to upload that on candidates.ibo or does the teacher upload it? On my account, I already uploaded TOK essay and I have to upload WT's in English and EE. But there's nothing where to upload the written assignment.
  3. This is a sentence from my EE and I really don't know if it sounds good, especially the red part I highlighted. Would be really grateful if you could tell me please what you think! "Eight decades apart, the books have never been compared, although plenty of interesting connections can be made between them and the context of feminism. Thus the following research question arises [...]"
  4. hello!!! does anyone know if the bibliography page of the chemistry ia counts for the page number (which is maximum 12)?
  5. Stefani


    Hey! Everyone who does their ee this year.. In the guide it's mentioned the the RPPF should be 500 words. But I don't understand if all the 3 reflections together should be 500 words or each reflection should be 500 words. Does anyone know? thankiess
  6. Helloo!! Could anyone help with an interview template (from trusted sources)? I need it for my WT1..pleaseeee
  7. Hello everyone!! As I know WT1 for English A is supposed to be a creative writing, not an essay. Anyway, I was wondering if I could do an interview essay instead of a simple interview. Does any of you know if that's allowed?
  8. Stefani

    History IA

    I tend to like the first topic more, because somehow you can also talk a little bit in the actual essay about how Spanish flu came to Spain.
  9. Thank you guys! I will take the academic one for sure, now ;D
  10. Hey, guys! I want to take IELTS exam by the end of this year. I need to know which one is better: IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training. As I know, IELTS General Training is if you know for sure that you will go to study to an English-speaking country, and I am not sure that I will do this. Even so, I did not get for what is IELTS Academic exactly. Can you, please, explain it to me and also tell me which IELTS do you think is better to take? Thank you!
  11. Which one is better? Which one is seen better by employers?
  12. About Curtin University - for the Marketing section what subject are better to take in DP for this?
  13. Hi everyone! I have some questions and I would be happy if you can help me somehow. I am planning to become a French teacher for foreigners (high school, later on university teacher) (I am not French neither), what do you know about the "way" of becoming a teacher? What universities do you recommend? What about public relations? What subjects are better to take in DP for this? Is Business and management HL good for this?
  14. Hi, guys! Can someone, please, explain me the global context "Scientific and technical innovation” - part "interaction between people and the natural world", with some examples, please?
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